Chapter 5 - Kusatsu’s Anguish

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Translation: lorbeerprinz ; Scanlation and Editing: elucida ; Additional Translation Assistance: vashtijoy ; Tag: seifukubu manga

Chapter 5 is out, yay! I actually don’t have much to say about this one, wasn’t very hard to edit, but a couple panels were giving us some niggles. This was going to be done a few days ago, but I got lazy. orz; Let’s just say I was and am still listening to the preview of En and Atsushi’s Duet Song while working on this. You’ll see why~. 

Special thanks to vashtijoy​ for providing their help on a few of the panels. Can’t thank you enough for your contribution! Please also go and thank lorbeerprinz for continuing to provide quality translations for our viewing pleasure! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything! <3

Any questions, comments, concerns, and spelling/translation errors, please leave them with me! Happy reading, everyone! <3