12 Years of Christmas - 2014

An Our Little Secret Accompaniment

Summary: Dean and you throw a small party at the Bunker

Series Masterlist

12 Year’s of Christmas Masterlist

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Prompt: Wishing on a Star

Word Count: 950

Warnings:language, Dean’s POV

A/N:  Thank you so much for reading. This is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thingand @like-a-bag-of-potatoes 12 Days of Christmas Challenge. Thank you to @atc74 for looking this over and the cover aesthetic

I grab two beers from the fridge, heading back out to the library. I could hear the laughter, the music, from here. She’d insisted on a Christmas party here, especially after Sam had started bringing Eileen around more and more.

There’s more people than I expected, pretty much everyone who had been at our wedding plus a couple other hunters we’ve met along the way. She’s standing there, all kinds of gorgeous in that silver top, laughing with Jody.

I hand the one beer to Sam and walk up behind her, wrapping my arm around her. She never stops talking as I kiss her shoulder, her fingers coming up and tangling through my hair for a moment.

She smiles up at me as I stand back up, “Hey handsome.”

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Best Friend

My first fic request!! (internal scream of excitement)

Sweet Pea x Reader (I avoid y/n, y/h/c, etc)

Quote Prompts: 6)“If only I’d just gone over when she called.” 14)“You’re too good for this world.” 20)“You’re paying a small price compared with what she’s going through.”

Warnings: None?

Word Count: 950

“She’s going to be alright, Sweets.”

“I shoulda been there. I coulda done something. Instead I’m just here, waiting.” Sweet Pea put his head in his hands, digging the heels into his eyes.

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The Woods

The Magicians

Word count: 950 (’s a drabble)

Summary: Based on this post by @promptness

“Okay, that’s it,” Eliot pants, shaking his head as he comes to a stop, hand waving in front of him as he doubles over, trying to catch his breath. “That -,” He raises his head enough to look at Quentin, pointing at him as he gulps down air, “Is it!”

Quentin frowns, crossing his arms across his own heaving chest. “We’re just a little … lost. We’ll find the trail -,”

Margo steps in between them, pointing a perfectly manicured nail at both of them, “No,” She says, breathless as well, though she doesn’t seem to be sweating at all. Quentin wonders if it’s because she cast a no persperation spell or something. “We’re done,” She growls between gritted teeth. “Do whatever - you do to summon Penny so we can go home!”

“I can’t just -,”

She takes a step closer to him, narrowing her eyes up at him as she snips, dangerously, “You made us come hiking, and got us lost on the wrong. Fucking. Trail. Quentin,” She reaches up and pokes him in the chest, nail digging into the dip between his pectorals, “If you don’t get Penny here in the next twenty seconds, I will turn you into a fucking hamburger and eat you!”

“Penny doesn’t get summoned!”

She huffs through her nose, fingers twisting around until she’s fisting them in Quentin’s shirt and jerking him down to her height. “I swear to god, Q,” She whispers, voice dangerously low as it fans over his nose, “If you don’t get Penny here, you will never live to see another god damn day.”

Eliot stands up behind her, stalking towards them, and leaning down with narrowed eyes, “She won’t be the only one killing you, Quentin. If you don’t get him here, now, we will leave nothing for the police to find.” He pauses, standing upright, “Or anyone.”

Quentin sighs, closing his eyes. C’mon, Penny, we need you. It’s an emergency. Please. Help. SOS - Save our souls. What do I have to say? Save us. We’re going to die! His thoughts are rushed and frantic, but knowing Penny not even ‘we’re going to die’ is going to be enough to get him -

“Took you long enough!” Margo gasps, letting go of Quentin’s shirt.

Quentin opens his eyes, smiling guiltily as Penny looks over them and sighs, face going remarkably blank, before complete and utter frustration works across it. “What the fuck!?” He stalks towards Quentin, pointing an angry finger, and, okay, Quentin’s tired of getting pointed at today, “You said you were going to die!”

He nods. “They were going to kill me.” He motions towards Margo and Eliot who are watching Penny expectantly. “Because they’re scared of a little excerise.”

“We’ve been hiking for hours!”

Penny turns his glare on Eliot. “It’s been forty five minutes.”

Eliot’s face falls. “Oh,” He breaths, shrugging one shoulder, “Well it felt longer than that.” Penny stares at him, narrowing his eyes. “Can we go now? Or are we just going to stand here all day? Because I need a drink.”

Penny huffs, holding his hands out and shaking his head with a roll of his eyes. “I fucking hate you guys.”

Margo grins, grabbing onto his arm as Quentin and Eliot each take a hand, “We love you too,” She chirps as they’re transported out of the woods and into the Physical Kids Cottage.

Alice looks up from her books as they appear, frowning, “You’re back already?” She asks, soft, as she closes the book on her lap.

Quentin nods, frowning as he flops down on the couch. He’d hated it, too, but he hadn’t complained. So he gets to complain about them complaining. Because his friends suck. “They were whining the entire time.”

“Oh whatever,” Margo says, pushing him over and sitting in between them. “You were just as close to collapsing as we were.”

“At least I wasn’t going to give up on the bonding hike.”

Eliot rolls his eyes, leaning down on the arm of the couch and patting Quentin’s head, “Poor baby,” He murmurs, “Would a special cocktail make you feel better?” He pauses, tilting his head, “I know it’d make me feel better.”

Margo grins, “Getting drunk together is our thing. Why do we need to change that anyways?”

“ … Because it’s not healthy to stay inside all day?”

She shrugs, “Who gives a fuck about healthy? We’re young, we’re hot, we’re horny. We don’t need to hike to bond.” Leaning over, she wraps her arms around him, grinning, “C’mon Q. Let us keep being bad influences. You’ll only hate it for, like, ten minutes.”

Quentin turns to pout at Alice but she raises her hands between them, “Don’t look at me. They’re your friends.”

“They’re your friends too!”

She snorts, “Not today, they’re not. You’ve got custody.”

“That was for the hike!”

“Mmm, no,” She grins, pushing herself up from the couch, “The whole day. Have fun, kids!” Turning to Penny, she holds a hand out.

Penny glares, before sighing and taking her hand. “You do realize I’m not a fucking taxi service, right?” He asks, before they vanish, and a cocktail appears in Quentin’s hand.

He sighs, turning his attention back on Eliot and Margo.

Eliot stares at him for a long moment before sighing dramatically, and hopping over the couch to take Alice’s spot, “Fine,” He breathes, “Next weekend we’ll try something … less. Indoors.”

“Maybe a picnic,” Margo suggests, “How’s that, Q?”

Quentin huffs, bringing the cocktail to his lips, and mumbling, “That sounds great.”

And he means it. Even if his friends are the worst. Also, he never, ever, wants to set foot in fucking woods again. But they don’t need to know that.

Besides. A picnic? That sounds amazing


Mukteswar Mandir - Interior Ceiling by Andrew Moore
Via Flickr:
I spent a Sunday afternoon investigating the temples of Bhubaneswar using the convenient, if noisy, motorized Rickshaws. “Mukteswar Mandir is a 10th-century Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva located dating back to 950–975. It’s intricate exterior shows Jain and Buddist influences. The torana, or the arched gateway, dates back to about 900 CE and shows the influence of Buddhist architecture. The arched gateway has thick pillars that have strings of beads and other ornaments carved on statues of smiling women in languorous repose.”

Mukteswar Mandir, is small, intimate and on my visit still exuded a spiritual air, something lost to the big, busy, and crowded Lingaraj Mandir just up the road. Chatted to a retired historian, Mishra, who lived in the same road and took the opportunity to relate large chunks of Indian history to me. As a fellow history buff I enjoyed the exchange. I think he did too.

Fic Rec January Day 20: No. 6 multichapter fics

GUESS WHAT that means?!! NO. 6 WEEKEND!

I’m rec’ing three+ fics with the same theme daily for all of January in an attempt to spread fic positivity. Today’s dedicated to multichapters fics written about Nezumi and Shion. There’s about 950 fics in the Nezumi/Shion tag on ao3 alone. Here’s a few of them:

i begin to understand why god died (@viscrael)

49k. Fantasy & Reincarnation AU. Angst-y fic with a happy ending that will make you feel so many things.

cognitive dissonance

29k. Fantasy AU. Inspired by Captive Prince. Discontinued. TW -  Read tags. So many feelings, and the biggest among them is “poor Shion”.

Define Sexual

6k. Canonverse. A reunion fic about Ace!Shion and Aro!Nezumi and their love.

Feel free to reblog and add your own recs to the list! All fics and fic writers deserve support and recognition 🐭❤️

Too Many Kisses

A/N: Written for Kari and Ida’s 12 Days of Christmas Challenge @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @like-a-bag-of-potatoes .Thanks for hosting, Ladies!

Pairing/Characters: Sam x Reader (light), Dean, Castiel, Crowley

Genre/Warning: crack? I’m not sure. Some language

Word Count: 950

Today’s prompt:  December 21st, Mistletoe

Summary: Reader has had it with the Christmas decorations. There’s no plot to this. I just started typing and didn’t stop until I felt it was ridiculous enough

Challenge Masterlist

Sam peppered light kisses all over your face, waking you with a smile. Finally he pressed his lips to your. The kiss was gentle, but it quickly became more passionate. Carding your fingers into his hair, you pulled away slightly. “You’re awfully enthusiastic this morning.”

Sam let out a small laugh, rubbing his nose to yours for a moment before telling you to look up. You did as you were told, and there was a little sprig of mistletoe hanging above the bed. Now, when had he put that there? It wasn’t there when you went to sleep.

“You sneaky devil,” you teased, nipping at his bottom lip.

“I know. Breakfast?”

“Yes!” you all but shouted.

Dean was sitting at the table having his coffee and scrolling through articles on his laptop when you walked in. You fixed your plate and sat next to him. Dean spoke as soon as your butt hit the seat. “Y/N?”

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Actually got an email answering my questions about the owner assisted SD training. Actually sounds great. They were disabled themselves and started the program in 2008. They will train your dog, pair you with a rescue or a puppy

Then they train your dog on their ranch in the mountains with as much owner involvement as possible. And it includes a vest, noting it’s not a legal requirement, and any future training ever needed and all the other stuff you’d need. So they could pair me with a puppy, I’d raise the puppy and then at 1yr send the pup off for training, or if it’s a rescue they’ll go straight to the mountains for 4weeks.

Total cost of the program is $2500 but a scholarship would cover all but 950. Like, that’s doable folx! And not an exorbitant amount for most SD programs, I mean it’s a deal.

Research Presentations from the 950 AD Kingdom’s Health Conference:

Good smells: applications and measure of crystals (green)

Flogging mechanics and methods

Dark Bread

Cases against eating fruit

Jews don’t catch the plauge: do we need to hate them more?

15 years looking at the stuff coming out of my body

Brown water consumption, it’s not bad

A long-term study of the satan rocks in brains.

(This is the first in a series of short stories inspired by the lovely Quarian images created by MrBenvey)

The Fish

I met a young human child the other day. She was wandering around the Wards on the Citadel. I asked her what she was doing there all alone, and she told me “I just wrote another letter to Mommy, now I’m taking a walk.” She told me that her mother left for a trip a couple of weeks ago, and that she has been writing to her mother every day since then. Then she told me that her mother hadn’t responded to her letters in two weeks. She thinks that her mother is just busy on her trip, and that she’ll write back soon. She told me that her mother was sent to a city called Vancouver, on Earth.

Poor thing. That’s one of the first places on Earth that the Reapers hit.

I asked her if she was lonely all by herself, and she said that yes, she was starting to feel lonely. I asked her if she wanted me to be friends with her. She said “Yes, I’d like that very much” and I smiled behind my helmet.

“What’s your name, little one?” I asked.

She smiled and said “Lucie Kirtland”, and curtsied. “What’s your name?”

“Vito'Seedal vas Zaanbay”

“That’s a big name,” Lucie said, and giggled.

“Yes, it is. You can call me Vito.”

“Okay. Do you want to walk with me, Vito?” She asked. I smiled again.


“Can I hold your hand? Mommy and I hold hands when we walk together.”

“Of course.”

She smiled and grabbed my hand. “You’re not human, are you?”

“Smart girl,” I said and smiled. “How did you figure that out?”

“Well, you dress different, and you sound different, and you have three fingers, and you have a fish bowl on your head! OH! Are you a fish?” She asked, and smiled

I laughed. “No, no, I’m not a fish.”

“Are you sure?”

“Pretty sure, yes.”

“But not positive?”

I laughed. “But not positive, sure.” We walked around the wards, and we stopped at the Citadel Souvenir shop. We looked at the fish, and she pointed at one of the tanks. “Those fish are really pretty!”

I looked at Deleia Sanassi, the manager. “How much for those fish?”

“I highly doubt that you could a-”

“How. Much. For the fish?”

“1000 credits.”


“Koi fish are extremely sought-after on the Citadel.”

Lucie pulled on my arm. “ Vito, are we getting a fish?” She whispered.

I patted her gently on the head. “Yes, we are.” I stood up from where I was crouching and went over to Deleia. She was right about me not being able to afford it, but I wasn’t prepared to let her know that. I placed my hands on the counter. “Is there any way you can give me a discount?”

“Either pay for the fish or find someone else to bother.”

“Are you sure that you can’t give me some kind of discount?”

“I cannot, nor do I want to.”

I grabbed the counter’s edge, trying to stop myself from leaping over it. I leaned in close and said, making sure Lucie didn’t hear, “Listen, blue! This girl’s mother was stationed in Vancouver when the Reapers attacked. All the girl wants is a fish, and you can’t give us some kind of discount?”

“Do you realize the population of Vancouver? Even if the story you’re telling me is true, I can’t just give a discount to everyone affected by the Reapers. I’d make no profit.”

“Profit?! You’re concerned about profit?!  Listen, give me a discount and I’ll never bother you again.”

“Your kind haven’t been known to stay true to what they say, in the century I’ve been in business.”

“My kind? You racist b-” I cut myself off, and leaned in closer. “Give me a discount, or I’ll report you for racism and prejudice.”

“You wouldn’t dare. They’d never believe a Quarian over an Asari.”

“We’ll see, won’t we? Or maybe not. After all, my kind hasn’t been known to stay true to what they say.”

She sighed, and said. “Fine. 950’s the final price, take it or leave it.”

I brought up my omni-tool and transferred the credits to the store. “There.” I swore under my breath. I was a tenth of the way to affording an M-6 Carnifex. My M-3 Predator was always jamming, and I promised myself I wouldn’t spend another credit until I replaced it. But I had to do it for Lucie. Deleia put the fish in a bag filled with water and handed them to me with a fake smile.

“It was truly a pleasure doing business with you, do come again.”

“Please, the pleasure is all mine.” I took the fish, took Lucie’s hand, and walked out of the shop. When we were away from the shop, I bent down so that my head was about level with hers. I held out the Koi fish to her and said “See? I told you that we’d get a fish.”

She took the fish and smiled. “Thank you, Vito.” Lucie smiled and hugged me. I hugged back. Even though she was human and I was Quarian, this little girl and I had more in common than she knew.