You know what’s the saddest part about comments like these is that people like this , live in a world that doesn’t exist.

You think if everyone had rights , people like me would waste our nights , and days standing outside protesting. Getting arrested not being able to go to work the next day when we got bills to pay , risking our lives , walking the streets, making signs , and/or gathering with strangers for nothing ?

I rather be enjoying my weekdays and nights being with the people I love. But because of ignorance , this kind of ignorance I can’t.

People like this don’t even realIze that no one but themselves have “all the rights in the world”.

It won’t be until people like me get sick of their ignorance and we do something. That then they will recognize what they’ve done wrong.

I mean if they step on the heads of their own women and do not see anything wrong with it how could I expect them to recognize the folks at the very bottom of it all?



Here’s my chest 6 weeks post op!


IM STARTING TO RECORD MY TRANSITION ON YOUTUBE i suck and im awkward ik but like hi 👻🌸

872 days on T

I can’t believe it that top surgery is gonna happen in a few months!

Just a few days ago, I was sitting at home on my day off work just winding down from the struggles of retail and hopeful that things will work out someday. Then I get a phone call letting me know that Dr. Medalie is willing to discount $2,000 from my surgery quote, making it a whopping $4,744! In just a stroke of luck (and support from Point of Pride), I can suddenly afford top surgery. Haven’t had a chance to call and schedule a date yet but it is happening very soon.

Chest dysphoria hasn’t flared up in a good while but it still saddens me to see pictures of other people, most who have been on T less than I have, get top surgery or are really close to their surgery date. I do feel happy for them but I can’t help but ask myself….when will it be my turn? While I go workout without a binder, I can’t do that everywhere nor do I feel safe to. Especially with Trump as president now.

More information about this in a video this week. I’m really stoked.