Miss You mv: Easter eggs

Miss You, like Louis’ previous music video for Just Like You, and like the bts video clips for Back to You, has multiple Easter eggs in the background. I’ve read some discussion about the neon inverted pink triangles and interlocking blue and green rings in the final shot, and debate about whether these symbols were intentional. I think the cross-cutting and editing of the video leaves no doubt that they were intentional, and that they inform a subtext of meaning. Again, these are my opinions, are in no way definitive. 

First, the opening shot, quiet and reflective. 0:02:

0:10, close-up on Louis’ face, showing that the song is from his POV.

Snippets of memories flash up, indelible visuals flashing by in microseconds. One of them is an image of the interlocking blue and green rings, and the blurred pink triangle in the background 0:14. This is a major theme, and a recurring image. Remember the shapes, and also the colors: blue, green, pink. 

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