“He piss me off” Yuki thought, “we see us later, what does he think I am doing here and waiting for him to come back.” He made his hand to a fist to get rid of all his anger, but in the next moment he lowered his head and stared at his pancake. “So he will be with..” he sighed deeply, he knew the movie script, he had read it himself. “It’s not that it bothers me with whom he is with, it’s just a movie.” He took the cup in his hand and warmed his hands until he lifted it to the mouth and took a small sip. In the next moment he spited the coffee “beeh~” he grimaced, “coffee..” he remember, he wanted to say hot Chocolate but didn’t want Shaid to know everything about himself, and he did not want to get used to getting a cup of hot chocolate every morning, which would tasted delicious. He stood up, throw away the coffee into the sink and made himself a hot Chocolate. Normally, he did not mind living with someone, he tried to convince himself, Shaid just found a living community with him, but he wondered why it was so hard to accept it, this time.

“Why you came to the studio?” Shaid asked Marcel because he was visiting him in the Movie Studio. “because you wasn’t at home.” both walked though the city. “I moved out.”
“yesterday.” he leaned against a wall. “I moved to Fuyuki.”
“you moved together with this red haired whore?”
“be careful with what you say!”
“I don’t understand you Shaid. You are back from America, started a Gay Movie, to fuck these fagots and moved together with him. What’s wrong with you? You shouldn’t have move to America for year.”
“but you are innocent?”
“I didn’t say so.”
“You are blaming me but you forgot this is my life. I lived in a one room apartment, slept on a couch. Fuyuki have a lot of space and a double bed. It’s much comfortable there.”
“I don’t think that’s the only reason.”
“and if it doesn’t, it’s none of your business!”
He looked down, his thoughts were with Yuki. Somehow he wanted to know everything about him, he wanted to explore him in- and outside but he felt a certain distance between them. He never felt such a distance, everyone wants to be close to him only Yuki avoid him.
“You got a crush on him.”
“No.” his answer came suddenly. “today I shoot the next scene with this other Guy. I slept with.” he explained, but somehow he felt a weight inside of him, he try to deny. “we only have a commune.” he paused “I could have moved to you, there is no different.”
“with me? No way. My apartment is small and I need my space.”
Shaid laughed
“you see.” he hit his fist against his buddy’s shoulder. “don’t think too much about me.”
“I’m just worried.”
“I know what I am doing.”
“I’m not so sure about it.”


Honestly, what would our neighbours think of us? What would they think is happening? We’re just screaming in the middle of a night, stomping around, making the weirdest noises, and then just blaring Game of Thrones on full volume at 3 a.m. But we didn’t like smash anything. I can’t decide whether we’re like the best neighbours or the worst ones.

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TV Shows

Week Ending March 6th, 2017

  1. The Oscars 2017 +7
  2. Star vs. the Forces of Evil +3
  3. Voltron: Legendary Defender −2
  4. Riverdale −1
  5. Steven Universe −3
  6. Shadowhunters
  7. Supergirl 
  8. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir −4
  9. Supernatural 
  10. The 100 +2
  11. Skam +2
  12. The Walking Dead −2
  13. The Vampire Diaries +2
  14. Sherlock 
  15. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia +1
  16. The Flash +4
  17. Gravity Falls +2
  18. Brooklyn Nine-Nine 
  19. Once Upon a Time 
  20. Saturday Night Live 

The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded titles weren’t on the list last week.