! it's really not at all shocking that i was considered the biggest nerd in my class

Comic Con - Liam Dunbar

Prompt by Anon: liam imagine where the reader is really nerdy and she meets liam in one of her classes and they go to study in the library and end up making out?

Word Count: 1,811

Warnings: Making out? Should that really even be a warning….???

Author’s Note: I HAD SO MUCH FUN WRITING THIS ONE!!!!!  I couldn’t help myself and went kind of comic book nerdy. P.S. As you can tell after reading this imagine, I’m a huge Arrow fan and y’all are more than welcome to talk to me about Arrow as well :)

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

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Nerd, if you look it up on Google or in Webster’s Dictionary, it’ll tell you it’s someone who’s highly intelligent. Some people define nerd that way. Others sometimes define a dork with a bad haircut, either a bowl hair cut for guys or horrible and uneven choppy bangs for girls, with big-framed glasses and braces. Others define a nerd as someone who loves comics. Society has considered people who love superheroes a nerd or a geek.

Y/N was considered a nerd. She was the smartest girl in her class, and she also happened to love comic books. On the other hand, Liam wasn’t considered nerd for either one. He was smart, but not a genius. He kept his grades good enough to pass all his classes and play lacrosse. Liam liked superheroes too, but never really picked up a comic book. He preferred to watch the movies or the TV shows and play the video games. And he certainly liked Y/N.

There wasn’t one thing Liam didn’t like about her. She was beautiful, smart, and had the biggest heart. He loved the way her eyes light up every time she got a math problem right. He loved the sound of her giggles when she reads something funny in the comic books. He loved how her smile lit up the entire room.

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