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When you speak I hear silence, every word a defiance. I can hear, oh I can hear. Think I’ll go where it suits me, moving out to the country with everyone, oh everyone, stop breathing start leaving, before we all become one…

(click title for song) This took me much longer than I expected but who cares- I am still so excited about this! yesterday I had this sudden idea of an OW/Transistor crossover OvO*  I have dozens of variations of this particular song but this specific one, when you hear the dude talk, is my fav one. It gives me chills everytime n creates such a beautiful n intimate atmosphere.

n then it hit me- What if the fall of their Switzerland HQ didn’t led to Gabe becoming Reaper but to be somehow absorbed into Jacks rilfe like the sword dude in Transistor? N maybe Jack’s nickname could be “Blue” in this AU? n Talon n other shifty organisations are after them because they were both suppossed to die n maybe they realize what happened to Gabe n they really want that rifle for experimental reasons. n so Jack aka Blue n rifle!Gabe are partially on the run n partially on a vigilante trip through the world to get revenge n maybe find a way to get Gabe a body? or I dunno.  too many possibilities, too many ideas :’‘‘‘D

either way, this is my contribution to this (imo) really intruiging crossover~

DragonTale Z
DryeGuy; Yugogeer12
DragonTale Z


This audio is pretty loud, so please be sure to have your volume adjusted.

Okay, so I saw the two posts that @yugogeer12 made about Undertale and Dragonball Z having a crossover and I just had to make this audio post!

Original Creator - Yugogeer12 

Voice Actor - Me

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I started this a month ago it feels like but finally, I have something to give you, but, I must tell you, there will be a photo shopped version later.
anyway right here I’ve got twilight eye balling the smol, your sunset jealous of the other self and smol. Then there’s cheerdalee’s sunset like “heh wink wink nudge nudge” and my Derpy is wondering why all the tol? I hope you like it!

Submission by @rp-with-the-nightmares! This is so cute omg, Sunset stop being jealous you’re literally the same person. I can’t wait to see it photoshopped! <3


Pointy teeth, droopy eyes. I’d say they look exactly alike

Also sorry for my bad handwriting. 

Maka: Soul! Look at this cutie!

Soul: For a bookworm I’m surprised you don’t know the meaning of cute.

Maka: SOUL!!

Maka: You know, you 2 kinda look alike.

Soul: Not funny Maka.

Maka: You’re right, Snubbull is MUCH cuter.

momijihyuga804  asked:

Out of curiosity did you ever play the game Ib? That Mob picture with the shadow coming out of the mirror reminds me of a part in the game, so forgive me if I'm wrong. Also your doodles are cute and I like them :3

oh my god when you mentioned “ib” im-

(yes i played it i love it!! and yes also it does kinda similar to that lmao i didnt realise that ^^’)