no matter how long i’ve been playing or how high level i am or how rad my gear or how many healing potions i made in advance, it always comes down to frantically shoving apples into my gaping maw mid-battle

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #34
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Dan:</b> do you wanna make out?<p/><b>Phil:</b> sure-<p/><b>Dan:</b> cornflakes<p/></p><p/></p>

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Okay, wow, it took me a really long time to hear this, but England is actually going through with the Brexit. You're from the UK, right? If not, sorry to bother then, but if you are, I'm just wondering what you think about all this.

I am utterly embarrassed, appalled, ashamed, and every doom that comes down upon our colossally stupid country for this has been earned throughout history, and yet I still wish it wasn’t happening. The people who will suffer the most from it are undoubtedly the ones who deserve it the least, and I just hope we can pull together to survive and reverse it (although frankly if I was the EU there wouldn’t be any sympathy like what the actual fuck England)

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How do you get such up-close pictures of Prompto? Every time I try to take pictures of him, he walks farther away or turns around

Haha I know what you mean! Prompto NEVER STAYS STILL. Which is why when you’re taking pics you gotta be quick. You gotta be PROMPT like PROMPTO ;)

Here’s what you do: You corner him until he gives you that stank face he always does, then take your camera out, zoom in on those God blessed freckle sprinkled cheeks of his and


Snap a photo of him a billion times cause he’s gonna move any second and VOILA! You should have a half decent photo of the sunchild! ^-^

Bill: Welcome home~

Dipper: We had a lesson, AND did arts and crafts for Valentines Day…

Dipper: Including the neighbors nearby which we had to walk a while…

Dipper: Pfff-! No. There are some for you too!

Bill: Oh?

Dipper: Here is one of them.

Bill: Awww how cute!

Dipper: Theres more where that came from. This whole bag is yours!

Bill: What! No way!

((Very VERY late Valentines Special. I had my reasons, and I’m sorry to make you all wait. Please enjoy~ ))

((Part: 1, 2 ))

((Wanna ask something?))


Taurus the type to never forgive you for accidentally telling one of their little secrets but have no problems spilling your personal business to anyone who’ll listen

Shoutout of Appreciation

Okay so like…please don’t feel bad if I miss anyone here (YOU’RE INCLUDED I’m shit at remembering every username ;;v;;) but there’s just so many of my friends and people I know and admire dearly, and all ya’ll are such inspirations to me artistically I just bubble up in such a good way. You remind me to keep that drive in all that I cherish and want to accomplish, no matter how big or small, no matter how often we talk or what have you. This is a shout out to all of you who work hard even through the hardest times, with OCs, with fan work, with short or long term stories. I adore the friggin lot of you so much okay?

You are all a true blessing in this world.

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I figured I didn’t show you my sisRyder, but she looks different in my current broRyder playthrough, I didn’t like her so I recreated her and this is how she looks like rn. Wanted to show you my Ryders side-by-side.
She looks like she wants to murder you but she’s just tired…she needs another 600 year nap.



Madi x Silver | Black Sails 03.04 

“[The Queen’s] daughter, I believe. From the deference she’s shown, I imagine she’s next in line.”