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i feel like i've read every decent frerard fic ever but you seem to have like. a limitless source of good fic so. do you have any recs of anything less well known or maybe new?

ok ok so here r some good fics that r not discussed as much (or at least ones i havent mentioned as much on here)

cover to cover

all i want for christmas is you and its sequel the permanent thought of you

midgets and madmen run this scene

sixteen tons (how frank made it happen)

something wicked this way comes

like a stone in the sea

your heart the only place that i call home

in a pretty how town

this tornado loves you (ok i actually talk abt this one a Lot but its important that u read it if u havent already its my whOLE SOUL)

against the wind

i was your silver lining

public enemy

art could save a wretch like me

on the midtown direct

cupids chokehold

life as a symptom

no experience necessary

til i find a place

you will leave a mark


moth to flame (or whatever) - i went thru sO FUCING MUCH 2 find this link bc i didnt hav it in my bookmarks and couldnt remember the name all i could go off was ‘the florist!frank au’ and then i remembered reid ratkinq did a drawing of frank from that fic so i went back thru her art tag until i found it basically god bless u reid w/out u i would b loST


What Would Happen If Gravity Disappeared For 5 Minutes?


1. You’ll start to notice that along with your steak and wife starting to float away so is something else you find important; the atmosphere. Actually they were all propelled away at mind numbing speeds, but we’ll get to that later. While hardly noticeable, the atomic structures that make up our lovely little bubble of air now have no reason to hang around. Without gravity’s pull, all the gases that we breathe in and out all day would simply be flung into space and you would soon drown in nothing. There is a positive to this one, though, in that with all that pesky atmosphere gone you may be able to see the most beautiful star filled sky complete with our own sun in the middle. You probably won’t notice, though, since several other things will probably be taking priority for you at the moment. Namely the protective layer of Ozone gas no longer protects you from severe solar radiation and the sunburns that are coming without them. Also, with no air pressure around you, your ear drums will explode and you will be overcome with pain and the loss of sound. Not that you could hear anything anyway since now, there is no medium with which sound could travel anyway. Like I said though, these aren’t the worst of your problems.

2.Not a true fever, but hot like you have never experienced before. One thing you should know about experiencing a deep vacuum environment is that, even in temperatures approaching absolute zero, you won’t feel cold. You would start to feel hot, because the sensation of cold as most of us are familiar with is due to being enveloped in matter all the time and that matter transferring heat from one medium to the other. It pulls the heat away from you and you feel cold. Floating in the void we no longer have that air around us, nor water, nor the touch of another human’s skin. Therefore we will have nothing to transfer that heat away from us and keep us cool. While we do naturally radiate heat, this process would be far too slow to cool us. Instead the heat naturally would build up faster than we could release it. While by the time you noticed your body’s rising internal temperature you would have probably succumb to asphyxiation, its worth noting.

3.Yes, if not for this whole calamity, you would be among the fastest moving objects in our solar system. Why? Well, you see along with gravity there is another force at play during our day to day, that being the centripetal force. If you have ever made a sharp turn in a roller coaster or in the car, you may have noticed that pull you feel away from the new direction you are going. Your body wants to continue in the direction it is going. But it isn’t going anywhere. I am just here cooking a steak. That isn’t totally true. You see, the planet is moving you all day long, every single day. The Earth is always spinning and if you are near the Earth’s Equator you are actually moving at around 40,000 km a day. The reason you don’t realize this is that the Earth is so massive. It exerts a force on you much more than the force that pulls you away. Sadly though, that force is gravity. So, depending on where you are at the time, you will now be flung from the Earth so fast you won’t even notice the next things that will be happening around you.

4.Yes, in the same way that you are being propelled out into space, the Earth is feeling the same thing. The only real difference is that while you were free to fly about as a single self-contained system, gravity is the only real thing keeping it together. As the forces of movement now are no longer cancelled out by that meddlesome gravity, the planet would be ripped apart from the inside out. Near the Equator you would see massive chunks of the Earth seem to erupt from the ground as those of us farther away would watch in horror as our little homes and villages were shredded by a violent explosion from the very core of the planet itself. Our once lovely home would now be forming a massive disk of material that now represents all that once was our pale blue dot. All the rocks and water, all the trees and creatures, all the hopes and dreams of a world would now be spiraling out into the oblivion in a fiery spindle of lights and forlorn beauty. Keep in mind that the moon would be experiencing quite the same thing and part of it’s mass would now be breaking up and colliding with ours.

SOURCE: What would happen if gravity disappeared for five minutes?.

By: The Unthinkable.

If Gray didn’t want to live with Juvia he wouldn’t have no matter what, there’s no such thing of him being forced to, even if he was he would’ve been gone by the first week which he didn’t. The only reason he left was because he needed information he couldn’t obtain by staying at home for his goal which Juvia understands is very important to him, if not he would’ve lived with Juvia the whole complete year.

If Gray didn’t want to be anywhere near her he would had disappeared from her charts the first days, he had no problems and was capable of doing that when he went to avatar. He was capable but he didn’t at the end.

Also if Gray didn’t want 100% to be with her, Juvia would had backed off. That is the difference, we see Juvia as a person who at the end of the day cares for the people she loves and would do anything to keep them safe, someone who has passed depression and is slowly growing, finally having friends and a loved one who accepts her as she is while antis see her as simply a stalker which is highly convenient for their own ships. Juvia at the end always places Gray first and his interests she would had left him alone.

There’s no such thing as a stalker victim relationship and this was proven by the fact Gray keeps slowly showing his own feelings. Gray wouldn’t had gone back for that scarf, he wouldn’t grabbed hold of her hand, or think of her greatly when he thought of dying or cried on her chest.

The point is no matter what Gray wouldn’t have lived with Juvia if he didn’t want to, he could had left her anytime between those six months.

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what college essentials do you recommend? I want to be prepared

  • A spare notebook. Sometimes you’ll find yourself needing extra paper for different classes when you think of something relevant to another class. It’s good to have it for important dates too (I’m not a dairy person - but I often flick through my spare notebook).
  • Highlighters/Pens. The basics. highlighters are always good for study notes or things you don’t understand.
  • Bring earphones/headphones at all times. Whenever you study, whether on a computer in the library or your own laptop, there will always be a helpful/relevant video for your class. Or pretending to having music on while you study stops people from talking to you too.
  • Bottle of water! I never used to be a water person in high school, but it comes in handy during lectures or tutorials. Plus, having the bottle there, you’ll end up drinking most of it without realising which is good. Stay hydrated.
  • Charger for your phone/laptop - for days you suddenly feel like staying back and studying extra, a charger is really handy. Campuses tend to have power plugs laying around everywhere. Some places have outdoor ones too
  • Money… for when you have the random munchies - plus coffee and tea. Always coffee and tea. Campuses tend to be a little cheaper too.

I can’t really think of anything else.. if I do, I’ll edit this post!

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Hi Gabi, I just want to ask something very important. Why have they "leaked" a picture of louis and brianna right after we discovered the framed picture of louis and harry in Anne's house? This is baffling lmao. Why are they so OBVIOUS??

They are and I’m so zen and I see my entire dash is so zen that it’s ridiculous. 

giriboy today: i think doing nothing is very important. you have to waste time and do nothing and empty your mind so that you can work harder later. if i do nothing for a week and my mind’s empty, i go to work next day naturally and don’t have to force myself. and that always happens hehe if i work every day, then i only make bad stuff. so, as a conclusion, i’m going to level up to the level cap on maplestory 2 today ㅋ_ㅋ

man i love babies i love their ridic squishy faces i love the noises they make i love the way they get fascinated by very mundane things and how they are just learning to be people (tiny feets are also important to me) but also there’s this very strong expectation that i’ll marry young and have like twelve of them and nothing makes me want to be a spinster more than complete strangers having opinions on my uterus honestly

you know when you think you’re worth something to someone and they treat you like you’re so important to them and like they care so much and then something fucks up along the way and then they start acting like you never meant anything to them and they’ll pass you in the hall and smile a little but you can see that them not talking to you doesn’t hurt them nearly as much as it hurts you and then you start to realise that you never really meant anything to them and any effort they made with you wasn’t really effort it was just to cure their boredom and you’ve been the second option all along
—  i wish last week never happened

Summer is in full swing and it’s time to cut loose and relax. All characters, through a mysterious donation, are being swept away on an all-expenses paid trip to a just as mysterious beach resort on the beautiful Hawaiian island, Maui. 

                                       The Available Rooms

All characters have been booked into 3-Bedroom Grand Villas that house up to 11 people each. In the first bedroom, there is one (1) king-sized bed. In the second and third rooms, there are two (2) queen-sized beds. And finally, in the living room, there is one (1) sleeper chair. If there are less than 11 people in a room, then those characters do not have to share beds so long as there are enough beds available that each can have their own. 

                                       Available Amenities

Each bedroom and the living has a flat-panel television and DVD player. Three (3) full bathrooms. A full kitchen that includes dinnerware, glassware, flatware, pots and pans, a microwave, a toaster, a stove, a full-sized refrigerator, and a dishwasher. Coffee maker and tea service. A private laundry area with washer, dryer, iron, and ironing board. Free wireless internet access. An in-room safe. And an extra-large, private balcony with outdoor seating. All rooms have an ocean view.

                                       Room Assignments

Under the cut are the room assignments. Because there are 11 people to a suite, sharing beds will be necessary for all beds except the sleeper chairs in the living rooms. Numbers 1 & 2 will share the king-sized bed in the first room. 3 & 4, 5 & 6, 7 & 8, and 9 & 10 will share the queen-sized beds in the second and third rooms. Number 11 will sleep in the sleeper-chair. 

Couples were paired together as best as possible. Others were placed using a list-randomizer. Switching rooms or who your character will share a bed with is possible, so long as all people (muns) involved in the switch have come to an agreement and the mods have okay-ed the switch.There will be no switching rooms or beds once the event begins. ***Sunday is the last day to pull a character from the event if the mun wishes to only have one character participate.***

Please note — Characters that are listed as on hiatus have been included if their hiatus ends sometime during the event. Characters whose hiatus extend past the event have not been included.

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Regarding Anonymous Questions

Hi everybody! I just wanted to remind you all to think before you ask an anonymous question about whether your question is something that needs to be on everyone’s dashboards and posted publicly on my blog. I’m totally willing to help you guys, but I would really prefer non-anonymous questions so I don’t have to clog people’s dashboards to answer your very specific question. 

Here are some guidelines:

Use Anonymous if…

  • you’re pointing out a problem with a theme that everyone using the theme needs to know about
  • you have a general comment 
  • you have a request or suggestion

Please DON’T use Anonymous if…

  • you’re following up on a question I’ve already answered
  • you want customization help
  • you want an explanation or help understanding a specific part of the code

Also, just a reminder that I will not answer the following things: 

  • how do I change the number of columns?
  • how do I add infinite scrolling?
  • how do I change the post size?
  • questions about other peoples’ themes
  • questions about anything you could find with a quick google search
  • if/when I will release my main blog theme [I probably won’t]