clexa au: after the ark fell down on earth, lexa makes it her mission to know more about the potential threat, thus disguising herself as a lost innocent young girl. clarke griffin is quick to befriend her, while having some doubts of her own. it takes time but the two eventually warm up to each other and unexpectedly, feelings blossom. however, secrets can never stay buried for too long.


hello, mother. as you’ve always said, i shouldn’t be allowed to wander the city in my condition, but without going outside, it’s harder to hear much about the world - so i’m learning at home! this, i think, is a porcelain tea service, in the style of louis the 15th, isn’t that right? [sound of a crash.] now that’s a fascinating sound! [blaring noise.] and this is called a “stained-glass window,” hand-crafted by your adoring flock… they’ve gone to a lot of trouble to capture your likeness, haven’t they? [sound of shattering glass.]