“IT 1990″ - Eddie, Richie and Bev being adorable

“Go with Bill”, she said, “If you let him die for nothing. If IT comes back in another twenty-five years, or fifty, or even two thousand, I swear I’ll… I’ll haunt your ghosts. Go!”

Beverly [Holding Eddie’s hand over her stomach so he can feel the baby kick]: Sorry this is taking so long, they kicked for everyone else

Ben: it’s hard for the little guy to perform under pressure

Richie: Top ten things Ben said on his wedding night

Eddie: Woah! It was small but I think I felt something!

Richie: Top ten things Beverly said on her wedding night

[Beverly laughs]

Ben: Stop laughing at it, Bev!

Everyone: Top ten things Ben said on his wedding night!

I think many of you would enjoy knowing that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (a phrase that is not going to get old anytime soon) has a polydactyl ginger cat which has now got its own Twitter account. All hail Paddles the First Cat.