We finally reached 4 million subs!

I’m so happy and proud of this community and to be a part of it, and so proud of what we have all accomplished! Congratulations to all of us!

I remember when we hit 2 million, only 3 months ago!

Then 2 months after that, 3 million subscribers!

Now, only 2 months later, we hit 4 million subscribers!

It’s so mind blowing!

Of course, I have a little something-something to celebrate this milestone; nothing much really, just some gifs of Jack dancing :3 This took longer than I expected it to XD (Also I really hope these gifs are working!)


Gif 1

Gif 2

Gif 3

Gif 4

Gif 5

Gif 6

Gif 7

Gif 8

Gif 9

Gif 10