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One shots/Drabble/Imagine






Seeing is believing

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Baking with Cas



Undisclosed Desire 

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  • Eunwoo: From now on, we will be using code names. You can address me as Eagle One.
  • Eunwoo: Jinjin, code name – Been There, Done That.
  • Eunwoo: Moonbin is – Currently Doing That.
  • Eunwoo: MJ is – It Happened Once in a dream.
  • Eunwoo: Rocky, code name – If I Had To Pick a Member.
  • Eunwoo: Sanha is – Eagle Two.
  • Sanha: Oh thank God



☁ - find shelter from the weather…in the same place (w/ kindergarten.teacher!taehyung)

For the past hour, sitting here in the corner of a cafe had been your only choice to shield yourself from the horrendous rain outside (borderline flood). The place was nice, though. Dimmed lights, jazz music and a cup of coffee to past the time with a book in your hands. Not quite the alone time you opt for but it’s all you’ll take.

Along with…

“N-Noona,” The voice is gentle and when your eyes search for the owner, you’re putting your book aside to tend to the young boy by your side. He allows you to place your hand on his shoulder, the same time he steps closer towards you. Analyzing his face, he looks familiar - he’s one of the kids you saw once by the bus stop waiting for his parent to come with a memorable looking teacher anyway.

“Hey, kiddo,”

He motions you over with his hand and you can’t resist leaning in to let him whisper do you remember my teacher?

“Your teacher?”

With a firm nod, he grins, “Hyung,”

You’re not sure how to break it to him because - “T-There’s a lot of hyungs in this world, kid. Maybe describe to me how he looks like? But first, where’s your mother?”



The authoritative (more worry than anything) that resonates through the air seems to be familiar to the boy here with you. Jae, as it seems. He cowers beside you, hands desperately clutching onto your bigger one that reaches out to hold onto him. He gulps and hides behind your shoulder, at the back of your chair and as you look up, it’s - “Oh,”

The owner of the voice seems surprised, but he doesn’t seem to dislike it.

“H-Hi, um… I think my student is hiding behind your seat,”

Keeping your eyes on the man in front of you, you’re leaning backwards to whisper to the kid: “Is this the hyung?”

He nods carefully and you try to coax him to come forth but the person in front of you is trying to do that, too.

“Jae, your mother’s here to take you home. She’s waiting outside,”

At the mention of his mum, he gasps a mama and forgets his manners by darting out but just as he brushes past - “Hey, shouldn’t you say something?”

“T-Take care noona,”

“No, Jae,”

“…Goodbye noona?”

“You can’t go around to people’s table like this, Jae. It’s not polite,”

“But I came here because hyung said if I did, you’d have to come here and then you could talk to the pretty noon-!” The hand that abruptly slaps over his mouth shocks not only the boy but the person who did it. You end up chuckling at the situation: when the mother of this… Jae comes in and takes him home in an umbrella big for two and this… stranger who still remains standing in front of you.

“Pretty noona, huh?”

“…is it too late to ask if I could sit here?”

“Actually, not at all, no,”

“Are you-”

“I’m Y/N,”

He slips his hand in yours while pulling his chair out, giving it a light shake, “I’m Taehyung.”

David Delruelle :: Fragment XXXV, 2016

Lo inacabado del fragmento tiene un aliento generador, complicante, no en el sentido de complicar lo simple sino de volvernos cómplices de algo. [Eduardo Milán. Resistir. Insistencias sobre el presente poético.]