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Nonnegative requested for both Tsukki and Yams to be blushing, so I added some context into it? I HC Tsukki that he likes to be purposely mischievous & flirty whenever Yams least expected it, like there they are, riding a train together to go on a date… the train car happened to be empty and suddenly, Tsukki stole a kiss off Yams. Absolutely baffled Yams and rendered him speechless every time, cos usually Tsukki is a tsundere lil’ shit. Actually, maybe it’s cos he is a lil’ shit that he does it? Ufufufu. ( °٢° )

All the ideas I tried or will try (will get expended)

List of random names

Crazed fan is villain

New players starting with more hp

Magic Man villain

RP goblins so good, players feel bad for killing them

Campaign in past earth with just a bit of magic

Nazi-killing setting

Horror “Don’t drop the baby” scenario

Name EVERYTHING with random tables

The lesbian class

The bourgeoisi class

Card magician becoming a sorcerer

Cool armor that is a mimic

Locked door that is a trap (Actually wanted to do that, players did not try to open it)

2 dms, 2 parties, one good, one evil

Playing as cats (Katzulhu)

Using different languages

Using some of the joke items


Lemures (the animal)

Dungeon in the basement

Not telling the damage

The phylactery is a mimic

Detect eagle

Non-Supernatural enemy

Mercury Dragon

Killing my players if their character dies

Change the prologue of “Tatters of King” to be a middle school theater (Really hard, because we are currently playing tatters of king in my group, so I will probably never play it again)

limited dice resource management damage rolling

I will also probably not be able to try using different languages (for encrypted messages or something), since everyone in my group speaks the same languages, except for some people who speak a language no one else speaks. I recently missed the perfect opportunity to try this, when we had an american exchange student playing with us who didn’t really speak German and she was also the only person in the group who couldn’t speak elvish.

Demons- Dean x reader

Reader gender- Not mentioned

Warnings- Swearing, angst, attempted suicide, depressive topics

A/N- I am sorry this took me ages! This story is based off of Demons by Imagine Dragons.

When the days are cold

You couldn’t get the picture out of your head.

And the cards all fold

Dean clutching Sam’s cold, blood- soaked body.

And the saints we see

You don’t think he’s coming back this time.

Are all made of gold

And of course when you need an angel, or even just a friend, Cas was nowhere to be found.

When your dreams all fail

You felt your way through Dean’s medicine cabinet until you found a bottle of prescription painkillers.

And the ones we hail

Your hands shook as you unscrewed the cap.

Are the worst of all

You didn’t dry swallow pills often, but it wasn’t all that hard.

And the blood’s run stale

“What the- shit!” You looked up at Dean running towards you.

You followed his gaze to the empty pill bottle then looked back to his face.

He sighed before shoving his fingers down your throat. You weakly shoved his arm away but the damage had already been done. You turned and vomited into the toilet.

“We don’t have time for this.” He picked up the bottle, looked at the label and threw it back down. “Was gonna use those.” He muttered.

You shakily got to your feet and clung onto his arm before he could leave. He looked back at you and you could see the misery in his eyes for a millisecond before he pulled his arm away and left.

At the curtain’s call is the last of all

So you tried, again and again.

When the lights fade out

And he stopped you, again and again.

All the sinners crawl

“We don’t have time for this.” He’d say. Or “Pull yourself together.”

So they dug your grave

And every time, he hurt you more and more.

And the masquerade

This wasn’t your Dean.

Will come calling out

This isn’t your Dean.

At the mess you made.

You sighed while packing up the last of your things. Sadness struck you as you looked at the necklace Dean had gotten you what seemed like years ago. You tossed it to the side and zipped up your suitcase.

As you got to the stairs that would lead to the outside world, a voice made you stop dead in your tracks.

“What are you doing?” Dean’s voice was so quiet, so broken. He made you want to drop everything and run to him.

“I have to leave. I can’t stay here anymore. Not with you, Dean.” You cringed at the emotion breaking through your cold tone.

“Please. Please, you can’t leave. Y/N, you’re the only thing helping me through this.” You turned to look at his tear stained face.

“You’ve been treating me like a piece of gum stuck to your shoe, Dean! Do you expect me to just tough it out and play housewife for you? The Dean I know would have held me when I tried to kill myself. He would have told me how it would all be okay and we’ll get through this together. That’s the Dean I know. That’s the Dean I love.” Tears were freely falling down your face now as you let out all the pent up emotions you had been hiding.

“I love you.” Was all he whispered.

“Well maybe you should have considered that before.” You wiped your face with your sleeve and quickly ran up the stairs and out the door, ignoring Dean’s calls for you to come back.

You walked for miles before you came across a small town with a motel that you could crash at.

You flopped onto the uncomfortable bed and sighed, slowly registering everything that had happened. You closed your eyes, finally able to rest after the emotionally draining day. They shot back open when you heard the fluttering of wings. You quickly retrieved the angle blade from your back pocket and aimed it at the intruder.

However, you lowered it and stood in shock when you saw who it was.

“Castiel?” You asked in astonishment.

“I’m sorry it’s been so long, there was trouble in heaven as usual.” He said.

You dropped the weapon and flung yourself into Cas’ arms.

“I missed you so much, Cas! What are you doing here?” You pulled away and sat on the bed, patting a spot next to you.

Cas sat down next to you and said, “Dean prayed to me. He asked me to find you. I could sense how much pain he was in so I obliged.”

“Seriously?” The smile quickly left you face as you continued, “What about all those times when I was in pain? What about all those times I tried to kill myself because I didn’t have anyone? I prayed to you everyday, Cas! But when Dean is hurting once, you sprint to his side! I can’t believe you, Castiel.”

“Y/N, I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” He said quietly.

“Yeah how could you know? It’s not like I begged you to come help me everyday. Oh wait.” You hated the guilty look on his face but you refused to apologize.

“You’re right. My actions were unjustifiable and I am truly sorry. But I think it would be best if you came with me.”

“No. You tell Dean that I’ll talk to him again when he learns how to actually have emotions.” You spat.

“I will do that. I hope to see you again soon.” With a flutter of wings he once again disappeared, leaving you alone.

Alone. It felt like you were always alone these days.

You pulled out a book from the bag you had packed. It was one that you had read many times before and the paperback cover was so worn that it had become soft around the edges. Despite having the story nearly memorized, you opened the book anyways, preferring to ignore your problems and replace them with fantasy.

You quickly took the words from the page and created an image with them, almost like a movie. You had made it through a couple chapters before a flutter of wings was heard yet again.

You put your book down and looked up, expecting to be greeted by Cas. You sat back a little in shock, not expecting to find Dean by his side.

“Cas, what the fuck?” You yelled.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, he insisted.” Cas sighed.

“I don’t care if he insisted, get him out!” You backed up more as Dean made his way towards you.

“Y/n, please. Hear me out.” Dean reached out, lightly touching your arm in an attempt to grab it before you pulled away.

“Why the hell should I, Dean?” You hated to be cruel to him, but after all the pain you had gone through, you were left with no choice.

“Listen, I know I’ve been nothing but a complete and utter douche bag to you but please believe me when I say that I didn’t know.” His desperate pleas were almost pitiful.

“That’s the problem, Dean! How can someone possibly be so blind? You saved me from killing myself countless times and you didn’t once stop to think that something was wrong? What the fuck is wrong with you?” You groaned in annoyance of the whole situation and even more so when you realized Cas had left while you had been arguing.

“I know, I know. I’m an idiot. Trust me, I know.  I was just so focused on trying to bring Sam back that I didn’t stop to think how much you were hurting. But the moment you left, I realized that you were the only thing holding me together. When I came to dead ends on Sam, when I tried to call fellow hunters and no one answered, when I start drowning in my self pity thinking that everyone I loved was dead, I remember you in just the other room. I remember your laugh, your smile, the way your eyes light up when you’re happy. I remember your sense of humor and your optimism and just how much of an amazing person you are. I remember how I’ve loved you since the day I met you. But I can just never bring myself to take those few steps and go see you; go tell you how I feel. So here I am now. Telling you that I love you, Y/n. I love you so much and I couldn’t live with myself if you died. I’m sorry I never told you sooner.” Dean, at this point, had tears racing down his face, as did you.

Your heart was in your throats after hearing what he had just told you. It hurt to hear it because you had buried your reciprocating feelings deep down long ago. But, Dean’s confession quickly dug them back up and caused you to only cry harder, but from happiness this time.

You suddenly jumped towards him, wrapping your arms around his neck and causing him to stumble back a bit. You buried your head in his neck and embraced the feeling of his stubble lightly grazing your cheek. Your nose dug deep into his flannel and you breathed in the smell you had grown to love: whiskey and gunpowder.

“I love you too, Dean. So much.” Your tears had begun to seep into his shirt but he didn’t seem to mind.

After a moment of shock, he returned your embrace, clutching you tightly against his chest. It didn’t seem as though he was inclined to ever let you go.

But you didn’t really mind.

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List of random names

I started using lists of random names after my players wanted to visit someone I didn’t plan, panicked and named “Nabor Nos”, aka “Neighbour Nose”, and it’s reeeaaly helpful. I just write some male, female and surnames in a table and cross them out after using them. Another benefit from this is that my players can’t really tell which characters I had nothing planned for.

Telling you about all the good ideas was only one of the many ideas you had for me, so here I will quickly respond to the other ones

@probablysupervillainrpgideas and @themanwiththesuitcaseofflies wanted me to give you to them. So go and follow them

@kytheon-hero-of-akros wanted me to write a campaign with all my ideas. This would be impossible, because a ton of them are setting ideas, and you can’t have more than one setting. But the idea of @pomrania is kind of similar, and that’s one I am doing, so I hope you’re not disappointed

@canvaswolfdoll said: “post ideas for rpg milestone celebrations? (1 year old campaign, first pc death, and so on)?” this is a good idea and I will do it someday, probably this weekend

@suplexahedron said: “eat a really good cookie” I will do it

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“It’s my favorite scene in the movie and it’s the most important scene in the movie. It’s also the scene that made the least sense to other people going in, which is why it’s a wonderful victory for me. I think that in superhero movies, they fight other people, they fight villains. So when I started to really hunker in on the significance of No Man’s Land, there were a couple people who were deeply confused, wondering, like, ‘Well, what is she going to do? How many bullets can she fight?’ And I kept saying, ‘It’s not about that. This is a different scene than that. This is a scene about her becoming Wonder Woman.’” -Patty Jenkins on the No Man’s Land scene


You probably remember my post about Impro-D&D, since I mainly love CoC, so I played Impro-CoC. These are the rules:

1. Character creation is made with the quick build variant. After every step where you actually have to decide something, pass the sheets around

2. After the characters are done, draw them

3. Shuffle all the sheets. Someone volunteers to start as GM. Everyone else draws a sheet.

4. After 15 minutes, pass the sheets around. There is a new GM now.

Although I have only done this once, I can tell you, it’s really great. We created really cool characters and had a lot of fun with them. Jo Jones, the politican, is now the group icon of our WhatsApp group. The fun thing is how someone has something planned (I planned the invasion of London by the Lizardpeople), but it turns out completely different (green slime aliens in the Themse saving humanity from a meteor destroying the earth). You should all try it and I am looking forward for Friday, when I will play it again