September 27th is Joseph Joestar’s birthday!!

why not “celebrate” with some Birthday Spaghetti

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Fall Fun (Minghao)
  • Minghao’s the number one b-boy in your heart (probably the only b-boy in your heart), and from late spring to early fall he likes to occasionally challenge himself with some outside practice
  • which you quite enjoy, seeing as you enjoy seeing him practice and fresh air is only good for you, and it’s only better when the weather is good
  • which it always is when Minghao decides to practice outside
  • naturally, when fall comes, it’ll be chillier, but it just means that you both add layers
  • Minghao loves wrapping your scarf around your neck because he sees it as a great opportunity to steal a quick kiss from you
  • “You do realize you don’t need to do that to kiss me?”
  • he’d always grin at your amused remark and shrug
  • “Yeah, but it makes it more fun, don’t you think?”
  • you have no objections, and you grab his hand as you leave his apartment
  • while chatting and fiddling with each other’s hands, you find your way to Minghao’s favorite spot in a park, by a river
  • there’s a bench nearby so as always, you take a seat for at least some time and just observe Minghao while he works his magic on the blanket he’s spread on the ground
  • while you’ve probably always been in awe because it all just looks so cool,  your desire to try it out yourself has never been as high as it is that day
  • so when he takes a short break and drinks some water next to you, his hand holding yours, you finally say what’s been on the tip of your tongue for months
  • “Do you think you could teach me some of that sometime?”
  • Minghao would swallow the water in his mouth and turn to you with a slightly incredulous, yet obviously excited and almost touched expression
  • the brightness and genuine happiness and surprise of his smile almost makes you squirm, but that’s not the point
  • “Um, sure! Wanna try now?”
  • and you’re so adorably excited about it when you nod that Minghao can’t help but laugh at it while his heart picks up its pace
  • you spend a while more on the bench, him giving you some tips beforehand and you looking at him with immense fascination
  • it’s so obvious that b-boying (and dancing in general) is something he’s passionate about, and whenever he talks about it, he just looks really bright
  • and that’s how you love seeing your boy
  • but yes you’ll just fiddle with his hand while listening to him and trying to take in every little tip he has to share
  • eventually, after you’ve gotten to steal one quick kiss from Minghao mid-sentence and grin when he looks pleasantly surprised, you get up and move onto the blanket he’s used as some sort of a stage
  • he scratches the back of his head a bit, and you just raise your eyebrows
  • “It’s not as good as a floor would be, naturally, but… Good for practice, I guess.”
  • you give him a friendly pat on the back and stretch a little
  • “I’m sure it’s good. Just teach me some basics, it should be fine.”
  • as usual, it’s easier said than done, but you two have a lot of fun nevertheless
  • whenever you fall down, Minghao either bends down to ask if you’re fine or just laughs lightly because you look so funny not to mention cute
  • whichever his reaction is, though, you’ll most likely just laugh because you didn’t get hurt in the least and wow it’s a lot more difficult than it would seem
  • not that you’d ever thought b-boying to be a piece of cake, of course, but you had had a thought (or a wish) that if you tried it, you could do at least something in the beginning already
  • as it turns out, it’s not that easy or simple
  • luckily Minghao is patient and more than interested in helping you out
  • at best he even supports you from your waist momentarily or something like that
  • which is half because he genuinely wants to help and half because he really likes touching/being close to you
  • whenever he has his hands steady on your waist, you have to bite down on your lip a little and ignore the wish that he’d just pull you close to himself
  • but once you’ve gotten one move bearably down, some bruises later, he does indeed pull you into a tight hug and kisses you by your ear
  • “Well done, Y/N.”
  • you giggle and kiss him sweetly on the lips once you’ve pulled your head back a little, your hands playing with the hair at his nape
  • “I’ve got a great teacher.”
  • this time he giggles and just sways you from side to side while leaning down for more kisses (he might be addicted to your kisses but shh) while the wind blows
  • he feels you shiver in his arms and he gets so soft he just pulls away and gives you a face that almost screams “Aww” 
  • “Cold?”
  • you might be feeling a bit chilly but you’re not done with the b-boying, so you insist he teaches you something else before you leave
  • and he does, and by the end of you learning the particulat move or set of moves the blanket is pretty much covered in brown, orange and yellow leaves that have been falling from the trees
  • the blanket, just like most of the ground in the park, looks magical with that layer of color
  • you’re catching your breath when Minghao picks a dark red leaf from your hair and smiles
  • “Ever had a flower in your hair? I think one would look really good.”
  • …you wouldn’t even question his train of thought when you answer him and he insists that someday he’s gonna buy you a pretty flower just so that he could put it in your hair for at least a while
  • while you’re walking back to his place, your arms linked, you get closer to him and purposefully shiver noticeably
  • “Oh, it’s so cold~”
  • Minghao pouts a little
  • “You said you weren’t.”
  • you chuckle and shake your head
  • “That was almost an hour ago, and besides… I lied.”
  • he’d look exaggeratedly shocked while he unlinks his arm from yours and wraps it around your shoulders instead
  • he breaks into a smile, though
  • “I kind of figured, actually.”
  • you hum while snaking your arm around his waist and pulling him a bit closer
  • “You do know me well, Hao.”
  • you’ve always wondered how he’s so natural at giving you random kisses to the top of your head while walking perfectly straight

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I just hit 2k followers and I got a new iphone so i decided to make this gc because 1,,, I’m hella happy about all u beautiful people following me and 2,,, I wanna test out imessage IOS 10 :))

le rules;

  • must be following ur local catwoman (omg it me)
  • reblog this post to get more trash appeal (likes = bookmarks)
  • fill out this lil form
  • be a mostly marvel blog
  • love and appreciate evanstan 11/10

more stuff;

  • u have until the 20th of october to enter unless I get impatient and close it early to get the show on the road
  • once ur accepted i’ll message u and get imessage info for the gc
  • pls don’t fight in the gc and tag,, keep all discourse out of it :))
  • the tag will probably be #nutbinskwad
  • if u have any questions just send me a message!!

pls don’t let this flop I will zayn forever if it does

Of Ladies and Dragons.

Prompt: From @the-story-shards-universe‘s #341.
Words: 1012
Notes: Just a little story I wrote, enjoy. All constructive criticism is welcome. I have no beta, so all mistakes are mine.

Ellair had very few things that frightened him. He could easily count with one hand the things that made him feel fear. He had known the fear of the unknown when he lost his parents at a young age. He had been terrifed of the uncertaintly. Of knowing himself alone save for an elder sister who now lived in Aria, so far away from him. But at this very moment, he stood gaping and trying -and failing- of not letting fear control him.

Aelwen stood calm taking to a dragon.

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First Date Jitters

((A/N: Ah, Captain my Captain. Another oneshot, hopefully not too gooey and sappy for ya’ll. I wrote most at work, too, so if it’s disjointed I’m sorry.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 2.2k

Warnings: Language (teehee) ))

Your jaw was agape. You stared at the man before you as though he were an alien. Had he really just said that? Was he quite serious right now? A flush had crossed his features and it was obvious he felt suddenly on display, “What’s so bad about that?”

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Video Edits Compilation

My favorite video edits I’ve ever made. 

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2nd date

My new POT offered me an amazing per meet allowance!! I’m not comfortable saying the exact amount, because as I mentioned in my previous post about him, it seems likely that he could be potentially tumblr savvy, but his offer was somewhere between 1k-2k per meet! Most I’ve ever been offered. Unfortunately, he’s only available twice a month, which means I won’t be making as much as I wish I could, but still very good for how little time he wants to spend together. To be able to meet with someone and know my rent is covered with just one meet is freaking awesome! He still wants to chat more and get comfortable which is fine with me. He gave me another $300 for our super short second date. Very good signs and feelings about this one so far. He lives sooooo close to me too, it would be so convenient. Crossing my fingers that this works out!

i hit 2000 followers!!!

holy fucking SHIT that’s a lot oh my god
thanks to everybody that followed you all mean the goddamn world to me
o my gosh i never believed i could make it this far and you all helped this blog grow and i!!!! couldn’t be happier

so, tell me if i should do smth special for 2k followers!!

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Nickname: Lyli/Moo/ Lyls

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Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Height: 1m63

Hogwarts symbol: dunno ><

Favorite color: pastel pink, black , white,

Time right now: 19:54

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Blankets I sleep with: Three

Favorite bands: BTS, suju, got7, seventeen, monstax, oh my girl, epik high, one ok rock, years&years , mamamoo etc.

Dream trip: London

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When did my blog reach its peak: with this post

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