The Rumblr’s in-house astrologer, Madame Clairevoyant, presents her latest dispatch from the stars:

Aries: This week, try to notice all the ways that the world is generous with you. Try to notice the ways other people are kind. The world has a lot to give you, this week. Watch the quiet plants blooming in your window. Listen to the songs that the cool nights are singing to you. It’s important, sometimes, to pay attention to these things. It’s important, some weeks, to seek out models for ways you can treat other people right.

Taurus: This might be one of those weeks where the world just feels too fast, where it feels like there’s too much in motion all around you. There’s movement in the rivers and there’s movement in the wind and there’s movement in the night, dreams moving in your head and stars moving across the sky. But you don’t have to hurry. You don’t have to catch up. Even in weeks like this, there is a rhythm inside you that’s true. Let it guide you. Let it keep you going.

Gemini: It’s okay to take the things you need to survive, this week. It’s okay to take what you need to feel okay. It’s okay to accept other people’s kindness. It’s okay to sleep in. It’s okay to guard your own time like it’s gold. Spend your days with the people who treat you just the way you need. There are weeks for pushing yourself, there are weeks for extending yourself, and there are weeks where it’s better not to make this world harder than it has to be.

Cancer: There are problems you’ve been working on for weeks and there are questions you’ve been working on for months and there are dead ends you’ve felt stuck in for longer than you can even quite remember. This is a week for getting your head unstuck. This is a week for movement, for wind and rivers and storms. It can be scary to live through this kind of movement, but it will bring fresh air into your thoughts. It will bring you what you need.

Leo: There are so many ways to live a life that feels right, though it can be so difficult to remember this. People are trying so hard, in so many different ways, and so are you. The world is vast, and it’s wild, and it’s full of dark things and strange things and good things and things you won’t ever know. This doesn’t have to scare you. The stars are far away and they’re long ago, but their light is real, and it can keep you company in the dark.

Virgo: You might be entering a some kind of new phase this week, a new period of strength, a new way to be yourself, a new time for getting good work done. There are so many shapes this power might take, and so many things you can do with it. These are days for working toward the things you care most about. These are days for living so well that you feel like you’re made of light. These are days for changing the whole world.

Libra: This week, things are going to work out in a different way than you expected. Things are going to work out in a better way than you’d hoped for. It’s hard not to worry, sometimes, when you’re always trying so hard to see the future, but try to just spend this week working hard and then going swimming. Spend this week working hard and then napping in the afternoon sun. Spend this week doing what you can, then watching the stars from your open bedroom window.

Scorpio: This week, you can hit on a good rhythm; this week, you can really hit your stride. Try to enjoy the sweetness of these days. Try to enjoy this feeling of coming into your own strength. Let yourself stretch out. Let yourself relax into this bright good days. Trust your own instincts, this week. Trust your own vision. Trust your own voice. Let the sun and the sky make you strong. Let your feet carry you forward. Keep moving.

Sagittarius: There are weeks for being cautious, there are weeks for thoroughness and care, but sometimes it’s better to stop waiting. Sometimes it’s better to start moving before you’ve mapped out the route to its end. There’s only so much that can be learned from stillnes. Sometimes the body can only learn once it’s in motion. You have plenty of things you could do, but you still have to choose one. You have plenty of time, but that’s no reason to let any go to waste.

Capricorn: When the world is wild all around you, or when the inside of your head feels a little dark, the world can give you the stories that you need. This is a week for reading in the library all afternoon. This is a week for talking to strangers on the bus. This is a week for sitting with your friends and telling each other every true thing. The world is so full. There are so many ways that you can know your own self.

Aquarius: You might start to feel impatient this week; you might start to feel hemmed in, like you’re living a stranger, smaller life than the one that you want. It doesn’t have to stay this way. There’s so much wild energy inside you. There’s so much life in even your slowest days. The world will keep moving, and you will keep moving in it, and you can find everything you need. Just keep doing what you can. Keep letting your bright thoughts move.

Pisces: Your thoughts can get so loud this week, and your dreams can fill with color. There will be more power in you than you might know what to do with, this week, like every time you’ve ever doubted yourself, every time you’ve ever felt small, every bad thing has been converted into bright golden energy inside of you. It can feel weird, sometimes, to feel this way, to feel so right, but try to feel it as fully as you can. Try to take seriously your own shining strength.

Today’s image was made specially for Madame Clairevoyant by Jen May.

You don’t always have to have your life sorted out and get it all together, and that’s okay. What’s more important is to trust that at the end of the day, this too, shall pass. x #loveandalliscoming

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a whole year separate these two people

It is important to remember this when I start feeling disheartened by time x gains

I expect adding a stronger lady to this frame next July, so let’s use this next year wisely - empty of demotivation 

“الحياة كلها صعاب، أصلا نحن لم نخلق للراحة.. كايبقى أن كل واحد مسؤول على راحتو، هو خاصو يخلق العالم ديالو فاش كايرتاح و يعيش لحظات الحياة ديالو بداكشي لي عندو و يحاول يخلق بهاالسعادة. و كانتذكر أصعب لحظة في حياتي هي نهار مات الأب ديالي الله يرحمو، حيت من بعد فاش مشى عند الله كاتولي تحس بحال إلى نقصات أهم حاجة و المسؤولية كاترجع ليك كاملة بلا ما تخبرك، ضروري تولي تفكر فالواليدة ديالك و اختك الصغيرة، كايرجعو هوما الأولوية الكبيرة. لكن الحمد لله ربي كايعاون و لي معاه الله عمرو ماتنقصو شي حاجة.”

Life is full of struggles. We were not born to just rest. However, what counts" more is that each of us is responsible of creating his/her peace of mind and the world in which he/she will enjoy the moments of their lives and just be happy. I recall the hardest moments of my life was when my father passed away, may God rest his soul. Ever since he’s gone, I felt that I lost the most important and precious thing in my life and, all of a sudden, had to bear the whole responsibility. My mother and my little sister became my priority. Thanks to Allah things are fine now and whoever has Allah by his side never fails.“

howterrifying asked:

I've got a song in mind, if you would - "Little Wanderer" by Death Cab for Cutie. Do with it what you wish because you're bloody amazing and I've no idea why I'd never thought of sending you prompts before. p.s. I'm sort of in love with you, hope you don't mind. xx

I’m terribly late with this, hah, typical. The song gave me an idea, besides making me listen repeatedly to ‘Turning Page’ by Sleeping at last. Odd how that happened. Anyway, it’s a wee bit rough. Forgive my mistakes and thank you very much sweetie! Also it’s like almost 4000 words, heh. 

Important note - Sherlock Series 3 AU ‘where Sherlock does fly away and Moriarty doesn’t return from the dead.’

When the planets align

Black liquid spluttered into her cup. The coffee machine humming loudly until the Styrofoam cup was just half-full, and the machine once again fell silent. Molly grimaced at the unhappy sight, taking a small tentative sip of what tasted like the bottom of a coffee cup that had the luxury of staying a week on a kitchen counter untouched. 

It would have to do, she thought, eyes fluttering shut imagining that it tasted something half-decent drizzled with hazelnut on top of the foam. Emptying it she made a face and begun her trek through the dull hallways of the hospital. Very few residents were walking about, though she was unsurprised to see Mike Stamford appear with a mug that said ‘the boss’ with a huge bold font. 

“Morning Molly,” he said grinning at her. She tried to return the same enthusiastic grin, but she only managed to stretch her mouth a tiny bit, the caffeine hadn’t taken its hold yet quite yet. “The rain is pouring outside of course, which it would. The minute I think we’re catching a break because he’s off for six months - the rain never seems to end - - well - we’ll make do-,” he added in much more morose tones, trying to match her mood by sheer sympathy.

“Who’s off for six months?” she said at a loss.

Mike raised his brows at her, pausing for a second before his eyes widened in some realisation. “Oh - oh - right, umm, Sherlock? - He’s gone on some top-secret mission for his big brother. He’s going to be gone for about six months apparently… I thought you’d have heard-,”

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anonymous asked:

Cause the hotel that u are is very luxury

Idk it Got 10 rooms, a pool and a bar. Choose something small like it better that Way. Im not Rich i just saved up a lot of money for the trip :) traveling is very important to me. Where im from its not unusual to travel to foreign countries in the summer :) but yeah i do get a lot for my money, the hotel is gorgeous

Ps. It looks bigger on the picture than it is
Twelve Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With The New Hercules Graphics Card

Ein Lee Shem

pillow powder
never more than once again,
neutral slut march:
enjoy your cholesterol.

mining for artistic crumbs;
you’re that important…
it gets strange
on the backs of critics.

a little siren,
cloven shoestore,
silver rock?

scars under mammoths
make heroes of us all
around the right angle.

art by Susan Breuss

*when someone tells me shitty people dislike me*

“I would like to thank my best friends for introducing me to anime and to my mom for teaching me  the importance of thinking for yourself” 

anonymous asked:

Hello there, please fix your blog. If its Pilot confessions then it should be only Pilot confessions. Not Night Terror confessions. Thanks, Thats all. Keep up the good work!

Mod Rae: My dearest friend, Night Terror is a part in the Pilot universe, just like Time Line and Radiocative since those are all games, produced by LG production, a game company that reside sin the pilot universe.

So it belongs with the Pilot confessions and in this blog.

Summer is in full swing and it’s time to cut loose and relax. All characters, through a mysterious donation, are being swept away on an all-expenses paid trip to a just as mysterious beach resort on the beautiful Hawaiian island, Maui. 

                                       The Available Rooms

All characters have been booked into 3-Bedroom Grand Villas that house up to 11 people each. In the first bedroom, there is one (1) king-sized bed. In the second and third rooms, there are two (2) queen-sized beds. And finally, in the living room, there is one (1) sleeper chair. If there are less than 11 people in a room, then those characters do not have to share beds so long as there are enough beds available that each can have their own. 

                                       Available Amenities

Each bedroom and the living has a flat-panel television and DVD player. Three (3) full bathrooms. A full kitchen that includes dinnerware, glassware, flatware, pots and pans, a microwave, a toaster, a stove, a full-sized refrigerator, and a dishwasher. Coffee maker and tea service. A private laundry area with washer, dryer, iron, and ironing board. Free wireless internet access. An in-room safe. And an extra-large, private balcony with outdoor seating. All rooms have an ocean view.

                                       Room Assignments

Under the cut are the room assignments. Because there are 11 people to a suite, sharing beds will be necessary for all beds except the sleeper chairs in the living rooms. Numbers 1 & 2 will share the king-sized bed in the first room. 3 & 4, 5 & 6, 7 & 8, and 9 & 10 will share the queen-sized beds in the second and third rooms. Number 11 will sleep in the sleeper-chair. 

Couples were paired together as best as possible. Others were placed using a list-randomizer. Switching rooms or who your character will share a bed with is possible, so long as all people (muns) involved in the switch have come to an agreement and the mods have okay-ed the switch.There will be no switching rooms or beds once the event begins. ***Sunday is the last day to pull a character from the event if the mun wishes to only have one character participate.***

Please note — Characters that are listed as on hiatus have been included if their hiatus ends sometime during the event. Characters whose hiatus extend past the event have not been included.

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trypanophobia/possible venephobia warning for TEW DLC

if you have really bad trypanophobia (fear of needles/injections/drawing blood) like me, specifically when needles are shown or described in use, be warned that there’s a part at the beginning of the evil within dlc that you’ll need to watch out for. 

it made me really anxious, especially after the needle was shown being removed from the wrist (this kinda triggered my venephobia too). i needed to take a little break to calm down, so please be careful!!

if you’re watching markiplier play (the evil within: the assignment dlc - part 1) and want to skip this scene, it starts at 10:25, ends at 11:50

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