It Is Me (Jack Lowden x Reader) Part of the “How To Parent” Series

Summary: Jack is on the recieving end of some severe backlash from his number one fan due to his new haircut.

AN: This is just some positive Jack content before Chapter 20 of “Complementary comes out”. Requests are back open for now, I need some inspiration so send me you things! Note that, if you send me smut requests, it won’t be like The Chase with a lengthy back story. It’ll be written as just over a blurb, a couple hundred words. I’m using my smut writing skills on another project which may or may not be coming out soon ;)

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let the fog burn let my wick fray by imperiality

let the fog burn let my wick fray by imperiality
Words: 4,501
Author’s Summary: Little bonfires are little things Keith and Pidge do. He can’t look away from the flames, Pidge can’t seem to get what he’s after. But then she wants to spice it up on a Halloween night. This purple fog is oppressive.
My Comments: Interesting and different way to study Keith and emotionally hurt him at the same time. It’s good thing his team came after him.



Are you freakin serious?!?! This is what the outfit looks like btw

The jeans are even kinda baggy at the shoe??? It’s more of a relaxed fit than skinny???

And she’s not really baring any skin??

Seriously she almost DIED fighting for her right to education and now she has the opportunity to study at Oxford and people are bashing her clothes 😒

With These Hands by A_Zap

With These Hands by A_Zap
Words: 1,486
Author’s Summary: Despite all the trouble they’d been through, Hunk figured everything had turned out all right. After all, he and Lance had managed to return to the castle! Then Hunk sees the bruises and knows that things are not as good as he thought.
My Comments: Great missing scene that we were totally robbed of in canon. I love these sweet summer boys and their relationship so much. Surprisingly more hurt!Hunk than hurt!Lance, actually, but I love both flavors.


You know, out of all of my brother’s friends, you’re my favorite. You’ve always been my favorite.

Grateful for the Years to Come by Ms_Marchy

Grateful for the Years to Come by Ms_Marchy
Words: 4,001
Author’s Summary: Five years after saying goodbye to her son, Maria McClain gets the greatest gift of being reunited with her son. Everyone knows Lance worries over how much he missed in his family’s lives. No one ever thinks about what Maria was missing about her son’s life. She didn’t even know herself until one day two giant mechanical lions land near her house. The Space War is finally over. Everyone can go home.
My Comments: This was heartbreaking and heartwarming in equal measure. It’s sad to see just how much years of war scarred Lance, but it’s also wonderful to see him at home and loved with his family again, and his mother’s perspective is lovely and warm. Ambiguous Klance.