The One Where They Find Out About Plagg’s Obsession with Cheese

So the smelly cat song popped in my head the other day and this happened… 

Marinette’s hair doesn’t change when she turns into Ladybug, so she probably presumes that whoever Chat is when he’s not Chat has the same hairstyle as Chat (which we know he doesn’t).

Adrien on the other hand knows his hair and eyes changes when he turns into Chat Noir so probably thinks that whoever Ladybug is in real life looks rather different to Ladybug as he knows her.

Maybe they’re not actually blind.

lmao I found this in my drafts from like ages ago and now I’m thinking about it again

GAAHH Chat’s my favorite but he’s difficult for me to draw! I had so many failed attempts before I finally arrived at this^. I was so determined to capture him that I didn’t give up until Ihad  finished something that I was somewhat proud of. For this reason, I’m really glad to share this particular painting. :)

Drawn in Photoshop CC.