サークル名は ま°(まど)、配置はC-15bを頂いております。



Did Teresita Basa solve her own murder? Born in the Philippines in 1929, Teresita moved to Chicago, Illinois, where she became a respiratory therapist at Edgewater Hospital. She was known to be a very reserved woman. On a crisp cold evening in 1977, the shrill sound of a fire engine could be heard speeding towards an apartment in N. Pine Grove Avenue.

As they extinguished a fire in 15B, they were more than horrified to find a body hidden under a mattress. They were even more aghast to discover that the body was nude with a butcher knife in the middle of her chest. The body was that of Teresita Basa. After a couple of months, the case went cold. That was until lead detective, Joe Stachula, found a note on his desk telling him to call the Evanston Police Department. When he called, he was told a bizarre story about a Dr. Jose Chua. Jose had told police that his wife, Remy Chua, was possessed by Teresita Basa.

He explained that his wife would go into a comatose state and would claim to be Basa. While this story sounds absolutely ridiculous, Mr. Chua soon became intrigued when his wife blurted out what she claimed was the name of Basa’s killer - Allan Showery. She told her husband that Showery had also stolen jewellery from Basa’s apartment. Police decided they would investigate these claims, even though they assumed it was just fabrication. Lo and behold, it just so turned out that a man called Allan Showery worked with Basa.

Police called Showery in to question him and after catching him in a number of lies, he confessed that it was true - he had murdered Teresita Basa. When police went to search his home, they discovered a number of pieces of jewellery that had been stolen from Basa’s apartment. After pleading guilty, Showery was sentenced to fourteen years for murder and four years for arson and robbery. However, he was released in 1983 after serving less than five years.

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Could you describe me a neo liberal? Please? I'm kinda confused on the meaning and if Trudeau is one

Here’s a definition:

Neoliberalism is a policy model of social studies and economics that transfers control of economic factors to the private sector from the public sector. It takes from the basic principles of neoclassical economics, suggesting that governments must limit subsidies, make reforms to tax law in order to expand the tax base, reduce deficit spending, limit protectionism, and open markets up to trade. It also seeks to abolish fixed exchange rates, back deregulation, permit private property, and privatize businesses run by the state.

Justin Trudeau is a Neoliberal.

-He’s considering selling Canada’s airports & ports to the private sector:

Liberal Flirtation With Privatizing Airports Sets Off Alarm Bells

Privatizing Canada’s airports would bring costs for travellers and profits for corporations

-Is running an infrastructure bank which will likely lead to privatization of infrastructure:

Opinion: Trump and Trudeau plan to sell out our public infrastructure

Trump and Trudeau are gunning to massively privatize infrastructure – and it’s going to cost you - Behind the Numbers

Without any mandate, Trudeau pushes privatization

Liberals redirect $15B to infrastructure projects that ‘generate revenue’ for private investors

Some more links on Justin Trudeau’s Neoliberalism:

Trudeau’s criticism of ‘corporate elites’ rings hollow

Millions promised for Indigenous kids is subsidizing mining companies, internal documents show

If Trudeau Really Blames Corporate Elites, Why Did He Sign CETA?

Don’t be fooled by ‘good-looking Liberals:’ Fonda on Trudeau’s climate action

Bay Street pressured Liberals to break promise to close CEO tax loophole, documents show

How Trudeau Is Screwing Over the Generation That Got Him Elected

Justin Trudeau’s giant corporate giveaway | Martin Lukacs

Trudeau cabinet approves Trans Mountain, Line 3 pipelines, rejects Northern Gateway

Canada could face ’20 Standing Rocks,’ says Mohawk chief as Ottawa rejects need for ‘consent’

Justin Trudeau is also keeping Stephen Harper’s weak climate change targets (and has seemingly no way of meeting these targets with all his pipeline approvals). He’s also keeping Stephen Harper’s cuts to healthcare transfers. He’s rejected calls to improve Canada’s healthcare system by covering prescription medication.

That Did Not Just Happen

This is a little drabble I came up with while sitting on a flight myself.

That Did not Just Happen

*italics are her inner monologue

“Thanks Asshole”

Your seat mate turns to you “Pardon?”

“Oh, sorry!! Not you”

The guy in front reclined his seat all the way back, giving you no room in the already cramped airplane seat. You shift trying to fit your legs comfortably without bumping his seat

“Normally I love being tall but not today” You joke

Your neighbor huffs out a small chuckle “I get it”

A few more shifts and you finally get comfy, however your neighbor is not. He shifts around bumping you a few times

“Sorry” He apologizes only to bump you again

“Two tall people in one small airplane seat.” You say, as you really are not sure what to say

He answers with another chuckle

You look over at him

At least he’s cute you think to yourself. You could have been stuck next to some stuffy businessmen or a mom with a crying baby

“What takes you to LA?”


“LA? Going for a holiday?”

“Oh! Um, no. I’m actually going for a job interview”

“Oh yeah? Wow. That’s cool. For what?”

You weren’t sure why he wanted to have small talk. You look over at him, watching him pull on the fabric of his jeans. His knees jiggling a little

He’s nervous

“Well, I do Press for Gillette Stadium but got offered a job with..”

“Whoa! Wait! Gillette stadium, as in where the Pats play? Like THAT Gillette stadium?”

You laugh “Yup! That’s the one”

“You work for the Pats and you’re entertaining moving. Are you crazy?” Genuine shock in his voice

Unable to hold back laughter “I’m told I’m crazy all the time. But I actually work for the Stadium. Not the team. I work in the PR department.”

“But still!”

“But still” You parrot

“Have you meet the team?” He asks, slightly awed

Awww! He’s adorable

“I’ve meet a few of the more public players. We work with them on events” you explain

“I take it you’re a pats fan?”

He shrugs “Is it obvious?”

“Just a little” You hold your finger and thumb apart

He laughs, turning more in his seat towards you

“Yeah, I’m from Boston so you know….kinda my team”

“Boston you say. Then what takes you to LA?”

You watch him blush slightly and fiddle with his jeans again


“How generic and vague. Are you like FBI or something that you can’t say?” You tease

He answers with a puff of laughter “No, not FBI”

“Auditioning for a boy band? Male stripper? Celebrity impersonator?”

You had him laughing. You watched as he stopped playing with his seam and clap his hand on his chest

“Yup! You got me!”

“Let me guess…” You make a show of thinking, tapping your chin with your finger

“You do drag down on sunset.”

“What?” He looks at you shocked “Really? Drag with this beard?”

“Good point. Ok not a queen. So that leaves lumberjack or Just For Men model” You say

You are rewarded with a huge laugh almost a cackle. His hand hitting his chest again

You start laughing just watching him laugh

“You are crazy”

“Thank you” You say with pride in your voice

His laughter dies and he goes back to fiddling with his jeans, looking down the small aisle. Twisting and bumping your knees again

“Looking for someone? Secret rendezvous? YOU ARE FBI!” You point a finger at him

“No no! I just don’t like flying. I fly all the time so you think I would be used to it but I not.” He answers

“Ahhh! Frequent flyer, works in LA…you must be important”

You watch him blush again as he shakes his head “Nope, not important”

“Well then you have me stumped mister 15A”

“Well Miss 15B, if you must know I am an actor”

You narrow your eyes at him “Porn?”

You watch his eyes widen before he barks out a laugh again, causing the people across the aisle turn and look at you both

“Anything I’ve seen? Um…like Saving Ryan’s Privates or Teachers Pet 2 - The substitute?”

“Oh my god! What? Are those real?” His can hardly make the words out as he laughs

“Well teachers Pet wasn’t all that good” You fight back your own laugh

“Did you…Oh my God. I can't…” he wheezes out between laughing and almost crying

The flight attendant comes over to your seats

“While I am glad you both are having fun the rows behind you are not, would you mind keeping it down” she smiles sweetly before walking away

You cover your mouth with your hand, stifling your giggles

“You got us in trouble”

“Well, technically it’s your big man laugh that did it”

You are rewarded with a huge smile and another cackle. You duck your head as the attendant turns back towards you

“Sorry” He offers as a weak apology to the attendant

Turning back towards you

“You are trouble and crazy”

It’s your turn to blush

“And I don’t do porn” He scoffs

“It’s a shame! Girls love a good beard” You shrug

His mouth opens and closes as he can’t figure out how to answer

He really is cute

You sit in comfortable silence for a few minutes

“Do you not know who I am or are you playing me?” He asks

“Should I know you?” You question back

“I guess not. It’s just nice to be able to do this”

“Do what?” You wrinkle your brow not following along with his train of thought

“Be a regular guy” he answers

“Unless you are a wizard, you seem like a regular guy to me”

He gives a sad laugh “Yeah”

This is weird

“Like if you’re famous and I don’t know you, I’m the idiot here” You try to reassure him

What the hell. Is this guy famous?

You turn you head and look fully at him. He turns and looks you square in the face

He can see you studying his face

“On your left”

Realization washes over you, you feel your eyebrows raise and your mouth falls open

Oh my god you idiot! Stupid stupid stupid

“I….you….no….you” You stutter

You can see him tense

Don’t be weird

You force your mouth to shut

You’re making him uncomfortable. Do something

“Well technically you’re on my right”

You see him smile and his shoulder relax

Be cool idiot

“So you know my name, do I get to know yours?”

He wants to know my name

“Y/N” You squeak out

“Nice to meet you Y/N”

You sit a little stiff in your chair

“I made it weird, didn’t it?”

“What? No! I’m weird” You rush out. Closing your eyes and hanging your head

You are an idiot

He laughs “I like weird”

“Well I’m your girl then”

“How long are in you in LA for?”

“Uhhhh….3 days I think”

“You busy on all the days?” He questions

“Nooooooooo” You draw out the word

“Well, you’re weird and I like weird so I was wondering if you maybe wanted to hang out, go for coffee or something?”

He just called you weird

“Um. I don’t..really?” You stuttered not sure if you hearing this right

“It’s been nice to be able to talk to someone like this, and I want to do it again. If you want?”

Kill me now

“Sure” You answer very unconvincingly

He chuckles “Well don’t sound so excited about it”

“Well you know, I can’t be seen with just anybody you know” You smile at him

“I hope I’m up to your standards”

You shrug “You’ll do, I suppose”

“Gee thanks” He says with an eye roll

The announcement of your pending arrival sounds over the PA system

You are not sure what to do now, do you give him your number? Does he give you his?

He wouldn’t give you his. Moron

You dig around in your purse and find a card

“Here’s my card with my number and email”

He takes it and looks at you

Oh God he didn’t want it.

“I was thinking my driver can take you to your hotel so I know where to pick you up for when we hang out”

“If that’s ok?” He adds, looking a little nervous

Are you fucking serious?

“Yeah, for sure! Save me fifty bucks on a cab”

He shakes his head as he laughs again at you

The remainder of the flight is spend making a plan for later that night. After a bumping landing, he says a quick good bye and I’ll text you later before jumping up and making his way to the front of the plane

You sit stunned in your seat for a few minutes


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