How the turtles kiss:


Requested by: @guro-potato

What do you think the turtles would kiss like? Sorry i’m new here and idk if you do headcanons… Nice account btw! 😊


I like to think that in public, Leonardo is the kind of guy that would peck you on the lips, or give you sweet, tongue-less kisses on occasion, but when you are in public, he is no better than his red-clad brother. He is passionate, maybe a bit rough, in all the right ways, and he knows how to make you melt, if only with his lips.


Raphael does not kiss; he makes-out. And he is the make-out king! He’ll lock lips with you wherever and whenever he pleases, and when he does it is always passionate, full of tongue and lust. He has to be careful not to go too far, or else he’ll be dragging you back to his room to continue.


Donnie is the kind of guy that does kisses on the cheek, or forehead, or nose - even when it’s just the two of you, he’ll kiss you on the lips but its always affectionate, and soft, and caring. He’s nothing like his elder bother’s, he’s not rough or domineering, he’s all love. And you can’t help but think that’s one of your favourite things about him.


Michelangelo does make out, but it’s always in a sweet, controlled way. Wherever the make-out session goes, he’s always making sure he doesn’t get carried away and make you uncomfortable. And when you aren’t devouring each other’s faces, he’ll kiss you all over your face, on your lips, wherever, because he’s cute and dorky like that.


Sometimes an experiment doesn’t work. This violin from 2012 has varnish that I’ve never been happy with. I’ve been playing it to tweak the sound and setup.

The varnish never fully dried and developed an ugly big crackle, the color is wrong, it’s opaque in the wrong ways, and the final straw is that the wear pattern from the shoulder rest started peeling.

The varnish was a batch from Magister right before he died, so I couldn’t even complain to get my money back once I figured out the batch was a dud.

So, I spent some time stripping the violin this weekend and am so excited to see it with some varnish I got from Jordan Hess Violins!


Imagine April, Casey, Karai, and the turtles are in like their mid to late thirties or something. 

Imagine Casey has the brilliant idea to start a comic book series about the adventures the turtles had when they were younger.

Imagine he goes to his bff Raph with the idea, since he and Raph are both artistic. 

Imagine he gives Raph a long spiel stating that 1. not only would these comics become a historical reference for future historians about their lives (as Renet had already told the turtles how famous they’d be), but 2. that their lives could easily be made into a comic book series that a wide range of people could find compelling.

Imagine Raph agrees.

Imagine them asking Leo for a journal he kept when he was young (or rather, asking him to type up an edited version he wouldn’t mind them seeing) that they could use as a chronology reference.

Imagine them asking Mikey for help with comic relief.

Imagine them asking Donnie to proofread/write his own technobabble since, “It’s important to be accurate.”

Imagine Raph and Casey start to brainstorm pen names since they want to use their actual names in the story.

Imagine while brainstorming pen names, Raph asks Casey, “Hey, what were those names you used to write on your gear?” and Casey answers, “Eastman and Laird.”

Imagine they decide to use the pen names Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird.

Imagine them checking in with the clan before sending it off to be published to make sure everyone felt accurately represented (so it wouldn’t be like those sitcom episodes where one person writes a book and obviously copies real life but from their point of view, making everyone else look awful).

Imagine their semi-autobiographical comic becomes a huge hit.

Imagine it eventually gets out that the comics were true stories.

Imagine that’s how they become famous (in the 2012 universe, postseries).

If the turtles were characters in Riverdale:


A/N: Not requested, I am just obsessed with that show and thought this would be funny :)

Leonardo: Archie Andrews

Because they are both natural born leaders, with a need to look after those they love, as well as themselves. Also blue is totally their colour.

Raphael: Chuck Clayton

They are both easily tempered, and quick to start fights. Raph might not be as vindictive as Chuck, but I still think their short-fuse personalities are similar. As well, look at their lips <3

Donatello: Jughead Jones

Because they are both the smart, endearing friends in the group. They have similar nerdy qualities, and are both quite quiet in comparison to the rest of their friends. As well, Jughead and Donnie both view themselves as weird.

Michelangelo: Kevin Keller

They are both enthusiastic, like all of the time, and when they aren’t, you can tell. They just want to have fun, and be with their friends, while trying to find happiness wherever they can. Kevin has his sexuality that makes love not so easy, and Mikey is, well, a turtle.