Context: I was playing as a red orc, trying to gain the trust of a metal elemental. That night, five meteorites fall from the sky. I and the other players, an elf and a dwarf, investigate (note: our characters had not met yet). I leave with four meteorites, the dwarf has one, leaving the elf with none.

Elf OOC: I sneak up behind the orc.

DM: Orc, roll perception.

Me: (rolls) 14

DM: You hear the elf behind you.

Me: I turn around and say, “Can I help you friend?”

Elf: (nopes out of there)


Me: I give a meteorite to the elemental.

DM: The elemental is…very appreciative. Apparently giving a meteorite to a metal elemental forms a special connection.

Me:… I’m not married to the elemental now, right?

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Your art has greatly improved, its such an amazing style!! (not the previous anon)

no it’s okay that the other person might have like my old art better? i mean i has really changed, especially if the person was one of my first 1000 followers?

it’s actually pretty funny cuz i think my art has more or less returned to the style this blog started out with?

(2013) the style with the more characteristic shapes, like the noses and head shapes?

(2014) then after i started attending art classes, my art went at a bit more realistic turn? like making the eyes A LOT smaller, and starting to focus more on anatomy?(but still with the anime touch..)

(2015) last year i got more interesting in painting and making them seem more realistic, but they still had that certain sweet and innocent manga look? 

which is okay? but i’m just trying so hard not to make my art so manga-ish? which is super hard cuz i’ve been drawing manga since i was 11 or younger? 

(2016) i’m playing more around with making the characters more characteristic and diverse now? just like i did in the start, i actually always thought my characters was like that until some one told me it.. wasn’t?

it’s not like i cannot draw in this semi realistic and pretty style? I just mainly choose to let the shapes and simply lines dominant the figures, so that all the characters i draw are more dynamic and interesting rather than accurate?

my art is a long journey? and i am still experimenting and trying to figure out how i should get the best out of my drawings, it keeps changing but i hope that you will stay and see where it goes!

This Day in 1D History - August 27


  • Fabulous mag hits stands


  • pics of Harry on the LWWY set leak (and everyone LOSES IT)


  • Harry is SUCH A GOOD (THE VERY BEST GOOD) outside his hotel in the early morning 
  • the Where We Are book is published!
  • Narry/Zilo ScreenSlam interviews posted
  • the boys show off their tats at Cambio
  • TV2 Danish interview posted
  • “There is also a feeling, among some of these girls, that you’ve literally saved their lives” (ABC News)
  • Liam carries Brooklyn through JFK as the boys head home for some well deserved R & R!
  • “Rest time!”


  • One Direction: The Official Annual 2015 released
  • Zayn’s new Twitter icon (pic) via Niall (pic)
  • Lilo tweet 
  • Where We Are Tour concert – St Louis, USA


  • On the Road Again Tour concert—Cleveland, USA (Harry adjusts)

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Realising you're gay and looking back at all the times you thought you were straight. Is like looking back at your life and being like "oh it started then"17yo... "No wait" 15yo... "Omg so obvious"13yo ....?? 5yo???? Like damn how long have I been gay? And I didn't even know? Rotflol it's like seeing how far back you can trace your ancestry. Only with gayness in your life.

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Don't you think Jimin lost some weight? :/ his thighs look a lot skinnier and it worries me..

Yeah i noticed this .. it kind of started in May :”((((( but he said to us not to worry and i just :”)))

i want my sunshine to be happy, to eat sleep and just rest enough i also want to wrap him in a blanket and tell him how precious he is 

- Jia

Thomas Wright - A Central Section of Creation with the All-Seeing Eye, “An Original Theory or New Hypothesis of the Universe”, 1750.

Combining astronomical and theological concepts, Thomas Wright proposed a version of the universe where the stars are arranged in a spherical shell separated from a supernatural center by a huge gap. The stars are in motion about the center, like planets. And the stars form individual solar systems that make up the Milky Way galaxy. The center of Wright’s universe is the domain of a divine Presence, who is responsible for all the motion of the stars. Wright’s universe is modified by Immanuel Kant, who saw the stars not as an unordered crowd, but an ordered system lying in a plan moving by motions guided by Newton’s laws of motion.