!!!my art


It’s finally done! My Voltron Youtubers  AU animation
I hope you’ll enjoy it ☆

*picks mic* this one is for Jacki @gonecrabbin, I’ve embraced the curse, I shall now live with hsm songs stuck in my head.

Thank you, you big nerd for making my life happier with the cheesiest songs and the loveliest art. Happy birthday!


If I was any good at doodling a lot of things quickly I would draw them all the time ;_; I’m not but I found this thing I ditched half a year ago in my art folder. I managed to fix it and turn it into sth acceptable so here you goooo

anonymous asked:

Your fricking errorink pictures gives me life, thank you so much dude ;w; ♡♡♡♡ love ya

I’m giving life to more anons, whooo! :’D

No need to thank me though, I just draw what I like. Like this: