• Vriska:Terezi you're awesome and even though you have flaws I know you can pull through and do what you need to in the heat of battle and you're going to be great and important
  • Vriska:Tavros what the fuck don't tell Jape he has value he's a worthless piece of shit and so are you and neither of you will ever have any positive qualities or amount to anything
Little PSA for all my drum corps friends

When using aloe after a burning hot day of drum corps, try and make sure it has lidocaine in it! Lidocaine helps stop the itching, and makes the pain go completely away (allowing for a good night’s rest which is WAY MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU THINK). It won’t make the burn magically go away, but you will be able to shower and function the next day, so thank you for your time


The limit of what Hubble can see

“Whereas Hubble struggles to get to wavelengths as long as one micron, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will get all the way down to about 30 microns with better sensitivity than anything else that’s come before, with better resolution and some six times the light-gathering power of Hubble!”

You might think that, when it comes to finding the most distant objects in the Universe, all we need is a good telescope, to leave the shutter open, and wait. As we accumulate more and more photons, we’re bound to find the most distant, faint objects out there. Sure, Hubble just broke its own cosmic distance record, but it’s certainly not the most distant. Thinking so misses an important fact: the Universe is expanding! And with that expansion, the wavelength of the light we can see gets redshifted. Ultraviolet light winds up in the infrared, infrared light winds up in the microwave, and the most distant galaxies that are out there are invisible, even to Hubble. Here are Hubble’s limits, and how the James Webb Space Telescope will overcome them.


Published on May 5, 2015

Catt Small is a game developer and product designer who currently works at SoundCloud. In this important talk, Catt describes Code Liberation, a group devoted to teaching women how to code, and emphasizes the significance of having women become more prominent in game development.

Catt is a game maker, product designer, and developer. She is currently making awesome things at Sound Cloud. She has done design work for companies of all sizes including Bedrocket, NASDAQ OMX, and Scholastic. She started coding at the age of 12, designing at the age of 15, and graduated from SVA with a BFA in Graphic Design in 2011.

Catt also makes video games with Brooklyn Gamery and Buttered Toast Studios; organizes events for Tech Under Thirty; teaches game development with The Code Liberation Foundation; and draws comics. She is currently completing an MS in Integrated Digital Media at the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering.

You can follow her @cattsmall on Twitter and read her blog at www.cattsmall.com.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

  • Vriska:Our jo8 is to raise morale!!
  • Vriska, minutes later:Jape you weak piece of shit you are worth literally nothing please sit in the corner and let the important characters do everything.

Last year Twentieth Century Fox announced that X-Men: Days of Future Past would be getting a “Rogue Cut” sometime in 2015, with Rogue’s sequences added back into the movie. Finally officially announced today by director Bryan Singer, via the Periscope app, we now have a release date for The Rogue Cut, and it’s an important one for fans of the franchise: July 14th, the same day the original X-Men movie hit theaters in 2000, arguably beginning the modern comic book movie age that we all live in now.

Read more about this awesome X-Men news here!


I love music videos. I love the genre of it. I love telling the story of a song. So this was exciting to put together. We knew it needed to match the hyper-sexuality of what was out there.

For Gugu and I, the template of the character was that the less Noni wears, the less you see of her. It was important that every time we see Noni, her outfit makes a statement. The whole motif for Noni’s outfits were a bondage thing: chains. The ‘Masterpiece’ outfit spoke to that, with the collar around her neck and the chains connecting the halter together. It’s the kind of outfit that, like Gugu says, you have to wear it; you can’t let it wear you.

Director Gina Prince-Bythewood on the making of the Masterpiece video featured in her film Beyond the Lights.

Okay. So Iris was the reason for his powers manifesting themselves the way they did. And she was also the reason that he defeated Grodd. And some of the fandom want to contest her importance? Her role as Barry Allen’s right hand?

okay then.