Storm building behind Gulaga / Mt Dromeday … section of 5K RED IR footage
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More Infrared motion at http://www.silverdory.com (at Central Tilba, New South Wales)

You know what I fucking hate? I fucking hate how Taylor never gets a rest. She is CONSTANTLY getting dragged by nearly EVERYONE. Not to mention she was slut-shamed for many years, Kanye and Taylor’s VMA moment, Ellen constantly showing pictures of men Taylor dated on the screen every time she visits, the media manipulating and fabricating stories about her, being bagged for her head-banging during the All Too Well Grammys performance despite the fact she’s done that for most piano, acoustic songs she’s performed on tour, how people dragged her for being surprised cause Random Access Memories was announced instead of Red for Album of the Year, how she wrote an album for a message to younger generations to find themselves and live freely only to be accused of being “pop trash” or accused of not writing all her songs despite the fact she writes all of them, and people accusing her she can’t sing, calling her anti-feminist cause she wrote Bad Blood about how she’s a victim in a friendship’s betrayal, called fake because she has many friends and a squad, called racist cause of her Wildest Dreams video, told she “can’t get over Harry Styles” when she released Out of the Woods when clearly the message was that she found herself, how Adele can remove her music from Spotify and no one bats an eye but Taylor does and everyone loses their minds, how Taylor stood up for (undiscovered) musicians by writing a letter to Apple but was called “money-hungry” and “selfish”, how she’s accused of being greedy for trademarking a couple terms whilst other artists trademark other ridiculous terms and no one says anything, how she sued someone for SEXUAL HARASSMENT and it became a SUING MEME and how she forgave Kanye, wrote a song for him years back to forgive him, presented the VMA Vanguard award for him and now he repays her by being misogynistic and apparently “making her famous”. I don’t know how Taylor has kept her cool but for Christ’s sakes, give this fucking girl a break.


This scene is so great for Lexa as a character. She had Roan there, she could have killed him, she might have killed him, but then Nia stood up, and look at Lexa’s face as she sees what she doing to her son, how he’s just a mean for her to achieve what she wants. It’s like now Lexa can clearly see that his mother couldn’t have given two flying fracks about him not being banished or getting freed, and that all this time she held him prisoner when not only he didn’t have anything to do with his mother’s plan, but he was also a victim of the queen. Therefore, instead of killing him, or killing them both, Lexa just spears the bitch and long live the king. How do you not love this woman?