please consider the anniversaries

  • the first year Thorin is just over the top. He sends word to Erebor to pretty much bring all of the gold to the shire to he can give it to Bilbo. Bilbo would just be so exasperated but not mad. “Did we not already go through this before the wedding? I swear old habits die hard for dwarves.But kisses Thorin after he says it with a smile on his face.
  • Bilbo taking Thorin out to the oak tree and carving their initials in it. Every year they add a tally mark for how many years they’ve been together
  • Thorin wanting to do better the second year so instead he takes Bilbo out of the shire and to the ocean. Bilbo is so amazed by the water and how it matches Thorin’s eyes. Bilbo holding back tears as he looks out over the water. “I never thought that I would ever see something so beautiful.” Bilbo says as he puts his hand in Thorin’s. Thorin pulls him close and places a kiss in Bilbo’s hair Neither did I.”
  • The third year Thorin takes Bilbo out of the shire and out into a field, where the only lights are the stars. “Here are the stars, let me name them all for you.” Thorin points to different clusters explaining how each one represents something about them. 
  • On the fourth year Bilbo wants to go visit Dale and see how the rebuilding is going and Thorin just rolls his eyes but would do anything to make Bilbo happy. Thorin groaning because he has a feeling that a certain elven king will be in Dale. Bilbo swatting Thorin’s arm every time he groans. “Besides, then we can spend some time in Erebor and see how Fili and Kili are doing.” Thorin being all huffy. They are my nephews, they are running a fine kingdom indeed.”
  • On the fiifth year the whole company comes to the Shire to celebrate Bilbo and Thorin’s anniversary. Dwalin and Thorin both get their hand stuck in a cookie jar at the same time. Fili and Kili plan a party that they invite every single hobbit to. Bilbo groaning because now he has deal with his relatives. Thorin being all smug about it because of the Dale incident.
  • Every year feels like the first year all over again. Every year they fall more in love with each other.
  • On their 50th anniversary when they are both gray haired and time has started wearing on them they decide to set out on one last adventure and retrace all of their steps from when they went to reclaim Erebor. This time they do it right. They kiss in Rivendell, on the Carrock, at Beorn’s(they tell him of the oak tree that now resides by their home), outside of Mirkwood, and lastly on the rampart where Thorin holds Bilbo close to him. They stay there wrapped up in each other. “I loved you even then.” Bilbo whispers to Thorin, knowing how that one moment has always stayed with him. Thorin kisses Bilbo, his lips ghosting across Bilbo’s. “I could live a thousand lives and  it would never be enough time to be with you”

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@lawrenceagyei shooting for our portrait series of black boys in Chicago for ‘Black Superman’ - so thankful for all of the boys and parents that came out this morning.

this white cop asked me out

he’s rambling on about a bunch of bullshit on how all white police men aren’t the same he even had he nerve to hit me with black lives matter . he’s a firm believer . .

😳 you motherfucker . .

Illustration of ‘Male’ Mark IV tanks’ advancing on the western front in WWI, demonstrating the infantry support and obstacle clearance role for which British WWI Tanks would be most well known.

Two are shown with 'Unditching Beams’ (used to aid traction when escaping soggy terrain) and one also carrying a 'Fascine’ (a bundle of wood bound with chains used in filling in trenches and defensive ditches).

Originally intended to be a radically different design, the MK-IV would ultimately - for the sake of wartime practicality of manufacture and commonality with incumbent tanks - be produced as a markedly improved MK-II, with shorter barrelled 2 Pounder Guns (male), repositioned fuel tanks, thicker armor and improvements to the engine which reduced compartment fume leaks, a major ever-present operational hazard for MK-I & II crews.

Produced at multiple factories spanning Oxfordshire, Lincolnshire, Newcastle upon Tyne, Warwickshire and Lanarkshire, 1,220 of all variations were built, the most mass produced British Tank of WWI, and the second most numerous of the entire war.

Seven complete MK-IV’s are known to still exist in Britain, Belgium, France, the US and Australia.

Okay, so I’ve been asked to be part of a pretty cool project. its a combination of Music, writing and art! A poem will be read while Relaxing music plays, some one sings and I paint that very right moment!
Yesterday was my first try. He read his poem with the music and I paint what I felt.

This painting represents that one poem. The poem is about someone who is uncomfortable with who he is, someone who has negative surroundings, and in himself. But learns to deal with his problems, and finds peace in himself!

I first started painting with dark colors, representing the negativity, and as he gets to a more positive side of the poem I add more brighter colors. then add the circle, that represents all the negativity and troubles, but after you get through all of that You find inner peace within yourself.

Keep believing in yourself, keep pushing through. You’ll get there! You’ll find that peace!

The great thing about this experience for me is that this was done spontaneous! Without thinking before I paint. Just going for it, and let the poem inspire me!

Hindi ko lang maintindihan kung anong meron ngayon gabi haha. Dami shits, de shits naman kase talaga yun para sakin. Kung ikukumpara siya sa iba, wala shits talaga. Iniisip ko kung helpful ba talaga ang pagkakaroon ng hateblogs, confession etc. At some point oo at some point din hindi. Oo siguro kase, sa tingin ng iba eh makakatulong yun para sa kanila on their own way. Hindi, kase nagiging way yun para mang humiliate ng ibang tao and the fact na maraming nakakabasa nito. Hindi ba nila naiisip kung anong magiging effect nun sa tao? Of course not physically but mentally and emotionally can cause damage. Dahil sa mga ganung blog kaya nagkakaroon ng guts yung iba to mortify others

Sa iba naman, hindi ba pwedeng masatisfy na lang sa kung anong meron? Lahat naman siguro dito ang lintaya lagi eh,”I’m here to express all my feelings. To express myself”. Hindi ka naman gumawa ng tumblr na may initial thinking na “Gagawa akong tumblr kase gusto ko dumami followers ko”, Gagawa ako kase gusto ko ng followers, kase gusto ko sumikat”. Like wtf guys? Kung gusto ng fame, maraming paraan. Paraan na hindi mo kailangang siraain ang dignity ng ibang tao. At hindi ba pwedeng makuntento ka sa kung gaano kadaming followers o followings meron ka. At una sa lahat, discretion mong i-follow sila kase nakita mong worth following yung blog nila diba? Wag gago pls?

Another thing, kung ayaw kang kausapin wag mong ipilit sarili mo. Mag blog ka lang ng mag blog. Hayaan mong mapansin ka nila sa sarili mong paraan. Magpost ka ng mga mga relevant post, worth to read and catchy. Bonus na lang kase talaga dito kung magkakaroon ka ng kaibigan. Pangmatagal man o hindi. Kung may pumasin, edi thank you. Kung wala, thank you pa rin.  Kung tutuusin hindi mo naman kailangan talaga ng kausap o kaibigan dito. Ang kailangan mo ay yung may mapaglalabasan ka ng lahat ng gusto mong sabihin na hindi mo masabi sa mga personal na taong nakakasama mo.

PS. Tingin ko lang. Pero sana kung manghehate or kung ano., make sure na my sense yung hate at totoo. Mahirap na kase kapag hindi naman at binalikan ka, baka mas doble pa. Lol

PSS. Opinion ko lang to. Ge wag niyo pansinin.

okay the dream i just had:

i had the ability to kill people but i didn’t know it was me who killed them for like a third of my dream until my brother made me realize that and i panicked and cried which almost killed more people but then on a sharp turn we were out on a field trip from school and i tried to hide my ability because i was scared of being called a freak and we were sitting and my friend shown me a picture of david beckham’s son and i was like “oh yeah he’s dad is so hot” but it turned out david beckham and his son were there listening and all of my friends and DAVID and his son burst out laughing and then i flirted with david a little like it wasn’t clear whether it was flirting but there were some definite signals there and then my mom woke me up