alotta people liketo run their mouths here on my blog tryna tell me all sorts of nonsense saying “oh i can fuck it if i want to. watch me. you cant stop me”.

 from youcantfuckosmosisjones to these scoundrels and rabblerousers: just try buddy. see where it gets ya.

dont vague me just @ me get it over with. i want to fight and i will not hold back. i am waiting for someone to @ me for a good honest fight 

monstrous-twilight asked:

[ I want to protect you ] signs it all awkwardly and sloppily.

It was the first time that Nicolas said something on his own as Wallace started talking about his father’s abuse again. Though Nic wasn’t perfect in it, his sign language had improved, and Wallace understood him. Quite surprised at the words, Wallace insecurely replied.

“…..Thank you, Nic.”

I can see younger ppl on my dash talking about going back to school and I’m silently laughing & glad to never have to wear my shitty uniform and go back to my shitty school again, the increasing feeling of panic regarding my future and my imminent transition from clueless teenager to teenager who is going through a crisis because they have to make decisions is coming along great btw

Larry Lamb excited about learning New Tricks

Larry Lamb has revealed how he couldn’t wait to “get back in the saddle” for New Tricks.

The ex-EastEnders star, who played Archie Mitchell in the BBC soap, joins the Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad (UCOS) as the team’s newest member Ted Case, a retired detective, in the show’s 12th and final series.

Larry Lamb with his New Tricks co-stars – Denis Lawson, Tamzin Outhwaite and Nicholas Lyndhurst (Amanda Searle/BBC)

He said he was more than happy to throw himself back into a regular TV role: “I hadn’t done a big TV acting role in about six years – time to get back in the saddle.”

Larry, who also starred in Gavin And Stacey, researched for the part by contacting an old friend.

“I spoke to a retired Met officer I’ve known for years. There’s obviously certain liberties taken with the truth when dramatising real jobs for TV, but he gave me a sense of how the police think, what the protocol is in different cases and what tricks they have up their sleeve to get the truth out of tricky subjects, which helped me prepare for the role,” he explained.

“Ted’s been in the force for years so I wanted to make sure I got in the right head space for it.”

The star, whose son is TV presenter George Lamb, will return to doing documentaries after New Tricks.

He said: “(I’m) back to doing what I’ve been involved in since EastEnders and Gavin And Stacey: a lot of informative non-fiction TV.

“I’m currently working on a series about different elements of British life for Channel 4.”

The new series of New Tricks begins at 9pm on BBC One on August 4.

  • Me on a date:so how do you feel about Maine?
  • Date:oh I love Maine! It's such a wonderful state, and the countryside is amazing!
  • Me hurriedly stuffing breadsticks into my purse:I'm sorry I have to go, it's not me it's you goodbye