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I cannot even begin to explain how much I want them to finish this specific conversation, because I think that this is an important hurdle to them really being able to function in a relationship perfectly. There is so much unspoken tension, hurt and grief in this incident, and it’s never been resolved.

And the thing that pains me most is that they’re both right. Jemma - oh, how Jemma feels the responsibility for those who have laid their lives down for her. She feels responsible for Will’s death, saving her to get her back home. She bears the weight of the of the Inhumans killed by Lash. I’m certain she still feels responsible for Fitz’s aphasia. She even feels responsible over so much that isn’t even her fault (Trip’s death); that the poor girl is carrying more than she can bear on her back. So, it’s not surprising at all that she doesn’t want to add to that weight. Putting Lincoln through this - this is her contributing to that reckless behavior that gets everyone around her hurt or killed. This is guilt and grief that keeps her up at night, that threatens to suffocate her, she doesn’t want more.

But, Fitz is right, too. They’re SHIELD agents. They’ve been taught to put their lives on the line for others and for the good of humanity. Without (most of) Fitz’s reckless gestures, neither of them would be here. If he didn’t force Jemma to take the oxygen, they might have run out before they could have gotten out of the pod and died. If he hadn’t spent the six months searching for her despite all evidence telling him to stop, he never would have figured out what happened to Jemma. If he hadn’t jumped into the portal, Jemma might still be on Maveth. And, here, most importantly, Fitz knows the desperation and helplessness that Lincoln is feeling, the desire to help and just do something, the odds be damned because the other person is more important than the odds (and your life).

I’m looking forward to the moment where they finally lay these emotions on the table, where Jemma explains to Fitz that despite her gratitude for what he’s done for her, it does weigh on her. That she carries tremendous guilt and doesn’t want to live in a world without him, and yet he keeps making choices that could make them end up that way - make her live with that guilt for the rest of her life. Where Fitz tells her that he’s sorry, that making her feel responsible was never something he wanted to do, he just simply wanted to make sure that she made it out alive in the end. And, they can think back to moments where their roles were reversed, where Jemma hit Fitz in the back of the head with a fire hydrant just to make sure he wouldn’t interfere with her trying to save him and the team, where Fitz screamed for her, unable to envision a future without her, and understand where the other is coming from. And finally, come to an understanding and lay to rest a deep and difficult chapter in their lives.

9 Incredible LGBT Shows And Movies Available On Netflix Right Now
Here are five movies and four shows, including Orange is the New Black and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, that push LGBT issues center-stage.
By Tom Cox

“Media monitors GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) may have given Disney a ticking off for its under-representation of LGBT characters in Star Wars recently, but you don’t need to go far to find a colorful crowd of characters of diverse sexualities in movies and TV shows.

There’s a whole world of boundary breakers who you can get right now, at home, on your screen, on repeat, forever and ever via the gorgeous magic of Netflix. Some of them are oldies you might not think of as pro-LGBT, like Friends, created in 1994, which has a minor lesbian character in the first episode. Here are five movies and four shows that go one step further than the relationship of Carol and Susan by pushing LGBT issues to the center stage.”

See the list of shows here

We have 6 straight episodes of Wander tonight again..
But once again they will start at 2:00 AM thru 4:30 AM.

The people behind Disney XD say that Wander Over Yonder is better off showing reruns, but when the only time they actually do air is late at night when a lot of people are asleep something isn’t right here.

This is why it is very important that we watch Wander whenever they air, by recording every episode before they come on so that we can give the show the views that it rightly deserves and possibly get Disney XD to place any episodes of Wander Over Yonder in better time slots.

If we REALLY want to #SaveWOY then we should all help by watching the show legally however we can★