June 27, 2017
  1. Sagittarius
     Light blue

  2. Gemini

  3. Leo
     Water bottle

  4. Aquarius

  5. Cancer

  6. Aries

  7. Pisces
     Beauty parlour

  8. Libra

  9. Scorpio
     Freshly cooked rice

  10. Virgo
     English conversation

  11. Capricorn

  12. Taurus

So this is my first AMV ever! It’s far from perfect, but I decided to publish my first attempt at video editing nevertheless lmao. I hope you enjoy it ^-^

Music: Troye Sivan - Youth
Anime: Kuroko no Basuke, Haikyuu!!, High Speed: Free! Starting Days

Childhood Friends:

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anonymous asked:

The GoM (separate) leave for work, and then their s/o (whom they live with) realizes that they forgot something very important, so she goes to their work to bring it to them. However, she isn't allowed inside bc nobody believes her that she is their girlfriend, and she is forced outside by some security guards. Luckily, just in time, the GoM arrive to the scene. What happens? How do the GoM react? What does their s/o say?

Kuroko: “Excuse me; what are you doing?” Kuroko is quick to appear seemingly out of thin air to save you just in time. When he hears the situation, it’s easy for him to confirm that you are, in fact, his significant other. It’s a bit embarrassing that the guards would go to such lengths to get you out, but you all manage.

Kise: “Wait, stop! You can’t throw her out!” He seems to come from nowhere, yelling for the guards to stop treating you so roughly. Kise is embarrassed enough for the both of you, explaining that you were indeed here to see him. He apologizes profusely for the awful behavior of the security.

Aomine: “Oi, get your hands off my girl!” Aomine doesn’t care that the people escorting you out of the building are technically supposed to be there as security. He throws a punch, one that thankfully misses, and starts yelling at them to let you go. Everything goes haywire before you’re finally able to settle everyone.

Midorima: “This isn’t exactly proper protocol.” Midorima sounds stern as he addresses the security, practically reprimanding them for not following the proper procedures for making sure a guest was who they said they were. When you’re finally by his side, his annoyance with them has subsided, but not by much.

Murasakibara: “That isn’t very nice. You wouldn’t want to be thrown out that way, too.” Murasakibara’s threat holds no real stance as he knows the security guards are just there doing their jobs. Still, the way they handled the situation annoyed him and if a little intimidation would get them to stop, he’d do it.

Akashi: “I demand to know what you are doing with my significant other.” Akashi’s voice is firm as he addresses the security guards by name. They all but drop you when they realize you’d been telling the truth the entire time and, thanks to their manhandling, their jobs were probably now on the line.

This is not my finest hour, is it?  Spending the night in a dumpster; getting dumped out of a sewer pipe face-first into a runoff puddle; waking up in the afternoon; I’m probably missing school; I’m lost in the desert; I have many unexplained bruises and facial lacerations.  They say you know when you’ve hit rock bottom, but I can’t say any of this is completely unfamiliar.  Last time was worse, I woke up naked and had to some clothes out of old garbage bags.
—  Hanamiya Makoto, living his trash life

uhhhh i guess i’m looking for new blogs to follow (preferably mutuals so i can bond w y'all) who post:
-code geass
-jojo’s bizarre adventure
-boku no hero academia
-persona (3+4+5)
-final fantasy (x, x-2, xv are my big ones but i’m ok w others)
-kuroko no basuke
-fire emblem (mostly awakening and fates but ok w others)
-food network shows lmfao jfjgjdjd
-aesthetic (i like pastels most but anything that’s pretty is cool too)
-love live i guess?

however i will be less inclined to follow you if you post a lot of:
-yuri on ice
-uhh idk mostly just those two lmfao

Imagine your OTP
  • Person A: [kisses Person B's neck]
  • Person B: what is this?
  • Person A: affection
  • Person B: disgusting
  • Person B:
  • Person B: do it again

me: oh this anime looks cool maybe i’ll watch a couple episodes…

*binge watches the whole season in a day*

me: well then……time for season two!