Lakeside Elementary: chapter 1

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“Lakeside Elementary is always willing to take on transfer students, Mr. Universe. We have about half a dozen new families move into town every year, so our faculty are both experienced and well-trained in making sure new students adjust to the Lakeside expectations.”

Leslie Martinez folded her hands and leaned over her desk. Her smile was warmer even than her bubblegum lipstick. The color clashed loudly with her sunflower-patterned dress, yet somehow suited her. Her hair was thick, and ran in loose curls down her shoulders and back. It was midnight black, and just a shade darker than her large bright eyes. She watched the man across from her ease back into his plush seat, less tense than a moment before.

“Thank you so much Ms. Martinez—“

“You can call me Leslie.”

“Sure, Leslie.” He ran his hands in self-conscious streaks down his sweater. “This is gonna be a big adjustment for Steven. He’s a bright kid! And very friendly. But this is very different from anything he’s done before. I just wanna make sure he adapts is all.” Greg’s eyes wandered over the walls: yellow a shade paler than Leslie’s dress. There were windows on three sides, each lending itself to a sun-bleached patch in the teddy-bear carpeting below. The wall behind her was covered in students’ arts and crafts, her desk littered with colorful gifts.

“Where did Steven go to school before?” Leslie asked. She tucked a stray curl behind her ear, glancing down at the paperwork Greg Universe had filled out. It was upside-down from her vantage point, and too small to read.

“Oh, uh, nowhere actually. We kinda—I mean he’s mostly been homeschooled. He can read and write and all that! But he was never uh….enrolled, anywhere.”

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Blackwell Prom: Please Read!

[Hello, my Bigfoots! Class of ‘14! My fellow Life Is Strange roleplayers. In case you did not know, we are hosting a BLACKWELL PROM very soon, which was started by delinquentisms’ post here. It’s still in the works but, so far, this is what we have planned! Directions on how to be invovled under the cut. Also, keep track of the prom UPDATES with #Blackwellpromupdate! Please continue reading and give some feedback and suggestions. 


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My favorite hair products come from the Shea Moisture line, however I’ve learned to not overlook products that aren’t specifically for curly heads. What’s important is maintaining your curls healthy but also finding products that work with your hair type☺️

The importance of taking a break from technology and social media is something I feel so strongly about. Three days with our cell phones on airplane mode made for one of the most relaxing weekends we’ve had in awhile. Explore. Live. Put your phone down. Experience life. I urge you. 💙

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What is 'person-first' language

I am going to explain this as I understand it and as I learned it in school, but if there is anybody with a disability reading this, I would LOVE to have your input!

Person-first language is when you put the person you are talking about before the disability. It’s saying “person with a disability” rather than “disabled person”. “Disabled person” implies that you are thinking about the disability first and foremost, rather than the person as a whole. As someone who works with people with disabilities, it is very important that I’m always thinking first of the human being, and not what society has deemed is ‘wrong’ with them. It’s about priorities, and language helps influence how you think. Also in case it helps, here’s the definition that google gave me: People-first language is a type of linguistic prescription in English, aiming to avoid perceived and subconscious dehumanization when discussing people with disabilities, as such forming an aspect of disability etiquette.

I hope that cleared things up! It’s also important to remember that not every person with a disability has the same opinion about person-first language. Always be respectful and do your best not to be ableist - I encourage you to do your own research on that!

~Cap’n Queer

Best apps for students

Apps for student organisation

  • Do it (tomorrow). This app is a virtual, classic diary, in which you can programme your tasks. It is available for android, IOS and windows.
  • My Study Life. Unlike a paper planner or school diary, My Study Life integrates all areas of your academic life: see homework due and overdue for classes, classes which conflict with your exams and even add revision tasks for a specific exam. It is available for android, IOS, and windows.
  • Wunderlist. This app allows you to create lists of tasks and organise according to the importance of each list. It is available for android, IOS, and windows.
  • Google Drive. This app does that you can have your files on hand in all moment. It is available for android, IOS, and windows.
  • Dropbox. It is similar to google drive (available for android, IOS, and windows)

Apps to concentrate when we are studying

  • Selfcontrol. SelfControl is an application for Mac OS X that lets you block your own access to distracting websites, your mail servers, or anything else on the Internet.
  • Self Control for Study. This app has the same function as the last one and is available for android and IOS.

Apps to learn languages

  • Duolingo. This learning system allows you to combine learning two languages at once. You can learn English, French, Italian, Portuguese and German. It is available on iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android.
  • Mosalingua. It is an app for learning English, French, Italian, German and Portuguese. It is available on iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android .
  • Busuu. It is a virtual community to learn different languages like English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese and German, among others. It is available for iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • Memrise. This app help you to learn Mandarin, German, French, Russian, among others, and it is available for iPhone and Android.

Apps to wake up

  • Maths Alarm Clock. With Maths Alarm Clock you will have to solve simple mathematical problems each time you want to turn off the alarm.With this you’ll be sure to be awake on time.( Available for iPhone and Android)
  • Sleep If U Can. With this app you have to get out of bed and take a picture which you defined to turn off the alarm. ( Available for iPhone and Android)


  • Wordreference. It is a very complete, dictionary of translation and it is a web and an app available for iPhone and Android.
  • Dictionary.com. This app makes it easy to find the definition of every word you are not sure about. This is available for android.

when they started playing Car Radio I fucking burst out crying because a band has never helped me in this way, a band as never meant so much to me && car radio is such a fucking important song. twenty one pilots have improved my life in the best way && I’m forever thankful for them.

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What are your biggest interview tips? :)

Here’s a summary of the most important things I could think of! 

Things that interviewers are trying to assess: 

  • Motivation: Why do you want to become a doctor? What activities have you done that indicate you are interested in medicine?
  • Logical Thought: Can you tackle a problem in a step-by-step fashion? Can you think on your feet?
  • Extracurricular Activities: What do you do besides study a lot? What did you add to the organization?
  • Leadership: What experiences have you had leading large or small groups of people? Did you do a good job at it?
  • Maturity: What responsibilities have you had? How did you overcome a difficult obstacle in your life? Do you fully understand what you’re getting yourself into? Are you ready to commit to a career in medicine?
  • Open-mindedness: Can you see both sides of a problem regardless of your own personal opinion?
  • Empathy and Compassion: Anyone can say they are, but can you prove it?
  • Goals: What are your ultimate dreams (this does not necessarily have to be related to medicine)?
  • Weaknesses: Not just what they are–what have you done to overcome them?
  • Strengths: What are your interests? What unique skills can you provide to your patients?
  • Knowledge of the Field: Are you familiar with current controversies in medicine? What is your opinion on these subjects?
  • Miscellaneous: It’s not possible to list everything that an interviewer could ask. Some interviewers like to talk about a specific topic in length and assess the aforementioned things all at once. Be prepared for different interview styles and take advantage of mock interview sessions if your undergrad offers them!

Other things the interviewer will notice about you:

  • Articulation: How well do you put sentences together? Do you communicate well? Can you handle stress well?
  • Sincerity: Are you genuine and honest?

So, how should you prepare?

  • Review your record. Extensively. Be prepared to answer questions directly from your application, especially your personal statement.
  • Answer honestly if you are asked about other medical schools you have applied to. 
  • Know who wrote your letters of recommendation. 
  • Be familiar with the medical school before your interview!!!!!! Spend some quality time on their website and BE PREPARED TO ASK THEM QUESTIONS.
  • When they ask you “is there anything else you’d like to add,” have an elevator speech ready to go. Just a brief, but strong summary of why you should be accepted into their medical school.
  • Dress professionally, but comfortably. Most schools take you on a tour on your interview day. If your 5-inch-heels are comfortable, that’s great. But if not, just please wear the flats. 
  • Have fun!!! Interviews can be nerve-wracking and scary, but try not to let it get to you. Your interview days are supposed to be your time to shine! Just be yourself, be prepared, answer honestly, and have a great time!   

amazon just sent me an alert email to let me know that Saturday is international day of the cat

I thought I’d share this important information with you

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Hi! Your bodypositivity statement pic has felt really important to me. Though, I want to ask, is any of the characters a trans male or a trans woman? There's not a lot of /body/positivity aimed for these groups

I’m not sure, as I didn’t want to make any assumptions about the people many of these were based on. I try to avoid labels unless a person makes it clear it’s one they prefer. So, really, any of them could be. One of the points I was hoping to make was that we shouldn’t presume things about people simply based on their looks. I’m really glad it meant something positive for you. At the end of the day, that’s what I want more than anything.

Today was an important day for me. I went to church dressed like this, dressed as the androgynous-presenting non-binary person that I am. I haven’t willingly gone to church in over a year as church has hurt me a lot. But today I went as me. Today I didn’t give a fuck about what people thought. Today I went for me.