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hi! i was looking for new people to follow and wanted to know who some of your favorite bloggers are:)

here are just a few of my favourites ღ there are some mutuals and non mutuals but i hope you enjoy. all of these beautiful people have stunning blogs and i would highly recommend you to check them out (i just came home from work so my brain is just mush so i 100% forgot some amazing ppl so sorry about that. if i follow you i love you so much and you deserve to be on this list i just can’t tag everybody)

@taebium @study-ksj @sugarsmin @tttae @vjmn @danjoon @gyeomify @cyphrs @mygc @perksofbeingafanboy @sleepysugarmoon @lavender-kills @yunvvgi @frozenchance @yiumin @sehhunie @berribaek @bambama1 @mvssmedia @inochinohime @dazzlingkai @xiiumin @thaleias @kim-aris @agustdoll @sugacreme @kiimgyu @triptiych @tpersephone @skybluell @autummskies @hotseok @lattaek @poccelain @cappukkino @xehunted @sukooks@oriondiary

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Hi sorry to bother you but do you have any bts (mainly black and white) blogs i can follow? <3

Hi! You’re not bothering me at all! It’s pretty hard to find only BTS black and white ones. But I follow a few great mixed ones! Hope you like them, they’re all so good.

@vmizn @sehokjin @mygc @mono-bts @blackandwhitebangtan @d-syub @jeylovestoblog -> She makes great gifs!

My favorites are these blogs ♥: @mvssmedia @lavender-kills @tejinzs