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Hello, do you think they're putting Louis in the spotlight to enhance his future career opportunities or to raise his profile in case Louis and Harry would go public soon (when I say soon, I'm not referring to a specific moment in time), to make him equally important. Or a combination of both? In short, is this pure business or possibly for personal reasons (not that CO wouldn't be a business decision). Cheers x


I know there are people insistent that we divorce the implications between personal!Louis and professional!Louis, but guess what: people involved in long-term relationships often weigh personal considerations alongside professional ones when making a big professional move. 

 I don’t know how to believe what I believe has been going on for almost 5 years now, and think Louis is making major professional decisions without considering 1) Harry 2) his current relationship with Harry and 3) his future with Harry. 

I think the only logical assumption (given the assumptions under which I am already operating) is that this is providing Louis professional exposure within the industry to further his own future endeavors with the happy side effect that it boosts his personal profile for a future relationship revelation. 

Calling all Aromantic and aro-spectrum peeps!

You might remember me from the time I called on your powers combined to give me verbal input about your aromantic and aro-spec experiences. This is in the works! I’ve received over 200 replies, and I’m still organizing and putting everything together! The document is currently 39 pages long. Woohoo!

Meanwhile, I’ve decided that it’s time for some statistical munchies. I have put together, to the best of my sleep-deprived ability, a survey for you to participate in (if you so wish). It’s completely anonymous, and you don’t HAVE to answer all the questions (although it would help me if you tried your best to do so).

Needless to say, if you are NOT aro-spectrum, don’t take it. You will not be able to answer most questions. They’re a bit specific, to, well, being aromantic or aro-spec. However, it would be very nice of you to help spread the info!

Important notes: I KNOW that we’re all unique, and I’ve included many OTHER self-fill sections on the questions. It seems counter-intuitive but… TRY NOT to use them if you can help it. It’s very difficult to quantify these answers. If your situation is very special, go right ahead! Otherwise, please try to stick to the answers I’ve offered.

If my wording is poor, if you see a problem, contact me! I’ll do my best to accommodate peeps! 

Warning: Some of the questions deal with things like mental illness struggles, bullying and sexual harassment. They do not go into great detail, but please be aware that they are present.


Thanks, and keep on being cool!

Confession: I adore Vivienne. She has a grace and poise that I wish I had. I also like hearing her thoughts on the Mage Rebellion and the Circle because she makes a lot of excellent points if you listen to her with an open mind. I always side with mages in all my playthroughs because no one deserves to be told they’re worthless because they were born different, but I also agree that the Circle is important because you need a place for mages to learn to wield their magic safely.

But as with other categories, I think, given that Beale has flooded the Hugo ballot with crap, it is important to celebrate great works that are not on the Hugo ballot. And so to close, at last, I want to suggest one more work of science fiction that would have been eligible for a 2015 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Work (Short Form), not because I suspect Beale kept it off the ballot, but because I think he would absolutely detest it. Specifically, the music video for Janelle Monáe’s “Electric Lady.”

The Ultimate #NatureSelfie: Greater Sage-Grouse Strut Their Stuff!

Every year from March through May, male Greater Sage-Grouse come to communal mating grounds called leks to show off their moves. In hopes of impressing some very picky hens, the males puff their chests, fan their feathers and really strut their stuff. The same lekking grounds may be used year after year, and protected lek habitat is critical to the Greater Sage-Grouse’s survival.

The natureconservancy and usfws have launched a brand new LekCam to help people understand this very special and ancient mating ritual and the importance of lek habitat. The camera streams live footage of the birds and their early morning lek ritual online.

View the webcam: http://bit.ly/GRSGCAM

Photos by Bob Wick, BLM

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Why would they cast Ryan again. It didn't work the first time so why should it work the second time? Also have they seen how buff Deadpool actually is?! Compared to Ryan Reynolds, Wade is huge. *sighes* Sorry for ranting at you, I'm just really confused. Of course the probably couldn't get someone with the body of Wade, I most likely just over reacting. And I guess they could do some fourth wall shit about Wades portrayal in X-Men but ugh.

Ryan Reynolds didn’t destroy Deadpool, the bad writing did. I think he’ll do fine.

As for his body type, he has actually been drawn to be very thin and sometimes obese (when he’s got a lot of time on his hands and can do what he wants, which is eat apparently) and you have to keep in mind that his body type is an important part of characterization. How he looks in comparison to the other actors in the Marvel movie universe says a lot about who and what he is. It wouldn’t make sense for him to be as big as Captain America or Colossus.


Instead, he aggravated my breathless condition by kissing me thoroughly. I ignored the lack of oxygen temporarily in order to concentrate on more important things. We held each other for a long time without speaking. At last he murmured “Why?”  his mouth muffled in my hair. I kissed his cheek, damp and salty. I could feel his heart beating against my ribs, and wanted nothing more than to stay there forever, not moving, not making love, just breathing the same air. “I had to,”  I said. (…)  I must have fallen asleep, head on his shoulder, but roused briefly when he laid me gently on the floor, on a makeshift bed of blankets from the horse’s saddleroll. He lay down beside me, and drew me close again. “Lay your head, lass,”  he whispered. in the morning, I’ll take ye home.


“We are all highly motivated. Lamenting injuries doesn’t get us anywhere. I really hope that we can qualify”, said the German.

ATLÉTICO: “If we look at the results, we see that they are tough rivals. We know how they play. If we play our game for the full 90 minutes, we will triumph. The aim is to qualify however which way we can”.
EL BERNABÉU: “I reckon we’ll have a fantastic atmosphere. We need the Bernabéu to get through and I believe that we can”.
MODRIC: “He’s a very important player for us, but we shouldn’t be talking about Luka; he won’t be there. We have to accept it and not worry over it”.
ATLÉTICO’S HARDNESS: “We have to concentrate on ourselves. They pressure the referee a lot, but we just have to do our thing”.
ILLARRAMENDI-ISCO: “They are both great players, but you’d have to ask the gaffer who’ll play”.
GERMAN REFEREE: “I’ll have a word with the ref before the game to tell him not to show me a yellow… Speaking seriously, he’s a very good referee”.


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What's going on with 1985?? Why is that important?? Can u please explain? ):

Hi nonny!

I hope I can do this question justice.

1. Reichenbach

Doyle ‘killed’ off Holmes at the end of the The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (1895), where Holmes and Moriarty fall to their deaths at Reichenback Falls. Due to public reaction, he ended up bringing the character back to life, as we see in BBC Sherlock’s TRF & TEH.

We’ve been told that Shspesh will solve the Moriarty mystery (x), so this could all be related.

2. Infamous poem by Vincent Starrett (1886-1974)


Here dwell together still two men of note
Who never lived and so can never die:
How very near they seem, yet how remote
That age before the world went all awry.
But still the game’s afoot for those with ears
Attuned to catch the distant view-halloo:
England is England yet, for all our fears–
Only those things the heart believes are true.

A yellow fog swirls past the window-pane
As night descends upon this fabled street:
A lonely hansom splashes through the rain,
The ghostly gas lamps fail at twenty feet.
Here, though the world explode, these two survive,
And it is always eighteen ninety-five.

All Poetry Dot Com 

(In my opinion, while setting 1895 would be a nice reference to this poem, I don’t think it’s significant enough to merit Gatiss saying 1895 vs 1885 being an important difference).

3. Oscar Wilde and why Johnlockers flail about 1895

  • ACD & Wilde met in 1889 regarding writing for Lippincott’s Magazine (which leads to them writing & publishing The Sign of Four -ACD- and The Picture of Dorian Gray -Wilde). Wilde left a pretty big impression on Doyle. Things that always stick out to me: 1) Sholto as a caricature of Wilde; 2) other characters in Sherlock takes names from Wilde’s friends; 3) character progression of Holms could be influence by Wilde himself (x)
  • According to Baring-Gould’s chronology ACD’s The Adventure of the Three Students is set on April 5/6 1895 (x)(x). The story starts off with this:

It was in the year ‘95 that a combination of events, into which I need not enter, caused Mr. Sherlock Holmes and myself to spend some weeks in one of our great University towns.

  • April 6, 1895: Oscar Wilde arrest for gross indecency (homosexuality)
  • May 25, 1895: Wilde convicted and sentenced to 2yrs hard labour
  • Shortly after Wilde’s arrest, homosexual men & women began fleeing England for France (x)

4. Bonus! Shspesh/Setlock/Spoilers

According to current Setlock speculations, Shsesph starts out with Holmes & Watson coming back from some type of journey with their luggage. We also know that they filmed quite a bit out in the countryside out at Tyntesfield. (More info)

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When I first kind of discovered deadpool his personality spoke to me and I started fang girling but I like pictures of him without his suit, because I have quite a bit of sores on my body so I feel connected to him more and I admire how he still looks great and doesn't let it affect him much at all ❤️

It’s important to note that we’ve seen him struggle very hard with the way he looks and even recently we see he still struggles with people’s judgment. Remember that whenever you have self-doubt it’s a natural thing and even comic book characters have slips.


Considering we all call this big ‘ole planet home, it’s important that we do our best to keep it chugging happily along. This week, for Earth Day, we’re trying to do just that – by planting trees, with the help of you guys! Starting today through Friday, April 24th, for every tee you buy, we’ll donate $1 to a local conservation organization. Or, if you sign up for our newsletter (to get the skinny on new designs, artists, challenges, and more, of course!), we’ll again donate $1 to the same organization. Considering trees keep us breathing, let’s work together to get as many more in the ground as possible!

So start shopping, sign up for our newsletter, and let’s plant some trees!


Martin Beck |  “We Can Be Heroes”

The subject matter being those folk who didn’t quite make the grade at superhero school and are, like most of us, living their lives doing the day to day chores and their best to live a happy life while providing for their loved ones. Along with this gritty and humour laden style of photography, there is a very important message too. When we think of Superhero’s our initial thoughts are of perfect bodies and beautiful faces, in reality most of us are not like that. However, that doesn’t have to mean that we cannot still be heroes. Each of us in our own way can be heroes to our family, friends, colleagues and we all have the potential to help others.

i’m fine, i’m fine

When I got up this morning I had no idea that today would be the first day in at least a couple years wherein someone would try to punch me in the face.  The last time this happened I was in a dojo, on mats, wearing a gi and shouting, “Come at me!”  People were supposed to be trying to punch me in the face.

Today I was sitting in an office, in a chair, wearing a tie-dye shirt and cargo shorts, and I wasn’t shouting at all and people were not supposed to be trying to punch me in the face (the cargo shorts aren’t that bad), but one particular person missed that memo and tried to punch me in the face anyway.

The why behind the punching is not important.  (Suffice it to say it’s not a good reason.)  What is important is that I ducked the punch and used all my years of martial arts training to retaliate by a) shrieking like a tiny child and b) throwing a box of Kleenex at my assailant.

Puffs Plus with Aloe clocked said assailant right in the kisser.  Take that.

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rainbow direction has been somewhat of a saving grace for me in the past few months. my parents are as accepting as anything, and i have a supportive group of friends, but knowing that there's an entire community of people in which i can relate is so important, and i can never be thankful enough. i don't have a label for myself or anything, but i figured i would share, to show that RD is for everyone.

Thank you for sharing. <3

One thing I appreciate about myself is my ability to put things into perspective. Lately, there is a certain aspect in life that I’ve been obsessing over. Timing. Timing is such a funny thing. Timing is so important to consider in your life. Your mind frame is consistently changing and how you felt a few years ago can be dramatically different then how you feel now. I think people forget about how significant timing is. Personally, timing has always been the biggest conflict for me in life. I’ve never had a real relationship with anyone and timing is the number one reason. Growing up, I was always slightly mature than my peers or I wasn’t interested in the same things as my peers. Perspective always got the best of me and I was more likely to think about my future before I did anything. Dating in high school wasn’t an option for me because I didn’t like drinking or drugs or sex. So I planned on waiting for college but that just got worse.

I still wasn’t into drinking and I wasn’t ready for the typical college life. I kept to myself a lot for the first few years of college. I believe those were some of the hardest times in my life. From the ages, 18-21, I was extremely depressed. I was very far from home, had no social interactions, and I was in a very toxic friendship. I was very insecure. I was also diagnosed with a thyroid disease which was probably a large factor to why I was so depressed.

Once I made the decision to move back into my parents house, I was finally able to find myself. This is when I transitioned into my “selfish” stage, which means I was focusing on myself and bettering myself. Furthermore, I couldn’t be further from being in a relationship. Now, at 23, and going to college with 18-22 year olds, I feel even more out of place. Once again, I am not interested in the things my peers are. I am interested in my future career, politics, government, and netflixs (because let’s be real). I spend my spare time with my parents, especially my dad who is my best friend.

Back to my whole point about timing, I have awful timing for dating or relationships. My surroundings aren’t ideal. The guys in college are still boys and I don’t have time for that nonsense. I work in a beauty store so there is no hope there. And sadly, people don’t talk to others in public anymore. People don’t just approach people anymore because they have things to distract them. I ramble on about how I have given up on love but I don’t think that is the truth. I think the truth is that I am comfortable with myself and with my life and there would have to be some miracle to happen for me to be in a relationship. I will not change myself, my lifestyle, or my standards just to settle for anything.

So, I guess my point it that timing and perspective are important to think about. Before you question what is wrong with you when life isn’t going the way you want, think about your surroundings and your life. I believe there is a plan out there for all of us.