The signs as blue haired anime guys:

Aries: Ryuuji Takasu (Toradora)

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Taurus: Aoba Seragaki (DRAMAtical Murder)

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Gemini: Jellal Fernandes (Fairy Tail)

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Cancer: Ayato Kirishima (Tokyo Ghoul)

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Leo: Black Star (Soul Eater)

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Virgo: Aomine Daiki (Kuroko no Basket)

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Libra: Aladdin (Magi)

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Scorpio: Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez (Bleach)

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Sagittarius: Rei Ryugazaki (Free!)

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Capricorn: Ai Mikaze (Uta no Prince-sama)

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Aquarius: Kuroko Tetsuya (Kuroko no Basket)

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Pisces: Kisame Hoshigaki (Naruto)

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hello! we are happily announcing the opening of a new sports animanga blog, sportsanimedaily. the blog anything is dedicated to all sports series and you will find here gifs, graphics, fanart and many other things.

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*Original text taken from the snkgraphic & tgedit promo post. Thank you very much!

Kuroko no Basket Cross Color 7Q (AkaKuro meeting part)

KnB game for smartphone, Kuroko no Basket Cross Colors (abreviated as 黒クロ) is out for more than a week now. This game has original story (of them being in the same training camp) so we can get new scenarios of our favorite boys!! and in this case, akakuro stories

Chapter 7 of the story has some akakuro interaction, so I feel the duty to translate it :D

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July 23, 2016
  1. Cancer
     Pen light

  2. Scorpio
     Light blue

  3. Pisces

  4. Capricorn
     Environmentally friendly carton

  5. Taurus

  6. Virgo
     Tea with roasted rice

  7. Libra
     First time visiting a place

  8. Gemini

  9. Aquarius
     100% juice

  10. Aries
     Italian cuisine

  11. Sagittarius
     Shaved ice

  12. Leo
  • Kuroo:*suspiciously looking at Iwaizumi and Oikawa and Haru and Kazu doing exactly the same* HOLY SHIT! THE MULTIVERSE EXISTS! Fuck Einstein and its relativity! Quantum physics was right about everything!
  • Akaashi:But how come they can exist in the same space-time continuum as us?
  • Midorima:I guess something is disrupting vacuum fluctuations.
  • Kuroko:Maybe I shouldn't have done that zero-point energy pass after all?

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Jealous boys

“Hi! Can i request a scenario with Hanamiya,Midorima,Imayoshi and Aomine getting jelous of their so beacuse she hangs out with Her boy friends? You know she is a tomboy so she feels better talking to boys than girls. (sorry if my english is bad) Also thank you! Your writing are  awesome ^^”

Thank you for the request!! I really hope you like this!

Hanamiya~ He saw you with them again. You usually go out with a bunch of your guy friends from school and play some sports with them. He was really annoyed. He started to ignore you. He felt you would rather spend time with them anyways.

You were looking for Hanamiya after practice, waiting outside the doors. You were sweating from the workout you just had with your friends. He finally came out and glanced at you briefly before walking right past you. You grabbed his wrist.

“Makoto… What’s wrong?” He yanked his hand away and gave you a very sinister glare.

“Nothing is wrong. Why don’t you go back to all those guys you’ve been hanging out with.” That is when it hit you. He was jealous. You quickly wrapped your arms around him and held on tight.

“Makoto, I love you. I don’t like those guys like that. We are only friends. I swear.” He rolled his eyes and held onto you.

“I don’t care.”

Midorima~ He looked at you, watched you play with those other guys. You were playing street ball with them. He looked away from you every time you would glance over at him. Takao came over and sat next to Midorima.

“You’re girl sure plays a lot with those guys, doesn’t it tick you off?” He smirked. Midorima clenched his fist.

“I don’t care what she does. It doesn’t bother me. This whole thing is just stupid. Nanodayo.” Takao chuckled slightly at his comment, he could tell it was really bothering him. He handed him a red curry drink and waved at you.

You smiled and waved at Takao, looking at your boyfriend who now seemed to be spending more time talking with him than watching you play. You finished the game and walked over to the boys.

“Hey! What did you think? Good enough to join?” You joked. Takao laughed.

“Oh definitely. If we ever let girls join, we will take you on for sure.” Midorima stayed silent. He grabbed his things and started walking. It wasn’t unusual for him to just walk away. He usually did that when he was upset, or embarrassed.

“What’s wrong Shintaro?” You matched his pace after catching up to him. He twitched his brow slightly.

“Nothing, I’m fine. Everything is fine. Why does it matter? Let’s just go, Nanodayo.” He clicked his tongue. You thought about it for a second. You then held his hand and smiled.

“You are seriously the best boyfriend. I love you so much! No one could ever replace you.” You started to boost his ego. His face went red and he stopped walking. He looked over at you and seemed nervous.

“Why would you say something like that!?” He was beet red. You chuckled a bit, grabbed his jacket and pulled him down for a soft kiss.

“Because I love you.”

Imayoshi~  He invited you to practice, he never thought you would join in. He had set the guys up to practice in teams, however Aomine refused to participate so you jumped in as an alternative.

“That’s not a good idea, why don’t you just sit and watch?” Imayoshi smiled. You chuckled and assured him everything would be fine.

You played ball with the other guys and Imayoshi kept getting distracted. He saw you having a blast with them and he couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. He kinda wished he had Aomine on his own team so you would have joined him.

After a while of practicing, he walked over and asked if you would switch with Sakurai from his group. You were confused but agreed. Imayoshi smiled and was happy he was able to pull you away from them.

“What’s up? How come I had to switch teams? I thought I was doing pretty well…”

“Well… ___-chan, I got a little sad watching you have so much fun with them. I want to have fun with you.”

Aomine~ He was sleeping again, so you left with your guy friends to go out biking. You didn’t hear your phone go off for the 6th time. It was in your back pack. Finally you guys got to a rest stop and you checked your phone.

“Oh boy…” You called Aomine back and said hello in your sweetest voice possible.

“Where the hell are you. Babe, I got locked on the roof.” Aomine was groggy. He must have taken another nap while he waited for you.

“Oh my god! Are you serious!? I’ll come right away!!”

“What the hell, where even are you?” You sighed and looked over at the guys, they were staring at you while you were on the phone.

“I went out with the guys, we went for a ride on our bikes.” You heard silence on the other line.

“So you didn’t come get me after school, to hang out with a bunch of other guys?” He seemed upset. You apologized profusely for not waking him up.

“They are just friends, nothing is going on between any of us.” You reassured him. He let out a dark chuckle.

“You are going to be punished for this later.” He hung up. You were slightly worried about what was in store for you. 

Sports anime OVAs are always gayer….so whatever you do never miss them. They are like those last minute extra revision classes before final exams, we can miss out on regular classes but never those; likewise you may not watch a regular episode but never miss the OVAs!!! (@_@)

  • Sousuke:Do you really want to know how I got my shoulder injured?
  • Hanamiya:Yes.
  • Sousuke:I was hula hooping. I attend a class for fitness and fun.
  • Hanamiya:Oh my god.
  • Sousuke:I’ve mastered all the moves: the pizza toss, the tornado, the scorpion, the oopsie-doodle...
  • Hanamiya:Why are you telling me this?
  • Sousuke:Because no one will ever believe you.
  • Hanamiya:You sick son of a bitch!

knbaes-n-bakas  asked:

I just realized how much of a time difference there is between you and I! So I doubt this'll make it in, but worth a shot. May I request some shopping scenarios/drabbles of Kagami + Himuro + Kiyoshi + and Takao with their s/o? What happens at the store/mall, I will leave to you~! Thanks love! c:

LMAO YES I WAS WONDERING THAT TOO but then none of my followers seem to comment if the opening time is too late or anything like that, I just assumed it was okay (。・・。) I’m going to modify the askbox opening time for the next round I swear ANYWAY you made it! My askbox fills up reaaaally slowly so please don’t doubt that you’ll make it in lmao

Hope you enjoy this! So nervous writing for a senpai

Kagami: He has trouble looking for shoes that fit his rather large feet, so when he called you up for a shopping date you were totally down with it. Kagami mentioned a shopping complex that you’ve never visited before, thinking it’s a good opportunity for you to go there – plus, a new sports outlet has opened, and he thought he could find his size. 

It is a Saturday, and the place is littered with young adult couples, visibly enjoying their time together and showing off PDA. You notice this as soon as you arrived. You and Kagami have been together for several months now, and PDA has now become non-problematic (he used to blush and cover his face a lot in the early stages of your relationship), but the two of you don’t really visit places like these often – places like these meaning places where there are a lot of couples.

Maybe it’s because of such an atmosphere, and it may also be your imagination, but to you Kagami has this air of confidence around him as he leads you around with his fingers entwined with yours. He didn’t blush when he pecks the edge of your lips for a stray rice grain when you ate a small onigiri as a snack. While he normally stutters and becomes shy when you try to feed him, he acted very casual about it today when you tried to feed him ice cream earlier.



“I was wondering why you’re not all shy today.”

As if he’s recalling every PDA the two of you shared during the date, Kagami stares off into space, not realizing that his face is gradually getting redder and redder, until eventually he has to cover his mouth in a mix of panic and embarrassment.

“I-I’m sorry… I didn’t know what came over me, it’s just that you — ” he was about to say you were so cute, but quickly takes that line of speech back before he can say it to avoid further embarrassment, “I really wanted to do it… that’s all,” is his weak reply.  

You chuckle at the sight. Your affectionate boyfriend is a breath of fresh air, but shy Kagami is the cutest in your opinion.

“You know, we should come to this shopping complex more often.”


“And go on shopping dates more often.”

“_-___________!” ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

Himuro: When you told him you wanted to look for new clothes, you didn’t expect him to do this. 

Here you are, in the fitting room, almost drowning in clothes that your boyfriend suggested for you to try on. There are so many of them, and you’ve only tried around half of the outfits but judging by the knock on your door he’s already back with more clothes. 

Himuro thinks that this situation in general is impossibly cute — a chance to doll you up is a rare one, so when he got your text asking to visit a department store to look for clothes he was excited, almost in an out-of-character way. He may or may not have browsed Pinterest for clothes that might suit you.

“Are you done? Give me a look.”

You quietly open the fitting room door and shyly peek out of it to find Himuro smiling gently at your demeanor, encouraging you to show him everything without having to be shy. You can’t help but feel slightly embarrassed because the clothing you’re wearing right now is not really what you usually wear.

“As I thought, this one looks good! Would you wear it, ____________?”

“I’m not really sure, Tatsu,” you turn around and look at your reflection in the mirror. “I’m not really used to this kind of outfit.”

“Too bad,” he sighs, still retaining a charming smile on his face. “I’m not going to force you to buy that one, but I just want you to know that it looks very nice on you.” He goes out of his way to land a sweet kiss on your cheek, which only makes you blush even harder than before.

“Thank you,” you offer weakly.

He chuckles, however, the lighthearted sound is coated with a hint of teasing. “Maybe I can buy them for you and you can wear it when the two of us are alone?” 


“Hahaha! I’m joking~”


“Or am I?”

“Stop it already!”

Kiyoshi: “Black pepper, parsley, parmesan…”

You read off the shopping list in your hand as Kiyoshi and you walk along the aisles. “Ah! Tomato sauce should be around here,” you murmur, making your way inside a particular aisle in the supermarket. Kiyoshi follows behind with a shopping cart, one that you insisted on pushing but he just keeps insisting back so you gave up he’s whipped like that.  

“I’m excited for dinner now,” he says with a light laugh. “____________’s cooking… must taste heavenly. Ah, I’m so lucky I’m your boyfriend.”

You flush at his monologuous speech. “Please don’t get your hopes up, Teppei, what if I screw up? It’s quite a complicated recipe after all,” you reply, glancing at the paper in your hand with so many ingredients written on it.

“You won’t, believe me,” he leans forward to kiss the top of your head as you move to put the bottle of tomato sauce in the cart, and your blush grows. “And besides, can you blame me for being happy because you’re going out of your way to cook a really nice dish for me?”

“Well… I just want to, okay?” you quietly answer, to which Kiyoshi lets out a pleasant laugh.

When you walk by the snacks aisle, you stop in your tracks — both your boyfriend and you know that potato chips aren’t required to cook lasagna, but a little snack won’t hurt, right…? You turn around to look at Kiyoshi already looking at you with a mischievous glint in his eyes, smiling playfully at you.

“…Can I?”

“You always ask me to restrain you from buying unnecessary snacks, ____________. So as a good, responsible boyfriend, I’m going to say no.”

You chew your bottom lip, already expecting the answer, so you take a deep breath and walk past the aisle as if you’re completely uninterested in it. Kiyoshi pats your back and gives you a peck on the lips as a reward for your determination.

Imagine your surprise when you get home and spot a small-sized Pringles can among your cooking ingredients.

Takao: ICE CREAM is what you and Takao are thinking of after a particularly long shopping spree on a hot summer afternoon — luckily, he’s quick to signal towards the ice cream stall with his chin, a smug grin on his face when your eyes light up in surprise. He just practically read your mind.

“In case you’re thinking I read your mind, I didn’t. Your face is just so easy to read.”


He lets out a cheery laugh and approaches the stall to order two cones of your favorite flavor. A minute later the two of you walk hand in hand towards nowhere in particular, slurping happily at your respective ice cream cones. Takao, being the perfect gentleman, offered to carry all your shopping bags for you when you purchased your first item for the day, and thus his other hand is fully occupied. 

“Are you okay?” You ask, gesturing to him carrying your bags — they shouldn’t be too heavy, but carrying them for a long time must be tiring. 

“Huh? Nope, I’m fine. Don’t worry, I can handle this much,” he replies. 

“If you say so…” you say with a hint of hesitance in your voice. “Are you not gonna buy anything though? Since we don’t usually come here.”

“Hmmm,” your boyfriend looks up in a pondering manner. “I suppose I have a shop I want to visit.”

“Then let’s go! What are we waiting for?”

He chuckles as you drag him along to the nearest mall directory. You are busy pressing buttons for directions when Takao pulls you closer to him by the waist to plant a sweet kiss on your lips.

“W-What was that for?”

“For being so cute and considerate.”