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I know it’s The Thing to poke fun at Cora mentioning that she’s a Huntress and memorized all of Sarissa’s manuals at least twice in every conversation, and I get why (like yeah, we get it, you’re a Huntress. Can you please talk about something else for once)

But on the other hand…of fucking course she’s going to fall back on the one certain, helpful thing in her life after the shit show that has been coming to Heleus.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she’s on the verge of a nervous break, if not a complete meltdown (She’s certainly entitled to one after losing Alec, her job to an untrained child, the home she expected to be there, and pretty much everything else)

And her fixation with the Asari is certainly understandable given that they’re really the only people that accepted her Biotic abilities.

So yeah, cut Cora some slack

@daughterofscotland now you got me looking at engagement rings! How dare you XD I’m not even dating anyone! Oh well, in case anyone wants to legit marry me, I like these:

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“From the beginning to the end, stand by my side and don’t let go.”

I started the first one before the finale dropped, and here we are! The two pieces are sequential (the end of a pair skate lift), so even if their costumes changed, Victor and Yuri are moving continuously between the two drawings! They move forward together on the ice and in their life. ;u;