okay, time for some math for how long it will take to watch this (albeit extremely rough)

it will take you 7 days, 16 hours to watch every episode of Spongebob. doesn’t matter that it’s backwards, it will take the same amount of time

now, I don’t know how many times a bee is shown during the Bee Movie, but from a random Google search it’s about one million. we also don’t know what the cut would be like for “each time a bee is shown”, so let’s also assume that every time a new bee is shown. so, that would mean that the Spongebob series would be played roughly one million times in this small section alone, making the length already up to 19,910 years (I’m converting to years here since it’s easier to work with than hours. the final number does not end up pretty)

now onto the Simpsons part. there are very few words in the English language without vowels, so I’m going to assume that there’s maybe 3 of those per episode. I also have no fucking clue how many words are in the Simpsons series (nor do I care to count them all out) so I grabbed a random episode and did a word count on it. it came to 2574 words (with the 3 eliminated from the above assumption), so multiply it by that how many episodes there are, which is 606, and you get 1,559,844. holy fuck. so now multiply the amount of time the last section took (19,910 years) with the amount of times it needs to cut into this section (1,559,844 times) and you get 31,056,494,040 years

now onto every fucking video from Youtube. so, there are roughly 1.5B videos on Youtube right now with an average time of 15 minutes, which results in 22.5B minutes sick. doing some more math, we get to 135T cuts to make (what the FUCK), which brings us to a total of 418,500,762,669,400,000,000,000 years (I can’t even use a calculator for this shit anymore, I have to cut off zeros then add them later after multiplying shit by hand)

now onto Toy Story trilogy. this trilogy is 4 hours, 39 minutes. let’s assume the color green is in 90% of this film (thanks Buzz!) and now you have 15,066 cuts. now, multiplying this all together (done by hand because it’s so huge), and you get 25,137,632,490,377,180,400,000,000,000 years

finally, onto the Ice Age pentology. so, there’s 5 movies in this thing. and I found all the scripts for them. and I found a site that counts syllables. so this one will be accurate. and that count is 37,773 syllables. so, for this final supercut, the length reaches 960,623,792,059,017,235,249,200,000,000,000 years, or 960.6 novemdecillion years

so if scientists somehow figure out how you can live forever, some of you guys might have some fun with this video if it ever gets made

Once Upon A Time Return Date!

ABC has announced an exact return date for Once Upon a Time, as well as set premieres for Season 2 of The Catch, Season 3 of the acclaimed American Crimeand its Dirty Dancing remake.

Also getting debut dates is the Jenna Elfman-fronted, half-CGI sitcom Imaginary Mary, the time-travel drama Time After Time and the powerful miniseries When We Rise.

As previously announced, ABC’s #TGIT lineup was postponed a week, due to the scheduling of a pre-inauguration special airing Thursday, Jan. 19.

Sunday March 5
8 pm Once Upon a Time returns
9 pm Time After Time (Two-Hour Premiere)

the signs as ringo tweets

aries: how fast the time flies toys over what a great not a degree i love the band we had a great time now i’m on holiday

taurus: Had a great day i feel good i feel happy peace and love R* 😎✌🏽️🌟💖

gemini: IMG_4859.jpeg. i great night last night thanks for staying in the rain show wow peace and love R**😎✌🏽️🌟💖 

cancer: the Wi-Fi is very slow here not very rock ‘n roll at all peace and love R😎✌🏽️🌟💖 

leo: Peace and love peace and love peace and love peace and love R***

virgo: A piece and love ^. ^Carrot. Peace and love R*** 

libra: Are you learning Germanghhggfnvgvv 

scorpio: Okay 1234 5678 910 testing 12 voice thing 

sagittarius: This is its peace and love peace 

capricorn: Whatever gets you through the. ?????? Peace and love R******. For those who were confused……??,##^^{]??£<~|*** 

aquarius: Lets send each other postcards from Paradise peace and love R😎✌🏽️🌟💖🌷🍒 

pisces: 😎🌻🌹🌸✌🏽️🌟🌟

5 Months

Maybe one were the reader gets pregnant and Jerome freaks out



Before Jerome went to Arkham Y/N had a relationship with him but once he told her he killed his mother she had to get away from him. For the safety of her and the baby. She now is 5 months pregnant, she was 2 months when Jerome was sent away to Arkham. She sat on the couch eating a bowl of ice cream and watched F/S (favorite show) when it changed suddenly. A news anchor sat in her chair with a stack of papers in her hand.

“News has just been reported that a group of criminally insane inmates have escaped Arkham with the help of an unknown source. We advise you to lock your doors and windows and stay inside, this is not a drill.” She states, the criminal’s mugshots flashed a crossed the screen. Y/N stood up to turn the TV off when the final mugshot flashed across the screen, the picture caused Y/N to drop her bowl.

“No no no he can’t be out, he can’t!” Y/N said clutching her stomach. Jerome Valeska, the father of her unborn child, the insane murderer. Y/N rushed to the doors and windows locking them all and shutting the blinds, Jerome didn’t know where she lived but she didn’t want to risk it. She turned off the TV and went to her bedroom, she slid off her jeans and put on joggers before laying on her bed.

“I’m not going to let anyone hurt you, I promise.” Y/N says rubbing her growing stomach.

“4 more months and we’re out of here.” She continues, she wanted to leave now but the doctor said the stress of moving could negatively affect the baby. Of course if he knew her situation he would know why she wants to leave, but how do you say ‘Hey I’m pregnant with a murderers child and he might kill me.’ to someone. She would stay at her mothers but she disowned her when she found out she was pregnant. 'How could be so stupid, you’re only a teenager!’ Her mother screamed before kicking her out. Y/N slowly stopped thinking when she drifted off to sleep.

She woke up the next morning to a pounding on the door, she scrambled out of bed and ran to the door. She looked through the peephole, she couldn’t see anything as someone was blocking it with their hand.

“I know you’re in there doll!” They yelled, Y/N recognized the voice it was Jerome’s. She quickly stepped back from the door and ran upstairs. She opened her attic pulling down the ladder making it look like she went in before running into the bathroom across the hall. She went into the closet that holds the towels and crouched down hearing the door break open.

“Now doll you know how I feel about hide and seek.” Jerome laughs. Y/N shrinks down as much as she can with her pregnant belly, footsteps pass her towards the attic.

“Now doll, I know you’re not that dumb or at least I hope you aren’t.” Jerome says closing the attic door and turning around, Y/N heard his heavy footsteps slowly make their way around the top floor. She heard him open her bedroom door and step in, she quietly opened the closet door and ran down the stairs. Before she could get to the front door a hand grabbed her arm.

“Going somewhere?” Jerome tries to pull her towards him but Y/N doesn’t budge.

“Doll, turn around.” Jerome demands but Y/N still doesn’t move.

“Doll?” Jerome asks with a hint of worry.

“P-please don’t hurt him.” Y/N sobbed.

“Him, Y/N who’s him?” Jerome asks looking at her back. Y/N slowly turned around, Jerome looked at her face then slowly to her pregnant belly.

“Who’s is it?” Jerome asks with a low voice.

“It-it’s yours, I’m sorry please don’t hurt him please!” Y/N pleads, Jerome takes a step towards her.

“Why would I hurt my son?” Jerome asks looking at Y/N’s red face.

“You-you..” Y/N suddenly couldn’t say how crazy he was, it was like the words got stuck in her throat.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I left you after you killed your mother, that was the day I found out I was pregnant.” Y/N had stopped crying by now.

“Doll you should have told me!” Jerome exclaims.

“I was scared Jerome! I thought you would be angry!” Y/N yelled.

“Don’t be scared of me doll.” Jerome suddenly got quiet, he didn’t want the love of his life to be scared of him.

“J, you kill people.” Y/N remind
“I would never hurt you.”

“It’s not me that I worry about.” Y/N placed her hand on her stomach, Jerome’s hand slowly covered hers as he felt her stomach.

“I’m gonna be a father?” Jerome smiles.

“If you promise not to hurt me or the baby.” Y/N replies with a serious tone.

“Never in a million years.” Jerome promises.

“With that settled you need to help me clean up that broken bowl.” Y/N says grabbing the broom.

“How’d that happen?” Jerome asks.

“Because someone scared the crap out of me yesterday when their mugshot came on the news.” Y/N chides.

“Wonder who that was.” Jerome laughs taking the broom from her and sweeping up the mess he caused.