Finished the shit-comic from this sketchdump because I still think it’s funny. :3c

Here’s a new piece for patreon.com/tycarter!
One of my favorite trips as a boy was to the southern parts of Escalante, Utah.  There were all sorts of vantage points and shady looking, could-be hideouts. In this piece, I went classic western style with a touch of Edgar Payne. Coyote Gulch explores making an environment in confined space for characters. Sign up from March 1-31

anonymous asked:

Yaaa~ hello! I think you're art is amazing and that animatic of Arron burr, sir! I LOVED IT IT WAS FAN-TA-STIC AND I'M IN LOVE WITH THE HANDS YOU DRAW. SO! I'm not here to ask you about drawing advice but.. How did u do that blurry eliza? Or blurry line in general? U got a curious fan here mylady~

Hi there ! I’m so flattered!!! thank you for the compliments my dear friend <3
Here’s a short tut featuring a toucan
Program used: Photoshop CC, it’ll be the same in any other version!