My proposal for types of ‘Dream Mommy’ characters
  • Library Mommy: library lady trope, wears an overly large sweater and has a collection of pens; doesn’t actually have kids, but sometimes a family can be one woman, two cats, and a netflix account
  • Mechanic Mommy:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I want her to fix my car; two twin kids that run around, has three tattoos and a barbershop haircut, fixes other gadgets on the side and shows me how to hold a wrench
  • CEO Mommy: pencil skirt, on the phone, gotta work hard to woo her but she will take you to the pier and you’ll ruin the financial lives of several wall street bankers together, Buff™- works out to get rid of stress
  • Ghost Mommy: floats in and out of the game, totally dead, kind of see-through, solve her murder and you unlock some supernatural lovin’
  • Rockstar Mommy: plays the guitar, ripped clothing, responds in grunts, a lil’ tipsy at points in the game and will show you her gauge collection, wears sunglasses 23/7
  • Susan, from accounting: she’ll have to date me eventually
  • Monster Mommy: straight up funky monster lady of your choice, rips her shirt off at least once during the full moon, route involves getting rid of all the silver in your house; her son trades Yugioh cards
Inseong Fancafe Letter “It’s Inseong!”

Hello it’s Inseong~~ It’s my first letter since ‘Rain’ has started! During Sun, Moon, Star we came back after a long time huh? 

It’s must have been really hard for Tinkerbells to wait, so we wanted to come back quicker, that’s why we stayed up researching, worrying and practicing, so we were able to come back in just one month. 

Because I just wanted to keep that one promise for Tinkerbells.
So I wanted to comeback as fast as I could and even cooler and more perfect. But I don’t know if I came out that cool.. he he 

The reason I wrote this letter is because I wanted to show you how sincere I am. Not long ago there was a lot of shameful things, those things are not true. For all the people that believed in me it must have been so hard and suffocating that you couldn’t even sleep. 

Because of that I feel like even my sincerity that I showed to Tinkerbells got twisted. It was as suffocating for me as it was for you. 

Although I really wanted to talk to you guys, I’m more desperate than anyone else and didn’t want to cause damage to the new album because of me… I was really worried.

In the future I’ll be an Inseong that will be careful of all the little things.
Even then sincerely thank you to the Tinkerbells that believed in me and protected me.

Translated by fy-knk

Comfort Food

Wherein cultural differences run deeper than expected and communication is key.


My rant vent-fic about something that really bothers me about MY culture.

(On an unrelated note: The fluff was needed because I need to read THE ROAD by McCarthy for a term paper and it’s so fucking depressing (and good)…. sickening fluff is the only thing helping at this point)

Also many happy returns to the birthday boy!


Comfort Food

[Fandom]:Voltron: Legendary Defender

[Rating]: Gen/ Gen

[Genre]: Friendship, Team as Family, Hurt/Comfort

[AU]: Shenanigan(g)s series, college AU

[Word count]:  4.400

[Warning]: deals with touch starvation, lots of fluff and comfort

[Status]: completed

Original AU by @taylor-tut


Shiro had noticed a lot of things about Lance in the three weeks he’s been living with them now.

One included the fact that the boy was undeniably loud. It was a strange contrast between the student who monitored his volume in class (with mixed results) and the incessant chatterbox following around whichever of his roommates was available at the moment, talking loud enough for the both of them.

It was interesting to see how fast Lance could adapt and make the best out of a crummy situation, using or rather misusing objects for purposes they were not intended for, improvising when the situation called for it. It was as if Lance instinctively knew how to work around life’s little mishaps as effortlessly as possible – something he very much liked to let everybody in the flat know. And if one of them was kind enough to remind him of the time he almost set himself on fire trying to fix their old, rickety oven… well Lance was very vocal about not being able to remember this supposed accident.

But there was something else that Shiro had taken note of: the fact that Lance was a very affectionate individual. When he talked, his hands would be in motion constantly to illustrate his point, would find their way onto a shoulder while he was listening to Hunk as he vented, would ruffle through Pidge’s hair when she was hanging in front of her laptop for more than two consecutive hours, caught the few times where, whenever they sat at the kitchen table, he would nudge Keith to egg him on to accept the ‘challenge of the day’ as Pidge had mock dubbed it. Shiro himself frequently felt a fist gently nudging him in the shoulder as a sort of greeting, whenever he left or just came back home.

It was something they were getting used to. Not that they hadn’t enjoyed sitting together in the same room, close to each other – which was inevitable with how small their couch was – but with Lance, Shiro felt that there was an edge to these casual touches that held some sort of restlessness, as though he was holding back.

It was hard to grasp and even harder to describe.

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claytonsparrow  asked:

Just think, What if Optimis Prime and Megatron never started the war, what would have happened to them..? Why?

Listen. This is probably going to sound like a joking response, but I want you to know that I am 100% serious when I say that if the war never started (I assume you mean they still overthrew the old leadership but didn’t go to war with each other), Megatron and Optimus would be married and living somewhere in semi-retirement. Megatron is still writing poetry. Every few months they have to come out of retirement to save Cybertron from some mess or another. They are happy and in love.