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(Its the cutest fucking thing ever. Im crying)

  • Tai: Uh, what do I do?
  • Qrow: Why are you asking me?
  • Tai: I don't know how to be a dad! This isn't the way I planned it!
  • Qrow: You planned this? Tai, I had no idea.
  • Tai: No, I mean I always wanted to have the ideal father-daughter relationship. You know, where I see her for like eight hours every week and send checks to some woman I hate.
  • Yang: It's emotional conversations like this that make me miss my mom.
  • Bitty: ...I guess he put two and two together.
  • Chowder: FOUR!
  • Lardo: It wasn’t a test, Hunter.
  • Chowder: Yes it was. I win. A+.

cinder229  asked:

“i fucked up, why do you not care?” with Carolina/Kimball?


Carolina followed General Kimball into the boardroom and closed the door - she wasn’t fast enough to cover the sound of swearing, but quick enough to deaden the sound of the helmet hitting the desk with enough force to leave marks.  Kimball leaned over, hands clenched into fists, resting on each side of her helmet.  Her hair was pulling free from where it had been tied back, and fell veil-like on both sides of her face.  Her voice, when it came again, was a mixture of anger, shame and grief, barely controlled.  “You heard?”

“I heard,” Carolina said, simply.  

“It was a fucking abattoir.”  

“I know.”

Kimball’s breath came out in a rush, her head falling even further forward.  “Nine dead.”

It was eleven now, but Carolina wasn’t about to tell her that.  “You had every reason to believe the intel was good.”

“We could have waited.”

“You could have - “ Carolina agreed, “but we knew Felix was on the move.  It was discussed - we all agreed that this was the right action to take.”

“No. We didn’t all agree.”  Out of the corner of her eye, Carolina saw movement at the door, looked up to see Wash looking through the glass, armour visibly singed.  Carolina waved him away, and he nodded his head and left.  Kimball didn’t notice.  “And now I’m going to have to walk into that room and he… he’ll say…”  Her voice broke off and Carolina saw her fist clenching tighter.

“Whatever he says, you can handle it.  None of us anticipated this - not you, not me, not Wash, and despite his misgivings, Doyle neither.”

Kimball’s face was still hidden, but her sudden exhale rustled papers across the table.  For the first time, she inclined her head towards Carolina, still unseen behind her veil of hair.  “I fucked up - why don’t you care?”  

“I do care.  But I have… perspective.”  Carolina folded her arms.  “What matters is that you care.”  She finally approached, standing close enough that Kimball would see her if she chose to look up.  “Things went wrong.  But you haven’t blamed anyone else.  You blamed yourself.  You’re already going over what fell apart, where the mistakes were made.  I was in contact with Wash - he told me how you rallied, how you were able to make a controlled retreat without losing more soldiers.  You adapted - under pressure you made the right choices.  And now you take responsibility.”  Carolina laid it all out plainly - not praise or blame, just a simple statement.  “We need to go.  They’ll be waiting.”

Kimball sighed again, but it was a steadying breath.  She stood and finally turned to Carolina, still as grim, but far more calm.  The muscles in her jaw clenched, but she managed a respectful nod, which Carolina returned.  Without another word, Kimball turned to lead the way out and Carolina followed, both trailing ghosts in their wake.

Double Time (7/24)

Disclaimer: Red vs Blue and related characters are the property of Rooster Teeth.
Language, Canon-typical violence
Tuckington, Chex
Rating: T
[Hero Time Sequel] After the events of Hero Time, the city and Blood Gulch are prepared for the true return of superheroes in a big way. But while Washington is attempting to adjust to a new relationship and a new living arrangement, the call of new heroes and a new mayor mean major changes for his professional life as well as his personal one. How will the balance of values fare when his new partners come to test everything he’s made of.

A/N: Aaaand now we’re getting to the antagonists of the evening. I’m curious to see how many saw them coming ; ) 

Special thanks to @analiarvb, @thepheonixqueen, @cobaltqueen, @icefrozenover, @notatroll7, @secretlystephaniebrown, @freshzombiewriter, @ashleystlawrence, @a-taller-tale, Kiwibat, Kairachar1869, Yin, and @washingtonstub on AO3 and tumblr for the wonderful feed back! I truly appreciate it more than you know.

Threats as They Come

There was a part of Washington that was disappointed when he came through the window at four that morning and, rather than finding Tucker awake waiting for him, was instead met with the awkward silence of his partner soundly sleeping. 

Even if it had become more and more often that these were the way things were, and even though Wash easily rationalized it by remembering Tucker worked still, after all, he felt a certain pang about it.

Which was nothing compared to the headache he got when the blinds were pulled open and the bedroom light came on only three hours later. 

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“The Descent to Hell is Easy”
It’s realizing you need to turn around and climb back out that’s a real bitch. Sometimes you can do it on your own. Sometimes your friends give you a hand.

And sometimes the Universe gets sick of your shit and cuts itself a Clue-by-4.

(Ch 2 posted Feb 27 - after Big Bang posting finishes. New chapter every 5 days. Art starts in Ch 2. Tags updated with chapters.)