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after DC arc, kurapika resigns from the zodiacs. leorio tries to convince him to stay but kurapika was only ever in it to get the eyes from the 4th prince

it’s dangerous to be conspicuous, because there are people out there that know he’s been collecting the eyes, and kurapika has made a fair amount of enemies in the underworld from his time collecting them

kurapika becomes a 1 star hunter from his DC voyage exploits, but he never rises any higher as he does his best to stay out of sight

he still takes on consultative work from clients endorsed/okayed by people he trusts, as well as crime/bounty hunter related work, so long as his contributions remain anonymous

Killua meanwhile is the 2nd most well known after Leorio, as he does not bother to hide the work he’s done, and has used his stardom on multiple occasions to help highlight causes he believes in.

Killua is a firm supporter of giving children with a juvenile record (especially those from bad homes) a better chance at life, and has donated as well as personally visited multiple rehabilitation/juvenile centers to give talks and to devise better ways they can be welcomed back into society without stigma

he often helps find work for them once they’re free, or at least a new home to go to if they dont have one

gon is the 3rd most well known of the main 4. though he works on many projects, either they’re too secretive to reveal to the public, or just not interesting enough to report about beyond the science/history community

gon doesnt actively donate like the rest of the main 4, but he does pay extravagant amounts to the people he hires/works with on his projects, as well as for information

gon is much more infamous within the association however, just not with the general public.

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POV!!! 💖

POV — something that’s already happened, retold from another character’s perspective

(this is from the first chapter of WTWF, this time from Killua’s pov!)

“So, it’s a guy?”

Killua couldn’t help but roll his eyes at that. It was all too easy to figure out where Gon was going with that question. “Don’t try anything, Gon. I’m not telling you who it is and you’ll never find out. So just drop it, okay?”

And with that, Killua turned back to the chocolate bar he’d bought along with the crappy excuse for food that was his school bought lunch. He could feel Gon’s eyes digging into his face but he refused to look up and meet his best friend’s searching gaze.

Gon could try everything and anything he liked, but this time, Killua wasn’t giving in. He didn’t care if Gon thought he was being unfair or cruel; telling Gon just how heavily involved he was regarding Killua’s Hanahaki would cause the spiky-haired teen nothing but pain.

And Killua was strong enough to handle the pain for both of them.

Killua took a large bite of his chocolate and held back a grimace. The sweet flavor wasn’t nearly enough to wash away the sharp tang of blood on his teeth, but oh well. It would have to do.

This was how it was going to be for the rest of his life, after all.

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POV if ya feeling it?

POV — something that’s already happened, retold from another character’s perspective

(Anything for you ^-^ this is from my first hxh fic ever, Zombies Among Other Things! This is from Killua’s pov!)


The sound makes Killua’s heart leap into his throat and suddenly he can’t breathe.

He meets Gon’s eyes as his best friend stands frozen on a steal beam, one step away from falling into a pit of zombies, one step away from a guaranteed death.

“Gon,” Killua says quietly. His voice is shaking but he doesn’t let himself feel the mind-numbing fear that’s causing it. “Get back here. Now.”

Gon nods. Killua can see sweat building on his tanned skin and fights down the urge to throw up. He watches with blood roaring in his ears as Gon takes a slow, hesitant step forward.

And the steal beam gives out from under his feet.


Killua’s bloodcurdling scream tears through the air as Gon drops. Killua doesn’t let himself think before he pushes himself over the edge, arms reached out towards the singular, most important person in his life.

Because he would let himself be turned into a zombie before he sees Gon die in front of his eyes.

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[You should rest] (also regardless of what you write for this I just wanna say I'm super excited for whenever we get to see more mxh ^o^ it's so good..!!)

[insert prompt here] — you post a prompt, and i’ll write three sentences based on that prompt, set in the same time/setting as my current project


BEAUTIFUL fanart by emthimofnight that sparked this whole au;  Miraculous x Hunter tag with other drabbles, asks, etc & the ao3 series page)

“You should rest,” Killua said quietly as he carded his fingers through Gon’s soft hair.

Gon mumbled something into his chest and Killua frowned.

“What?” he asked hesitantly. “Gon, I- I can’t hear you.”

Gon shifted slightly on Killua’s chest. He wrapped his arms more tightly around Killua’s torso like Killua himself was the only thing keeping him tied to reality. When he spoke again, his voice was just barely above a whisper, “I can’t rest. Not until Pitou is…”

Killua’s heart twisted and pulled. He hated seeing Gon like this. He hated what Pitou had done to his best friend and Ladybug both. He hated feeling so helpless even as he held Gon in his arms in the safety of Gon’s bedroom.

Killua squeezed his eyes shut to block out the horrible burning and rested his chin on the crown of Gon’s head.

“It’ll be over soon, Gon,” he swore. “I promise.”