there came a time in the yume nikki and fangames discord server, where one doodle of usotsuki and nire about to fight escalated into a series of sequential catastropes. i’m afraid to say even i have no good way of putting sense and reason to this. it just, happened. its one of those things that just, happens naturally.

this is going down as my fucking legacy.

@the entire server: i hate all of you.

Japanese Rude/Swear Words & Insults

ぶす (busu) - ugly
でぶ  (debu)  - fatty
貴様 (kisama)  - rude way of saying ‘you’
てめえ(temee) - another rude way of saying 'you’

あま  (ama)  - bitch
やりまん (yariman) - slut
ばいた (baida) - whore
馬鹿  (baka)  - idiot
くそがき (kusogaki)  - unpleasant brat
嘘つき (usotsuki) - liar
弱虫 (yowamushi) - coward

うるさい (urusai) - shut up
うぜんだよ (uzendayo) - fuck off
死ね (shine) - die!

どけ (doke) - get out of the way
あほか (aho ka) - are you an idiot?
だまれこのやろう (damare konoyarou)  - shut up you bastard!
地獄へいけ (jigoku he ike) - go to hell
くそくらえ (kusokurae)  - eat shit
ふざけるな (fuzakeruna) - don’t mess with me

anonymous asked:

If the main three couples were to becone canon, which probably isn't unreasonable after the recent hinted progress (sure it will take a few more years tho) u think mayumiko could too? I am afraid it might be the only open - left up for interpretation couple at the end.

I read the recent chapters again to think about this question… Nozaki said “my heart raced a little” (86) with regards to Sakura, Hori said “my ideal girl is also Kashima” (87)… There’s definitely some development that seems to gear towards actual romantic couples.

On that note, in the latest chapter (ch89), Mikorin mentions Mayu’s blog again, confirms that he’s still texting Mayumayu, and that Mayu wrote a bit in his blog just for “Mamiko-san”. Out of everyone, Mikorin (as Mamiko) and Mayu (as Mayumayu) seems to be the pair that outrightly has romantic intentions towards each other? Mikorin has a crush, and he thinks this is flirting. Mayu is putting an effort that is unbelievable to every single character who knows him, and the texting was framed largely as ‘getting-to-know-each-other’… The only problem being, they don’t know it’s with each other, and they think they’re talking to girls. (Mayu does not care about this, and has been heavily implied to be pansexual/bisexual. Mikorin, on the other hand, is… a more ambiguous case. I’d make a case for him being an in-denial bi tbh, or even closeted gay guy? i’m rambling.)

So as of now, they’re almost equal to the others. I’ll even go as far as to say, sensei is subverting expectations by having these two be the closest to “actual straightforward flirting” compared to everyone else. That’s great.

But it really does depend on Mikorin’s character, and how sensei will go from here. There’s no doubt in my mind that the manga is most likely shifting to developing the character relationships further into romantic territory, which is pretty cool i guess. It’s a new and exciting path for these characters.

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