I never really ask for anything from any of the 5.2k of my followers, and I hate doing these kinds of posts, but I was really hoping this could spark things up in this poll a bit. 

My father, Armand Puyolt, is running in a poll by Business For Home magazine that basically ranks the top 60 MLM networkers by who the public think is the best Leader. Despite being totally biased, I really believe he deserves that title. Since 2011, he has been able to pull himself and his family out of debt & poverty, and accumulatively make $3M from the company he’s the President for, Total Life Changes. Not only that, but he’s helped so many other people in the same boat as he was make extra money to support their families. I’ve been to the conventions, I’ve been a firsthand witness to the amount of people that thank and admire my dad for not only being a Latino to rise up above the rest, but admire him for his humility and caring ways for each and every representative that joins the company. I’ve seen the positive effect his company and complan have helped others make money while being able to spend time with their children. I’ve seen the latinos that travel from Colombia, Peru, México, and more that want to thank him in person for the opportunity he’s been able to give so many of them. And it’s not just the latinos (even though they’re the ones who predominately follow him).

So anyway, what I’m asking is if you could help him out with your vote. A simple vote on VoteArmandPuyolt.com (scroll past all the pictures to where it gives you a drop box. Select Armand Puyolt, and click the red vote). 

If you do vote, let me know that you did by sending me the voter number you were, and I’ll follow you (if i wasn’t already) & add you to a follow forever thing come July. The poll ends June 30th so I really hope that this could help him gain a few hundred votes.

Even if you don’t want to vote, a simple reblog helps. Thank you so much!!! 

welcome to lihnclnder’s 6.2k tumblr awards! // art


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  • The Rachel Elizabeth Dare Award (best fanart/art)
  • The Annabeth Chase Award (best graphics/edits)
  • The Percy Jackson Award (best fandom text posts)
  • The Thalia Grace Award (best fanfics)
  • The Grover Underwood Award (nicest theme)


  • Winners:
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    • A edit of your choice (whether it be a character edit, url graphic or other)
    • A spot on my blog for the entire month of July
    • Unlimited promos throughout July
  • Runner-Ups:
    • A edit of your choice (whether it be a character edit, url graphic or other)
    • A spot on my blog for the entire month of July
    • Three promos throughout July upon request

The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers

DOP – Andrew Lesnie
Format - Arriflex 435 50D 500T 200T
Lenses - Zeiss Ultra Prime Lenses  
Aspect Ratio - 2.35 : 1
Delivery - Digital Intermediate 2K, Super 35mm

Notable Strengths – Wide Shots, Establishing Shots, Action Sequences, Manipulation of Natural Light, Colour, World Building, Integration of Effects, Establishing Space, Thoughtful Camera Movement 

detailed blog rates bc im close to 2k!!!!!

Guys, I’m so excited and I love each and everyone of you guys so much. 


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{ when wanderlust fucks you over }
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AU: Summer, Road Trip
Pairing: Takao x Reader
Genre: Fluff, Humor
Words: 1272
A/N: Well, this was really slow and peaceful compared to the angsty stories I’ve written recently.

“BAKAO!” You snapped. “Why don’t you ever listen to me when I tell you to ask for directions? Now we’re stuck in the middle of this freaking forest with nowhere to go.” He was about to argue and you just knew what he was going to say. “And, yes, this is a forest. Don’t even try to say that this is a garden. It’s a freaking forest!

“Alright, baby,” he smiled, setting the map on top of the car before rounding it to circle his arms around your waist. He kissed the top of your head, hoping that it would soothe some of your anger. “I know we’re lost—“

“You’re damn right we are.”

“But I swear I’ll get us out of here, okay? We’ve got the map—“

“Which you can’t read.”

“Which I so can read. And we’ll be out of here in no time.” You huffed and he leaned down to peck you on the lips. “Trust me on this okay. Meanwhile, we’ll just drive a couple more miles until we find this city here to fill up our gas.” He tapped the small circled star on the map. “We’ve got this, okay?”

No, you both really didn’t.

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  • amazon:you bought a £3 phone charger and on that basis i've recommended a £2k gaming rig, a carphone warehouse branded hoodie, three hundred individually wrapped cheese slices and the entire song of ice and fire series in hardback

hey im close to 2k and I will have another selfie party when I reach that milestone!! 

promo me pls

Two years and 6k+ posts later, I am now at 2000 followers! Two years ago, I never though this blog would get this popular, but here we are. From Youtube Multi-fandom to Roosterteeth only to Game Grumps/Markiplier/RT Multi-fandom again, this blog has seen plenty of changes. To thank you for following me and tolerating my inconsistent posting, I will be giving away One 6-month Sponsorship on the RT site!!! I wish I could do more but I’m a poor college student. To be eligible for the giveaway, you must:

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HIYA :D Sarah’s been on my ass to do a tumblr awards so here I am, with her help bc I have no idea what to do. She says The Rules come first so:


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  2. has to reach 80 notes
  3. mbf me and this potato
  4. you have until midnight next friday for you american people (WHICH IS SARAH’S BIRTHDAY SO YOU’D BETTER GO MESSAGE HER TOO)
  5. i think that’s it :D

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- 2 promos from each of us

one thing I don’t get is people who leave/collect currency for “next year.” Like, sure, it’s nice to pick up a set of things right as the festival starts, I guess, but it’s a muuuuch better investment to just buy a piece of the big apparel instead of sitting on the currency. 

for example, the sunguard chest from last year (an item that I would say is not the most popular of the 2014 apparel sets) is currently up for 440g / 280k treasure. a full set of apparel/familiar (w/o the emblem) is 125 currency, and even if you’re to assume you’d have to buy that 125 currency at like 2k each at the start of the festival (which you wouldn’t for light currency since that’s one of the easiest festivals to get currency in) you’d just be much better off buying the chest last year for 65 currency, selling it around now, and just buying the currency in 2015 (or waiting a few days until people start throwing the apparel up for lower prices. what i’m saying is one big apparel can get you a piece of each other thing a year later.) 

if the item was super popular like the companion comet then you extra fucked up by just not buying it then and selling it later.

(i can understand if you have some currency left over because you didn’t have enough to buy an item or whatever, what I don’t get is people who save up like 200 instead of using it to invest)

Home: Prequel (a Tronnor Oneshot)

I was so productive last night and honestly, I don’t know why? Anyways, this is the prequel the anon inspired me to do. Enjoy! It’s about 2k words, though, so…

There are a lot of people—literally hundreds of college students lifting boxes filled with their stuff—around me. There are two counters made of old wooden desks put together and draped with a plain cloth. The one on the left has a brunette girl waving frantically around it with one hand holding an A3 sign written with a black marker saying “Registration Step One: Come Here First” on it. I guess it means I have to go to that counter first. I feel sorry for her as she wipes off the sweat off her shiny forehead while shouting “REGISTRATION STEP ONE” repeatedly.

I approach the counter while still carrying a box filled with my personal things and dragging a huge neon suitcase my mom insistently bought for me. Honestly, my arms are starting to ache. Letting out a small groan, I stand behind a smelly guy with visible armpit stains on his white university shirt, which makes it more visible. In front of him, there are at least ten versions of Barbie dolls bickering with their phones, making the line moving even slower.

After what feels like an eternity, I arrive at the front of a line. A visibly tired girl with her blonde hair in a ponytail greets me. “Hello and welcome to the University of Brighton! Not affiliated with Brighton, UK. I’m sorry if you got duped by the name. You should’ve known from the mailing address.” She says enthusiastically. I laugh a little. At least this girl has spirit.

“So, what’s your family name?” She asks as she readies herself to scan—for probably the thousandth time today—pages filled with names with some have been crossed out.

“Mellet.” I answer quickly. Seriously, my arms are killing me.

“Okay, Mellet, Mellet…” She repeats to herself as she uses her pen as a guide.

After flipping through a couple of pages, she lets out an “ah” as she finds my name.

“Okay, Mellet. Today is your lucky day as we will live on the same floor!” She lifts up her head from the papers on the counter and looks up to me.

“I guess it is.” I chuckle.

She grins widely. “It’s great that you feel that way! Now, head over to the second counter next to this one and look for Connor. He’s the one with the gray beanie. He’ll be your RA so get acquainted with him!”

“Sure! Thanks, um…” I trail off. I don’t know her name. Well, this is awkward.

“Grace. Grace Helbig. Drama because I have very clear life goals. Here is your orientation package.” She hands me a brown folder with the university logo on it.

“Troye. Troye Mellet. Music therapy because I love music but my parents don’t want me to be a musican.” I reply as I—with a struggle because of my stuff—take the package from her hand. “Thanks, Grace. See you around.” I add before leaving her counter.

“You too!” She calls out to me before she turns her head around to attend the guy who had been waiting behind me.

The second counter is not as crowded as the first one. There are more people, who I assume are all RAs of this dorm, sitting behind it. All are handing out keys and chatting a little with their new responsibilities.

I quickly look for this Connor guy Grace told me about. I hope he’s not going to be too strict of an RA.

Found him! Wedged between a guy who wears his hair in dreadlocks and a petite girl with freckles, there sits Connor, with his gray beanie, handing out room keys while smiling and laughing. Maybe he won’t be so bad. I mean, he does look friendly.

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This morning I woke up really sad because of a dream I had, but when I entered the blog and saw the followers number, my happiness came back again :) Thanks for your support, because without you, this blog wouldn’t be like it is today.