This is for the asker who sent in the Zankyou no Terror message!

There is an incredible ZnT crossover fic featuring Kageyama as Nine and Yamaguchi as Twelve because, in a not-at-all creepy coincidence, their voice actors play those characters respectively, and those are also their respective jersey numbers. Here it is:

Resonance by RubySmiley
G, 1k

“Remember us.
Remember that we lived.”

Nine and Twelve’s distant legacies are remembered—by the two boys who live on in their names.


Guess what I just saw on my FB feed??!!

For those who don’t understand Japanese or the somewhat crappy Spanish translation I got from fb…

ZNT’S Stage Play is coming out on DVD on November 29th, 2016!!!

Now, the only link they give us is to this shop: http://negaonlineshop.com/?pid=106450211

I don’t know if it ships worldwide or what, I need to figure that out, but I’m really hoping it will be sold on Amazon (Amazon Japan at the very least) at some point, thus making it more accessible to the majority of us.

 What matters though is that the Stage Play IS getting a DVD release AND IT’S COMING SOON.

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It’s been really depressing to watch to znt fandom fade away, I’ve been there a long time, I remember writing some of the first fanfic and deciding on whether to go with hisalisa or twelisa, after getting used to five notes being a lot, it was great for 15 year old me to find a community that loved my work and encouraged me, it’s probably thanks to that my writing started to smooth out and I decided that hey writing a book might be fun

worst of all is suddenly being made to feel guilty for liking it

I don’t think it’s a perfect show, I know it’s not for everyone (and I say that in a way of taste, not that some folks aren’t ‘educated’ enough to understand it) but Lord forbid anyone finding any sort of meaning in it

To me the most important things about a story are if it keeps you hooked on and if it makes you feel something, and znt did not always have the strongest developed characters but God did it make you feel something during certain moments, probably what’s left it so memorable to me is that entire aesthetic and humaness that gripped you

still I feel like I’m losing that wonder and am questioning my own taste and uh 

Polyship week day 5, angst! which I rarely write!! but I’m gonna anyway cuz I have this weird idea!! The prompt (linked bc long) kind of fits sideways into a Zankyou no Terror AU (not soulmate. yet?) fic I’ve been writing bits and pieces of. so THIS fic is partly that and partly new stuff the prompt inspired and it’s still kinda an excerpt so no real ending… but this way I can have “true” angst bc the full fic won’t be totally angsty and *shuts up* sorry not making sense

this probably won’t make sense either but imma postin’ like a dumbass

“I think… Tomorrow. I can see you tomorrow.” She smiled briefly, a flash of light on her dim face, then hugged him. “But I really have to go now.”

“Okay, tomorrow,” Touji whispered. He waved as she turned, waved as she jogged away without looking back.

The sunset sprang into his eyes as he turned toward home, but he couldn’t care less, blinded already by the thrilling new color in his heart. In the back of his mind, held back by the glow, was the thought of Arata’s less than favorable reaction. I’ll explain, Touji decided. He’ll understand.

He made it home in record time and with barely a sweat. Up the front steps he went, tripping through the doorway with Lisa’s yellow all over him, sunlight leaking from his hands, and he was incandescently happy for a few more blissful seconds before the stone in Arata’s eyes stopped him cold.

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