#it’s always easier to make someone smile when everything is fine#but what’s hard is to make someone smile when everything seems to be falling apart#and that’s exactly what killian does for emma#he makes her smile through the tears#he makes her smile when she’s had a really bad day#he even makes her smile when she’s constantly reminded of her darkness#when she has nothing to smile about#but he somehow gets her to even for a moment#and that so important to have someone like that in your life#that can somehow make you feel better#and give you hope#and comfort you#and make you believe even momentarily everything is going to be okay#and i’m glad emma has that in killian

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The thing is the rioters aren't just damaging police property, they are destroying stores and businesses. My friend who lives there is terrified. This sort of destruction and violence isn't going to help anyone.

[re: this reblog]

Um, but how about fuck you tho? As I’ve said before, your precious stores and businesses that are getting burned down to the ground are probably the same ones that follow Black people around for no good reason and call the police on us for “looking suspicious” (aka being Black) so no, you aren’t going to elicit any sympathy from me there. None. Not even a tiny tiny little bit –since when are businesses more important than people?

I demand you at least go through the charade of pretending to be a little even handed. Like maybe the next time the Bruins or some hockey team loses (or wins) a game and White people light fires to police cars and cause property damage, maybe *then* you could manage to go scold them? Or maybe the next time Cliven Bundy and a bunch of White rednecks point loaded weapons at the police, you could maybe say something to them? Do you recall the time when thousands of White Republicans and Tea Party Patriots showed up **armed** in DC to “take back their country” and “protest” PBO? Was all that “different”? (actually, yes, it was different because despite being armed or causing property damage, no one got arrested or attacked by police)

The list of shit White people get to do OFTEN WHILE ARMED and still manage to not be murdered by police is completely out of all proportion when compared to Black people getting shot or choked to death for allegedly selling loose cigarettes, supposedly stealing some cheap cigars, wearing baggy pants, running away, or even simply while holding up their obviously empty hands in surrender

And Idk your friend - I hope they’re fine - but if they’re Black, I bet you at least once in their life they’ve already been terrified of becoming the next random #blacklivesmatter hashtag

Oh and ICYMI, know who else was terrified? Freddie Gray. Know what else doesn’t help anyone? The police constantly murdering completely UNARMED Black people. Can you even imagine being racially profiled, chased after, then detained & given a “rough ride” by the “to serve and protect” police simply because you happened to be Black at the wrong place and time? Like far too many other Black people, I don’t have to imagine it

Look, if you want to try the respectability thing and preach to Black people about when they are and are not allowed to be fed up with being constant police targets, then this is the wrong B-Log to do it on. The time for preaching about “destruction and violence” is every single time the police murder **unarmed** Black men and women (for minor, non-violent, non-drug related “offenses”) Not just when you’re “concerned” about property damage, and then, not only if that property damage happens to be caused by Black people

Your priorities suck and you, more than any “looters and rioters” you’re what’s wrong with the world

Rose Quartz - Rose  Kvarc

Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love and endless sea. This is the most important crystal for the heart and the heart chakra and teaches the true essence of love. Purifies and opens the heart at all levels, brings deep inner healing and self-love. It is reassuring, calming and excellent for use in a crisis or trauma.


 its really important to remember that the people that want to see you in a bad light will always notice everything you do wrong, regardless of how much you’ve done to be good by them; regardless of how much you’ve done for them. it doesn’t matter. all it takes is a needle of negativity in a haystack of good intentions for them to turn around and blame you, and put you down, and treat you like you never mattered and like nothing you did ever mattered. and honestly, people like this probably aren’t bad - at least not intentionally. but it’s clear that as a result of not being able to deal with their own tribulations, blaming others is their only way of getting temporary respite and relief. even if it means throwing people they’ve once claimed to care for under a bus to salvage whatever inkling of pride they have lingering within themselves. it’s important to remember that the opinions and actions of people like this will not change unless their views of themselves change.

its really important to put focus on the people that will stand by you, and confront you over potential ailments, but praise your growth if it’s evident. it’s important to remember and hold on to the people that will not work as a stagnant echo chamber to you. the people that are not going to project their insecurities onto you and take you down with them, but rather promote growth in you as they promote growth within themselves.

people that want to see bad in you are gonna see bad in you no matter how hard you try to please them. people that can’t please themselves will never be pleased and persuaded by the actions and love of others - at least not until they can figure out those brutal ailments within themselves and love themselves first. the people that will stick with you, and confront you if you do something bad, but still love you regardless of your wrongs (provided you are willing to grow from them) and be patient and understanding with you are the types of people you want to acknowledge and focus on, because those are the people that are going to stick with you through and through - through the bumpy roads and beyond.

Remember that you are very very much loved, even if it’s not very visible right now. You deserve to be loved and treated well, and given a chance.

Not one, but TWO girls on my Facebook feed shared this tired-ass misogynistic bullshit. I shared it myself and gave them a piece of my mind indrectly since I’m not in the mood for an argument at this moment.

Here’s what I wrote.

“Anyone who perpetuates this kind of awful stuff is the worst person. It’s not true and it’s not funny.
I’m a woman and here’s my language.
Yes = Yes
No = no (And saying no means yes just perpetuates rape culture, so congrats if you think that one’s funny)
Maybe = maybe
Literally everyone of any gender has said “we need” when they meant “I want”
We need to talk = there’s something important we need to talk about and whether it’s good or not depends on the context
Go ahead = go ahead, you’re your own person and I have no control over you but I will support you if it’s not completely ridiculous
Do what you want = Do want you want (see above)
I’m not upset = I’m not upset. If I am you’ll know because I’m crying.“


Said it once, I’ll say it a million times, building blocks of rape culture…

Hook’s smile after Emma told him he’s one of her reasons for living was a thing of beauty. Colin O’Donoghue brought such unbridled happiness to that moment, and it was wonderful to see Morrison answer that with a soft smile after Hook told Emma she’s his reason, too […] She could have chosen to put her walls back up with him in the face of the darkness surrounding her, but instead she chose to tell him how important her is to her; she chose to make him happy and to let him make her happy. [Their] love is a source of strength for both of them.
Regarding recent events in Baltimore

In light of recent events, we felt it important to address the situation in Baltimore and the concerns that are on many of our attendees’ minds.

We are proud to call Baltimore our home—right now there are no plans to cancel or move the event. The convention is still 100 days away, and we are optimistic that things will settle down by August. It is our due diligence, however, to make sure that attendee safety is our top priority.

The Baltimore Convention Center is working to ensure safety for all attendees at every event they host. More information on how the BCC is addressing the unrest can be found on their website here: http://www.bccenter.org/downloads/files/FAQ4_27r1.pdf

Additionally, we have our own emergency action plans to deal with crisis situations. We are always committed to the safety of our attendees and will continue to maintain and strengthen our communications with the BCC and Baltimore City officials to keep our attendees safe. Our convention chairman, Josh Dean, has released a statement that further explains this on our forums: http://community.bronycon.org/t/if-the-freddy-gray-protest-keeps-on-going-on-through-september-will-bronycon-be-impacted-or-will-it-be-re-routing/851/7

If you have any comments or concerns regarding the current situation, we urge you to e-mail us at info@bronycon.org or join an existing thread on our forums at http://community.bronycon.org. We will update everyone as soon as possible with any further developments that occur.

We look forward to seeing everyone this summer and send our best wishes of peace and safety to our Baltimore community and everyone affected by the current situation. 


How about an update? Sorry for my absence, I’ve been on my personal blog a lot lately and my games weren’t working until I fixed them yesterday so yeah. Hopefully, I will be posting the last few Ainsley Legacy updates, but anyways, I have something else really important to tell y'all. c:

As some of you know, I have struggled with picking a name for a while now. MJ was always a gateway name and Mason didn’t feel right. SO, it is with great pleasure that I am so happy to introduce myself under the name Alex.

My name is Alex, hello. c:

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Are you ever sad because people hail you for certain works over others? Like, maybe ones you put little effort into over ones you put a lot of effort into?

Not necessarily sad, but I can get a bit disappointed for a brief period of time.  For example, that one Flappy Bird video that went viral. I put literally no effort in doing that. When it comes to making “rage” videos of me being absolutely insane about something that isn’t important, all I do is improvise and yell shit at the camera while trying to come up with jokes on the fly. I enjoy acting those out, of course. 

But now see my Glass Joe Animation based off Starbomb’s Player Select album. That was completely animated by myself and took at least 2 months to make non-stop, and that is slowly getting to about  70,000 views after like… being public for about 6 months? Animation requires so much effort, time, and concentration; but it’s mostly a matter of self-satisfaction when it comes to creating content sometimes. I can cater to the general audience by making stuff I /know/ will make me “popular” like many other youtubers out there. Honestly, they don’t require much effort by my part. Although, I want to do things /I/ like and want to do, yet also make something unique and different that is worth people’s time.

Sometimes things that take more effort will not get the attention you’d like, but that’s fine all in all. Its like making artwork on tumblr. You make a super detailed piece, and it doesn’t get much notes, but its something that shows off your skills and you got to be proud of your own talents by making such an elaborate piece of artwork, yet the silly/simplistic doodle you did may get much more attention. Its a matter of knowing your audience and how people perceive content. That’s how I look at it! 

I didn’t mean to put up a wall of text, I just thought it was an interesting topic to talk about!


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you know how I like to have noise on in the background?


Lately it’s been the office which I’ve never seen before but it’s actually perfect because it’s so dreary?

But like… I GET that Pam’s fiancé sucks? But also it just creeps me out when men/male characters just announce to women who have other romantic interests and who have made it CLEAR that they do, that they’re in love?
And then when the women are like “your friendship is really important to me” and then just kissing them?

I know that in the context of the story it’s supposed to be fine but I just!!! Haven’t any of these people ever been on the wrong side of this?

Because I HAVE and so many people have and it’s awful to just have someone’s fantasy of you and your future relationship with them plastered over everything, it’s suffocating and horrible and disgusting and it happens all the fucking time and it actually causes real problems and I’m so sick of it being a story!!