Ninja turtle number 5, amirite? Greg Cipes, Seth Green, Sean Astin, Rob Paulsen #TMNT Nickelodeon

Best viewed if listening to this, and imagining these little nippers parading around to the song. XD 

I told you, hybrid baby fever.

Here you have @myrling-art ‘s  Irrilia leading the parade (She was here first after all), poor @arishynya ‘s little Leorai baby getting dragged along by my own Ramona child.

Meet Ig’thyb, or Iggy, for short. c: He looks more Salamandrian than some of his cousins or AU counterparts (siblings? AU siblings, is that a thing?) but I simply couldn’t resist a little bit of an 80′s reference in his design with that neckerchief. It’s no small guess who he got that souvenir from. c;
You can’t see it here, but Iggy has duel scutes down his spine, almost like a reverse plastron. I should draw him a proper turn about one day, but for now, enjoy the cute.