Hypnosis Challenge Ultimate Challenge

This is the ultimate challenge!

The Challenge is to listen to all 7 challenges back to back and then share your experience and how it all felt by the end if you still have a functional mind by then.  

Challenge #1: https://thegreato95.tumblr.com/post/163639476542/hypnosis-challenge-1

Challenge #2: https://thegreato95.tumblr.com/post/163690540972/hypnosis-challenge-2

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Challenge #5: https://thegreato95.tumblr.com/post/163811727122/hypnosis-challenge-5

Challenge #6: https://thegreato95.tumblr.com/post/163847183207/hypnosis-challenge-6

Challenge #7: https://thegreato95.tumblr.com/post/163888995587/hypnosis-challenge-7

Sanders Sides Appreciation Month ~ Week 4 Virgil, day 1

Challenge B - 10 things Virgil would enjoy

1. Taking walks in the rain
The rain has a calming effect on Virgil. When it was raining you would often find him outside taking a walk. More than once he had disappeared only for the other sides to find him walking out of the door of the mind palace-house. All his worries about getting sick seem to fly out of the window as Virgil walked in the rain in his black jeans and hoodie. After the rain stops Patton huddles him into a fuzzy blanket and makes him a hot chocolate with an abundance of mini marshmallows.

2. The sound of rain on the windows
The sound of rain ticking against the windows, again, is something that calms Virgil down. He loves laying in bed and listening to the rhythm the raindrops create on the windows. He also likes sitting in the common room of the mind scape reading or drawing while it rains. the sound of the tick tick tick raindrops in the background is like music to his ears.

3. Coffee
Probably not that big of a surprise, but Virgil adored coffee. He had a different type of coffee for almost every mood. When he just woke up you feed Virgil regular black coffee. No milk, no sugar, nothing. It would make him a tad better company. When he is cranky you feed him something crazy sweet, preferably a Caramel macchiato, but a cappuccino with caramel syrup will suffice if there’s nothing else. When he is reading and/or focused, Virgil prefers a Latte over other types of coffee. He claims the milk helps him concentrate.

4. Dodie’s music
It made sense. She was one of Thomas’ best friends. That was how he discovered her music. Thomas would listen to it loads and at some point sang two songs with her. After that Virgil looked up more of er songs and almost immediately fell in love with her soft yet outspoken voice. The topics she sang about hit home sometimes and he listened to her music on repeat when he first stated listening. It didn’t really make sense as her genre was so different from what he usually listened to, but he liked it so he didn’t care.

5. Blankets (and stuffed animals but shhh)
Before Virgil revealed his name he wasn’t nearly as close with the other sides. He wouldn’t debate with Logan if they disagreed, they’d just glare to each other if their paths crossed. He wouldn’t have banter and friendly disagreements with Roman, they would full on fight. It wasn’t pretty. He also wouldn’t cuddle up with Patton and watch shitty romcoms. Those nights happened a lot more as of a few weeks, especially when there was a thunderstorm going on. He’d knock on Patton’s door and they’d watch films to drown out the sounds of the thunder outside. So before they became friendly with him he would, on bad days, lay in his bed with a fuzzy blanket tightly wrapped around his body in an attempt to comfort him. It was futile, of course, he would flinch with every stroke of thunder and clutch Star (his stuffed animal from when Thomas was a child) even tighter. After years and years of only having a blanket as comfort the habit wasn’t easily shredded. He would still walk around the mind scape with a blanket around his shoulders for a bit of comfort on bad days, but he had gotten used to having someone there on the bad days so the blanket doesn’t help much anymore.

6. Guilty pleasure: horror-y teen TV shows 
For some reason that even Virgil didn’t really understand he absolutely loved watching horror-y TV shows that were mainly aimed at young teen girls. Shows like Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, Shadowhunters. He didn’t know why he liked them and wasn’t sure if he ever wanted to know.

7. Reading with Logan
Since mending his relationship with the sides he found joy in the simple things both he and one of the other sides enjoyed. One of these things was reading together with Logan. They would sit in the big armchairs by the window with a cup of tea for Logan and a latte for Virgil. They could sit there in silence together for hours upon hours, both reading their book of choice. Occasionally they would read anecdotes from their book to the other or chuckle silently.

8. Drawing/colouring with Roman
He also enjoyed creating art, but alone in his room he would often stop half way through because his negative thoughts got the better of him. After they mended their relationship it didn’t take Roman long to figure out that Virgil enjoyed drawing, so he would invite him over to his room to work on either their own projects together or, rarely, to work on a project together.

9. Yoga with Patton
Patton had been doing yoga for years and he half jokingly invited Virgil to join him some time. Virgil decided to take him up on the offer and joined Patton for his evening yoga. He didn’t think he would but he actually found it to be very calming and relaxing. So Virgil joined Patton almost every day if he felt up to it. On the days Virgil didn’t show up for the daily yoga Patton would go up to his room to see what was wrong. The last time that happened he found Virgil fast asleep, it had been a crazy couple of days, and tucked him in before slowly closing the door to let Virgil catch up on much needed sleep.

10. Film nights with the other sides
But Virgil’s all favourite thing was a recent thing. It started about two and a half weeks ago when Patton decided they needed more bonding moments as a group. So he had all of them come to the common room one night where he had set up a stack of films and way to much snacks. They spent the entire evening watching everyone’s favourite films and then some. At the end of the night they fell asleep cuddled together and content.