First of all I’d like to thank all of you for following me in the first place. I’d like to thank Fall Out Boy, Dan and Phil, jacksepticeye, and a few others for actually being awesome and existing so I’d have something to post. Otherwise this might just be a poem blog. (this is the last ff I’ll ever do, I follow too many people most of which are mutuals)

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how do you silence the voice in your head that tells you you’re a talentless hack and everything you write is garbage asking for a friend

If Some Miracle Could Win (Your Love For Me) by eli_ssabeth 

Length: 1.3k 

“Nervous, love?” Louis murmured. 

“Me?” Harry laughed. “I’m not the one up for a Grammy, Lou.” 

“Maybe not,” Louis agreed. “But your fiancé is.” 

Harry felt his face split into a wide grin at the word. It wasn’t new, but he loved hearing any acknowledgement of the wedding the two of them were planning for the summer. “You’re very right. My fiancé is up for a Grammy. But I’m not nervous. I know he’s gonna win it.” 

“Careful, now. You’re gonna give him a big head.”

 Harry giggled. “Can’t get any bigger.” 

A self-indulgent coming-out fic that is the result of Rule #1 of The Group Chat

Ao3, one-shot


Drew the first one, and then thought “I need bg practice and I wanna figure out lighting.” So have this fluffy klance cuddling

on a Tuesday afternoon

Title: on a Tuesday afternoon
Author: turnpikedarling
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 1944
Summary: bitty’s sick. jack wants to help.

Most memorable line: Jack can hear him running into the kitchen as soon as the path is clear, and he’s all at once grateful for and deeply confused by this Haus and his brothers in it.