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Yu-Gi-Oh! Trash Pairing Requests

Look my exam is like in less than 48 hours so I need something to do so I can procrastinate on it by studying. My logic is flawless.

So I’ll be taking 24 trash pairing requests from ANY of the Yu-Gi-Oh series. This can be your OTP or a super weird crack pairing that you ship. Crossovers included! If you want to request a theme or a prompt (or a kink, I guess if you want???), you can but I may choose not to do it. Just drop the request in my ask box!

If you have a weird ship/prompt you don’t want your name associated with (non con, incest ships, age difference, etc etc) just let me know in the ask box! Then I’ll post it separately. I love ships of all kinds and I’m not fussed. I’ll write anything.


Have fun and request lots! I’ll get to writing it when I can!


yugothefusionbanana  asked:

You rated you favorite openings in YGO. Can you rate you favorite endings too, please?

DM: None in particular tbh

GX: I love Wake Up Your Heart and Taiyou with all my heart so I can’t decide

5D’s: Start

Zexal: Challenge the GAME

Arc-V: Speaking

If you haven't seen YuGiOh! Here's a master guide:

Yugioh Season 0: Smol boy is bipolar and spends his time panicking and gaming people to death.

Yugioh Duel Monsters: Boy and ancient pharoah travel the world playing satanic card games.

Yugioh GX: Middle-Schooler learns the trade of card games, but it gets worse and then he’s double-satan.

Yugioh 5Ds: Poor-Man gets arrested for being poor, but card games on motorcycles so now the future is saved.

Yugioh Zexal: Tween doesn’t understand card games so ghost helps him and they save three boys by killing their child father.

Yugioh Zexal II: Heaven and Hell are fighting so boy challenges Satan to a card game.

Yugioh Arc V: Demon-Boy destroys the world with card games so a girl beats him up. Twice.

Yugioh VRAINS: Young hacker is scared of card games but his sense of justice turns him into Tron.

good things about yugioh
  • Duel Monsters: Nostalgia!!! Yugi is such a cutie omg!!! Mai is the female duelist we always deserved! Egypt is so cool!! Lookit how beautiful and cute all the friends are they're so good to each other oh no i'm crying
  • GX: holy hells the character development, so good A++ insert the ok emoji here; beautiful dorks going through angst what else could you want?? and what a lovely message about growing up so good yes 100%
  • 5D's: the motorcycles are SO COOL OKAY and Yusei is HOT; fascinating setting, cool ass dragons, amazing look at classism in society, Aki has such a beautiful character arc, Lua has a beautiful character arc, Crow is such a good birb dad, Jack/Carly is so pure and good and well developed A++
  • Zexal: omg, the animation, top notch, the music??? beautiful and fantastic and perfect, the characters are all so cheerful, upbeat, and adorable, would protect 11/10, good foreshadowing and interesting twists and cool past life shit, Yuma is a good boy, beautiful messages about healing and forgiveness
  • Arc V: ahhhhh the writing and foreshadowing is so on point!! the character designs are A++++++ 15/10, the dimensional setting is an amazing premise, the duel writing is 11/10, Entertainment dueling is so much fun and the monsters are so cute and it's great seeing the duelists interact with them and run around the field together; there are SO MANY GIRLS and everyone is pretty af and good and pure and they have interesting emotional struggles and it's A++ inspiring 12/10 would be inspired again