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// so as part of this weekly challenge on the sinDRAWS Discord server, the theme was to draw in the style of 1920s Disney cartoons, aka Steamboat Willie. so this is my take on Lupin III in the Steamboat Willie-style… sorta. “Sirloin” was the name of the cruise ship in the very first episode of the 1977 red jacket series “The Return of Lupin the 3rd” – so that’s sorta a tribute to that goofy ship name.

anonymous asked:

Which Diamond would Frieza be?

Yellow because, c’mon… no one could fit this role :3c we can even have White as Cold and Blue es Cooler, just to keep the family business~ idk about where to put Pink tho, maybe… Chilled?

I love drawing dragons and all but my god I never have the patience to lineart/ colour them smoothly

Anyways, here’s Wings of Fire dragon Mistunoa. WoF already has four canon lesbian dragons so I guess there’s no harm in adding more.

And yes, Shinoa is one of the mind-reader NightWings. She hates using it, though, and doesn’t intrude on people’s thoughts unless she absolutely has to. (Mahiru had the gift of prophecy, which made her significantly more valuable) Her rather unusually light purple scales usually aid in startling others away from thoughts that might contain personal information, at least until they get used to her.

I’m playing around with SandWing colouring, hence the leopard gecko-like spots on Mitsuba.