I hate all these quotes about being left, about being hurt by the people they used to love or still do, about being the heartbroken. But what they fail to realize is that the heartbreakers have their own side of the story too, and maybe, just maybe, the heartbreakers are being left with the same empty pit in their stomach from the mistake they knew they had just done. We’re all humans and we all have our reasons, even if we’re too naive to realize those reasons yet.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1122
Brats Don't Get Fucked

1122 words.

Cockslut!brat!Dan, dom!phil

In which Dan and Phil have rough hate sex in a janitors closet after discovering Dan has a choking kink.

“What the fuck Howell.” Phil growled, slamming Dan against the wall of the janitors closet. “You’ve gone too far.”

“No, I think I’ve gone just far enough,” Dan replied calmly, smirking at the livid boy in front of him.

“You’re so fucking proud of yourself, aren’t you?” Phil snarled. “Sending out that email, telling everyone in the school I have stds. I bet you’re so fucking proud.”

Dan smirked, shrugging.

“Yeah, a bit.”

Dan knew Phil slept around, so he hit his arch enemy where it hurt. In his dick.

“That’s such a nasty lie, and you know it!”

Dan grabbed Phil’s hands, detaching them from his formerly perfectly pressed uniform.

“With all the people you fuck, it’s probably not even a lie!”

Phil swung at him, and Dan dodged under his arm, skittering to the other side of him.

“You’re such a fucking brat, Dan.” His voice was low and dangerous, his eyes flashing. He grabbed the back of Dans jumper, throwing him against the wall.

“Well at least I’m not a disgusting whore,” Dan hissed, and Phil snapped, grabbing him by the throat and pinning him to the wall.

His grip was hardly tight, just a firm hold, but Dan completely froze.

His breath caught as he focused on the feeling of Phil’s slender fingers wrapped around his neck and his eyes widened.

Phil froze too, frowning at Dan’s reaction before stunned realization crossed his features.

“You like… do you like it when I…” he squeezed lightly, and Dan gasped, suddenly incredibly hard.

Phil smirked, regaining his composure. He leaned forward, his lips brushing Dan’s ear.

“And you called me the slut, you kinky bastard.”

Dan involuntary let out a low whine, his hands shooting out and grabbing onto Phil’s shirt. Phil brought up his knee, pressing it against Dan’s hard on and watching his face. Dan automatically grinded against his knee, biting his lip to keep from whimpering.

Phil clenched his jaw, watching Dan’s face. He felt extremely turned on, knowing he was completely in control over the brat who had ruined his life for the past year.

Phil swiftly threw him to the ground, climbing on top of him and pinning him to the cold surface. Straddling him, he rolled his hips into Dan’s and the boy beneath him moaned quietly.

“I fucking hate you,” Phil muttered, leaning over Dan to bite down on his neck. He bit down Dan’s collarbone and he cried out.


Phil smirked, rolling his hips again harshly and tugging his shirt over his head, doing the same with Dan’s and throwing them aside.

“It’ll get dirty,” Dan whined, and Phil rolled his eyes.

“Shut up or I’ll make you cum all over your expensive uniform,” he growled, and Dan shut up quickly.

Phil kissed him harshly, pushing his tongue into Dan’s mouth and moving their mouths together roughly. Phil loved this feeling, being in complete control over Dan and making him shudder under his touch.

“Fuck, Phil…” Dan whimpered. “Please…”

Phil tugged at Dan’s ear with his teeth, chuckling quietly.

“Please what, whore.”

“God, fuck me, Phil! Jesus Christ!”

Phil grabbed Dan’s throat tightly, growling under his breath.

“Brats don’t get fucked, Daniel.”

The boy gasped, bucking his hips.

“Fuck, I’m sorry! I’m s-sorry Phil, please.”

Phil grinned, tugging at Dan’s zipper.

“Tell me what you want.”

Dan groaned, gasping when Phil’s hand brushed over his hard on.

“Phil! God, fuck me so hard, fuck me until I can’t see straight, please, wanna be fucked by you, need your cock…”

Dan rambled, begging and whining and Phil felt himself getting harder.

“You’re such a cockslut, Howell.”

Phil wasted no time in getting Dan’s jeans off, as well as his own and grinding against Dan through their boxers.

“Fuck, daddy! Need you!” Dan clawed at Phil’s back desperately, trying to get as much friction as possible.

“So impatient,” Phil tsked, tugging down Dan’s boxers as well as his own, neither of them caring about the dirty floor anymore.

He dug through his school bag and pulling out the bottle of lube that he kept there… just in case.

“Do you need stretching, baby?”

Dan shook his head quickly.

“Did it… this morning… fuck, Phil, please.”

Phil smirked, lining up with Dan and wrapping the boy’s legs around his waist.

“Slut,” he muttered, before pushing in. Dan moaned loudly, burying his face in Phil’s shoulder and crying out.

Phil didn’t take much time bottoming out, groaning against Dan’s neck, feeling him hot and tight around his cock.

“Fuck, Dan, you feel so good…” Phil pulled almost all the way out and snapped his hips roughly.

“Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, HARDER!”

Phil gripped Dan’s hips tightly, adjusting to get a better angle and pounding into the boy harder than before, Dan’s noises turning him on beyond belief.

Phil wrapped his hand around Dan’s throat, squeezing lightly. Dan instantly moaned, arching down to stroke himself in time with Phil’s thrusts.

“FUCK, PHIL! Choke me out!”

Phil had the sudden dominant urge to do what he asked, suffocate him until he passed out, get him back for everything he had done to him. But he held back, keeping his hand at the same position and only squeezing enough to bring him pleasure, not suffocate him.

Dan moaned continuously, throwing his head back as Phil fucked into him roughly.

“P-phil, oh god…”

Dans whimpers and moans slowly got more high pitched and Phil could tell he was close. Phil was getting close himself, Dan was so tight and felt so good around his cock that he didn’t think he would last much longer.

Phil slowly reached between them, moving Dan’s hand away from himself and replacing it with his own.

“You’re such a slut Dan, letting your rival fuck you in the janitors closet. I bet you love this, don’t you, love letting me take complete control and fuck you so hard you forget your own name.”

Phil tightened his hand on Dans neck.

“Say it, whore.” He bit Dan’s earlobe, letting his breath brush over Dan’s neck. “Say you love it.”

“F-fuck I… I l-love it Phil… I love it s-so much…”

Phil sucked at Dan’s moist skin, biting to leave a mark on his collar.

“Tell me you live for it,” Phil muttered breathlessly.

Dan cried out, moaning loudly and screaming Phil’s name.

“I live for it! I live for your cock, having it inside me… fuck!”

Phil groaned loudly, thrusting one last time before letting go, his eyes locked on Dans face as the boy beneath him did the same, moaning Phil’s name loudly.

Phil decided maybe he didn’t hate Dan Howell as much as he thought he did.




School Grade: Junior high school

Earlier forms of this character show that it is a combination of 冖 house, and 几 a crouching person. Together they give “person at home,” which was a reference to a “person with no work,” presumably as a result of incapacity. This came to mean “superfluous person,” and eventually “superfluous” in a broader sense.

Stay With Me

Word Total: 1122…  

Request: @potterystuff asked Hi!!! So my pure little heart just told me that it needed a story about Cassian Andor, that cute little cinnamon roll, so I came to you for help. Could you do one where Cassian tries to convince the reader to work with him as a captain and him doing cute manly stuff and just a lot of fluff and seductive looks?? My pure little heart would be so thankful for this! Thank you!

Pairing:  Cassian x Reader

“Lieutenant” Y/N took her rag to clean her hands, lubricant covered her hands─ repairing a motor was a dirty business. She turned around and smiled seeing the tall droid handing her a metallic glass. “Captain Andor─” Y/N raised her hand and the droid only nodded extending its metallic arm. She took the glass and drink the water. It was cold─ perfectly as she liked it… “Was it of your liking, Lieutenant?”

Y/N shrugged her shoulder and looked around the base to spot him. She smiled seeing him, ─Cassian Andor, the man was trying to appear that he was listening to the conversation lead by a new recruit pilot “I DIDN’T” she shouted, Y/N smirked seeing Cassian glancing at her direction. K2-SO metallic head moved side to side. “What?”

“There is a 67% he is going to here, tell me to go away and blame the beverage on me”

Y/N smiled at the preoccupied robot and pat its metallic arm. “Then you better go”

She turned around to busy herself with the motor of her X-Wing─ or more like a piece of trash that she was trying to build from a burnt shell. “You’re not going to give up are you?” Cassian inquired to Y/N. “It looks the same to me, as a month ago” he added as Y/N continued to dismantle the motor─ putting the pieces in an ordered fashion in a black rag.

“You have a co-pilot, Cassian. K2-SO, it’s a robot. No human errors, I am a nervous wreck in dangerous missions, trust me; this proves it” She said touching a loose wing on her left side. “I don’t want to be another variable on your missions, you better give up Cassian. I am not going to be your co-pilot. I fly solo” Y/N declared looking at Cassian. “Give up, even though the title of captain is tempting─”

“What are you afraid of?”

Y/N frowned, pursing her lips she narrowed her eyes─ what could she say? That she really like him and that she was going to be a nervous wreck being alone with him. No, she could stand the teasing of her fellow pilots about her crush on the Captain; but been with him in the same place for days just to recuperate information─ now her heart was fluttering against her chest or was she having a heart attack. “I am not an intelligence agent, Cassian. I like─” Cassian raised an eyebrow and a blush appeared on her face, he put his hand on his chest; waiting for her response. She bit her lip. Did he know how hot he looked in that position? ─No, get a grip; you’re a decorated pilot she thought. “─To shoot things?”


Y/N smiled as her head submerged in the cold water, the moon tinted all the place of silver. The wildflowers expedite such an exquisite fragrance─ that she thought she had died and gone to heaven. “Lieutenant”

She opened her mouth and water entered her respiratory system. Immediately she broke up to the surface and started to cough. Y/N hit her chest and looked up─ K2-SO with a pink towel layout on his arm. “Why the hell are you doing here?”

“It’s cold, you’re trying to catch the flu” Cassian said in a serious manner looking at her naked shoulders.

Y/N hands immediately flew to cover her uncovered shoulders─ she was not naked nor with skimpy clothes, she was just not presentable. A T-shirt and a short were not a suitable attire to be here on the night taking a dip into the blue lagoon. “Grease it’s not easy to remove, Captain Andor,” Y/N said with a smile─ she almost sunk into the water as Cassian started to remove his brown leather jacket. “Wh─ what… a─re you doing?” her voice trembled, whether it was her trembling body because of the cold climate or the fact that Captain Andor was only on his thin shirt looking at her─ not it was the cold air hitting her back. Yes, that was it.

“Like you said, grease it’s not easy to remove,” Cassian said with a smirk showing her a stain of oil on the leather jacket. “You can go on with your activity. I only came to clean my jacket”

Was he doing this on purpose? The way his arms flexed as he washed the leather jacket. No─ he was the always solemn and discreet Captain Andor. Not some teenage boy trying to seduce her. She scoffed audibly and Cassian gazed at her. Oh, his brown eyes, how beautiful they look with the contrast of the silver rays of the moon. “You’re red”

Y/N though in the cold water─ felt a rush of heat out of her chest expanding to her cheeks scratched that it exploded all over her face. “The cold air,” she said faking a shudder─ she wanted to scream that it was him, with those arms; she wanted to be enclosed by them laying on the sand admiring the moon above them.

“Take the towel. I don’t need it” Cassian said as he stood up looking at his jacket. “Let’s go K2-SO”


And as Cassian predicted, she was in bed moaning─ more like rolling around the bed with a sore throat begging for dead to come for her. A knock on her door startled her out her stupor. “Come in,” she said, Y/N didn’t bother to ask who it was.

“I brought you a soup and hot water”

Y/N’s eyes widen at the sound of his voice, she hoped it was one of her squad pilots─ to verify the demise of their lieutenant. Or maybe K2-SO bringing her just what she needed it in that moment in time. She peeked under the sheets at Cassian who walked to the small metallic table by her bed. “I didn’t see you in breakfast and since─”

“Thank you”

“It’s nothing, do you need anything else? K2-SO it’s outside I can send him to fetch the doc─”

“Not necessary, it’s just a simple cold. You should get out, I don’t want you to catch the flu because of me” Y/N blushed as Cassian laid a hand over the hand that was holding the sheet over her face. It incremented as he smiled at her and touched her forehead. “Cassian” his name came out as a whisper, she had never been so close to him─ was it the fever acting on her. Was it real or she was dreaming?

“Don’t worry” Y/N felt her bedding sink a little to her left side. Cassian sat down taking the small bowl of soup on his hand with the other he took the spoon. “Someone has to take care of you”


陳内将 ‏@chanjin0116

11月22日 いい夫婦の日・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+

Translation: November 22 is the “Good Couple Day” (Note: the numbers 1122 can be read as “i i fu fu” which means “good couple” BUT THAT’S NOT HTE PONINT HERE



They Cuddled, They Danced, They Kissed.

Prompt: I got it here.

Tagging: @virusap and @meyers-princess

Ship: HamLaf

Word Count: 1122

Summary: They had won the war, and manage to find themselves a moment of peace.

Warnings: Light angst, mentions of death (Neither Laf or Alex die, so no need to worry.)

A/N: I love these suckers at the moment, so be expecting a lot more of their content. God, they’re too cute.

No matter how much rain hammered down from the sky, how many thick grey clouds hung in the air, how strong the thick smell of blood and death lingering was, or the number of countless dead bodies lying over the war-torn ground, everyone had a small smidge of happiness in their hearts. People had died, so, so many people, yet the war had finally been won; they were an independent colony, and no longer had to put up with King George the Third, who was a harsh ruler, and only thought about himself, not caring for his people, his friends, or even his family. Money was his main priority, that and making others miserable.

George Washington, their general at the time, smiled, though it was strained. He looked as if he had gained a few years on what he used to look like, but a war was expected to have that effect. Very few people’s smiles reached their eyes. Yes, they were free and no longer had to fight, but above that, they were exhausted and had lost too many friends to ever be the same again. Whether it was a brother, a drinking partner, a cousin, someone you shared a tent with, or a stranger that you had only hit it off with today, to have lost them was still too much. No one went unaffected.

Though some managed to hide it.

Alexandre!” Marquis de Lafayette shouted, stealing his attention. “Can I come in?” Taking his silence for a yes, Lafayette decided to follow. Neither of them objected when Lafayette pulled him into a tight hug. They stayed like that for a long time, neither of them bothering to move. They were in Alexander’s private tent anyways; no one would see them here.

“Are you okay? You are awfully silent for once.” Lafayette tried to joke, though it wasn’t exactly funny. “Alexandre?” He just nodded, clinging to him just that little bit tighter. Lafayette knew what he wanted. He slipped off his jacket, removed the knife he had hidden on his person, and throwing it to the side. Lafayette led him over to the bed, gently laying down, Alexander by his side. They snuggled, sharing warmth, Lafayette stroking Alexander’s hair.

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“I don’t know the answer.”

Mon amour… Tell me the problem.”

“I don’t know how to word it. It hardly matters anyway. Let us cuddle instead; it’s more enjoyable than anything else I can think of doing.”

“No cuddling until you tell me what’s wrong,” Lafayette said, eyebrows furrowed. “We don’t keep secrets from each other, yes? Secrets lead to problems, and I don’t want to have a problem with you.” Though it was worded like a threat, Alexander knew he was being kind, looking out for a more-than-friend.

“There was so much death.” He said, and then he was crying, warm tears running down his face. He shivered, and snuggled even closer, his face pressed against Lafayette’s shirt. It would probably be ruined, but that’s why their friend was a tailor, right? “There were piles and piles of corpses, and all we’re going to do with them is burn them. Not even give them a proper send-off. All their families are going to get is a letter telling them how their loved one has died, and that’s it, Laf, that’s it!”

“That’s it,” Lafayette replied quietly. He knew there was nothing to do to comfort him. Whatever they did wouldn’t change the fact that their bodies would be hauled into the flames or into a grave with twenty others. Instead of offering words of comfort which would be lies, he decided to rub soothing circles on his shoulders, waiting until to sniffles stopped.

Je t’aime,” Alexander said, his voice hoarse. His face was still tear-stained, his cheeks still a bright pink, but his breathing was back to normal and he had calmed down. It was rare to witness a breakdown. Alexander, the man who held his head up high, in tears, sobs wracking his body, was unheard of. Very few had seen this state, Lafayette being one of them.

Je t’aime, mon amour,” Lafayette whispered back, and they laid there, their legs tangled together, arms pulling each other close, their grip tight like they never planned on letting go.

Alexander wasn’t sure what time it started. There was a camp fire lit outside for the men to huddle around, no longer scared of an ambush. Everyone huddled around it, sharing their remaining food and drink, most of them slightly tipsy.

Then someone started singing, climbing on a nearby stool, shouting and slurring the words. It was an old war tune, one meant to inspire. It was happy, and one that forced a smile on your face, no matter how low you were feeling. Alexander could feel the smile appear on his face, and he was sure Lafayette was the same.

Soon, other soldiers joined in the tune, adding the usual background voices.

“Do you want to dance?” Lafayette asked, looking down at his lover.


“Do you want to dance?” He repeated, grinning. “The music has already been supplied. I haven’t had the chance to dance for a long time; indulge me.”

“I suppose it couldn’t hurt.” Alexander laughed, before throwing off the sheets, shivering when the cold air hit. He immediately grabbed Lafayette’s jacket, which had been thrown on the floor earlier, slipping it on. Lafayette climbed out of the bed too, walking to the middle of the tent where Alexander was stood.

Lafayette took lead, occasionally twirling Alexander, sometimes tugging him closer for a kiss. They grinned and laughed, their spirits higher than they had been in weeks. It was rare, too rare, that they got a moment to themselves, a moment to pause, to relax, to enjoy each other’s company without others looking upon them, suspicious and frowning. It was rare that they could find a comma in the sentence that was their life, and when they did find one, they savoured every moment.

Lafayette pulled Alexander closer for the final time, connecting their lips, kissing him gently, like he was the most valuable artefact in the universe, and Lafayette was afraid that he could snap. Alexander kissed back with no more force, content, for once, to take it slow, to be calm and collected, to remember the way his lips felt on his, to remember the way his eyes fluttered close, to remember the way that Lafayette’s hand found its way into his hair, pressing and pulling him closer.

Je t’aime,” Lafayette mumbled against his lips.

Je t’aime.” Alexander echoed, a ghost of a smile on his face.

They cuddled, they danced, they kissed, and that was all they needed.