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They replied politely to me -in russian- and said they had no idea it was wrong!

They assured me they are not gonna do it again and that they will erase the reposted things. The new ones, not the old ones because they say it’s a lot.

However they might have still not understood because we don’t speak the same languages. So if there is any russian magi fan out there, if you dear followers are some of them or if you know someone russian in the magi fandom. If you could talk to them in russian next time, we all would be eternally greatful. You just have to tag them in a post like I did because they don’t seem to know how to activate the askbox.

ALSO it would be cool, you know, that you pay attention to what you reblog. 

Most of their stuff had signatures of other people, yet some of them reached 100+ notes.

This is not only about graphics, this happens to reposted fanart in the magi fandom a lot. It takes less than a minute to check if there is a signature in a pic or graphic or if the poster has permission to use it.

Please guys. You know why is it wrong besides the fact that they steal credit? The magi tag and search are full of the same posts, because they get stolen several times and they get the same notes and then you find the same post 3 or 4 times. It’s annoying. 

Please pleaase pay attention. Thank you

Attention pls

Hey, since your askbox is closed magimanga I want to ask you if you have permission to repost all those edits and now translations you are reposting to the magi tag? Have you?

Please answer soon. People put effort in all those edits and translations, they are fans like you, they are not official translators, you need their permission.