Something small I did last month! :D Ever since I got my pixie cut last year, I wanted to make a little Photoshop series where I gave all the Disney princesses short hair, but I never actually tried it out until this summer. My goal was to try and mimic the movies style as much as I can (which made me all dizzy when I tried out Aurora X,D) so it looks really simplistic here. (^.^‘’) We shall see if this becomes a thing or not. :P

  • person:So why do you want to take this Photoshop course? Do you want to be a graphic designer, work at some prestigious magazine?
  • me:No, I want to make One Direction edits.

$20 off the SwatchMate Cube 

This sleek device measures just 1.96"L x 1.96"W x 2.16"H (5cm x 5cm x 5.5cm). Small in size but big on usefulness, Cube matches to Photoshop's spot color libraries, including Pantone and HEX color codes for seamless web design. The Cube Companion App lets you capture, store, personalise and share colors right on your smart phone.  It can even measure light intensity and ambient temperature in the room! Talk about a designer’s new best friend!

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Los Angeles based artist Steve Kim creates haunting, colorful digital and ink illustrations mostly inspired by his virtual experiences. The majority of his pieces focus on a variety of modern themes, some sounding straight out of science fiction, including body possession to portraits of users that catch his eye on Tumblr. His interest in this type of subject matter undoubtedly rubs off of his professional work for clients such as tech blog Polygon and the Verge.

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#ThrowbackThursday to my first professional photoshoot with noted pinup photographer @vivavanstory. Girdle dress (corselette) is by @kissmedeadlylingerie. Stockings probably by @cervinparis. This is when I still got the scars photoshopped away on my arms; a few years after this, I was okay with showing them though. Also, the Vargas Girdle Dress (the name of this piece) is one of my alltime favorite items of lingerie.