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important hxh fact: Gon and Killua are actually 11 years old during the Hunter Exam, which takes place in January 1999. Gon turns 12 on 5/5 of that year, and Killua turns 12 on 7/7. At the end of the election arc, Gon and Killua are 13 (it’s August 2000 at that point).

They celebrate their 12th birthdays together at Heaven’s Arena (with Wing and Zushi!). Gon turns 13 right before/after Kite is killed (either with Kite in NGL or with Bisky and Palm), and Killua turns 13 right before or after Gon gets his nen back (Bisky had already left, he was either with Gon or alone after they spilt up; either way, he probably didn’t have a chance to celebrate it).

so i finished watching hunter x hunter 

spoilers (pretty sure all of y’all have watched it at this point tho lol)

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The other night I had a dream my roommate and I were watching Hunter x Hunter dubbed and he started complaining about Killua’s dub voice. So then I got all defensive and we got into this big fight about whether there was a point to anime dubs or not. Eventually he said something like “maybe your arguments would be stronger if you would stop studdering” and I woke up pissed off for the rest of the morning about something that didn’t even happen. 

okami2506  asked:

After having an extremely emotional moment at the end of the latest chapter, i still have one thing to say, regardless of everything pure and amazing in this fic: I'll never get over the fact that you use swear words in these. (because of course Killua has a sinfull mouth and thus it should be utilized) xD don't get me wrong, it's great! But i can't think of YOU swearing, no matter what. It just gets a laugh out of me everytime. (PS: about time these two dorks had the fluffs~ ( 'v')~ )

AHahahahaha you sound just like one of my friends XDDDD Whenever I curse she stops and just stares at me lol. She says it sounds wrong coming from me, sepcifically ahahahhahahahaha. Me cursing has a lot to do with what I’m talking about and who I’m with so that’s why I don’t do it much on here ^-^

But yeah Killua definitely uses swear words so they have to go in the fic ^^; I was really happy to throw in some fluff for this chapter, all of the angst is so….angsty hahah XD I’m really happy you liked the new chapter though thank you so much as always okami <3