Isn’t it so wild how you can’t even state that a girl doesn’t conform to gender norms without people screeching bUT SOME PEOPLE LIKE TRADITIONALLY FEMININE THINGS!!!!111!!1!!! like y'all see gender nonconforming girls as a literal threat to feminine existence…..and somehow you’ve managed to convince yourself that feminine girls are the ones who are under attack.

Final Girl Trope - Final Part - Sam x Reader

Part one here, part two here, part three here and part four here.

Description: In the conclusion to Final Girl Trope, you come face to face to Amazona. Determined to put an end to her and her plan, you know you have to find a way to put a stop to everything. But what terrible price will you have to pay?

Warnings: This is a Halloween inspired story so if you don’t like anything scary, don’t read. This story will have gore, possession, spirits, corpses, etc.

Word count: 5,111

Read at AO3 here or below:

           “What are you doing?”

           “What does it look like I’m doing, Sam?” You snap, shoving a sweater in your suitcase.

           Sam hurries over to you, “Whoa, whoa, are you leaving? You can’t – you can’t be serious.”

           You don’t reply. The lump in your throat is too large to say anything back. Sam is staring at you, looking aghast as you grab some more clothes from your closet and put them in your suitcase.

           He reaches out for you, saying your name and you flinch, pulling away from him, “Don’t.” You manage to say.

           “We can talk about this. I know I lied but –”

           Losing your patience, you snap, “Which time are you talking about? The first time, six months ago when you said you were leaving this life behind? Or this time, when you said you were visiting Nate and instead you were with Sully down in Africa?”

           “Listen, I can explain.”

           “I don’t want to hear it.” You mumble and you tell yourself not to cry, you can’t cry because then you will want to listen to Sam.

           You turn around and push past him, going to the bathroom to grab some things there. He trails after you.

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If the show had been about Ford, then yes, animating the journal would have made the show better. But it's not. Its about summer and growing into yourself as a person. Filler episodes are there to show character growth.

Sorry I would rather have a main, well thought out storyline than a bunch of pretty crappy filler episodes.

Gravity Falls is only two seasons long, filler shouldn’t be necessary in a show that short.

Filler in shows like Steven Universe? Sure! SU has 111 episodes, filler is good for those shows, it’s a breather.

If the writers wanted to fill it with filler episodes then maybe they shouldn’t have tried to include so much mystery stuff and questions that needed answering.

C’mon we all know it was lazy on their behalf and I blame Disney more than I do the crew of GF. 

I’m sorry I want complete shows! 

111. Frank

Frank is the epitome of surly author. He’s reclusive, angry, and would rather eat his own foot than be stuck in a room with people he hates. He’d much rather wake, walk a few feet to his desk, and write until his back aches and eyes cross. He’s used to late nights and long hours, generally only getting to bed when the sun starts to rise.

However, Frank’s found himself in an unique personal struggle. He deeply desires to be alone, but he has a wonderful, loving wife and is good with children. Though he’s often more crass than acceptable with the young ones, he loves that they’re honest and willing to argue with him in an unabashed, creative manner. He says it helps his thinking process. His friends say it’s because he’s a kid in an old man’s body.

au where sole’s spouse is a ghost following them around that initially only sole can see and as people get closer to sole they’re able to see their ghost as well with more and more clarity

everyone is rather confused when synth!Shaun tries to run up someone who isn’t there, excited to see his other parent who’s supposed to be dead in Vault 111

this is a shitty idea

PHANTOM KANGAROOS (pages 109-111)

    “A persistent and truly puzzling figure in American monster lore is the phantom kangaroo, a large kangaroo which appears where no kangaroo should or could be, These kangaroos are sometimes reported to be aggressive, even dangerous. Yet after they are sighted, no material trace of them can be found.

    “An early phantom-kangaroo story comes from the community of South Pittsburg, Tennessee. In January of 1934, according to a newspaper report, the beast was spotted by the Reverend W. J. Handcock, among others. According to the Reverend Handcock, ‘It was fast as lightning and looked like a giant kangaroo running and leaping across the field.

    “The same newspaper story tells of a large dog in the area being killed and eaten. The phantom kangaroo was blamed for the killing, and also for the destruction of a large number of chickens. Direct evidence linking the phantom kangaroo to the killing of domestic animals is not reported, but the kangaroo was blamed anyway. A report of unknown origin speaks of someone having seen the kangaroo carrying a dead sheep or dog under each arm.

    “A search for the mysterious animal was carried out, but there were no results.

    “In January 1949, Louis Staub was driving at night outside of Grove City, Ohio, when he saw something strange hop into the beam of his headlights. ‘It was about 5 ½ feet high, hairy and brownish. It had a pointed head. It looked like a kangaroo but it appeared to jump on all fours. I’m certain it wasn’t a deer.

    “Then there was the Minnesota ‘big-bunny’ flap. For several years children in the area of Coon Rapids, Minnesota, reported seeing something that they described as ‘a very big bunny,’ a ‘bunny’ that was as tall as they were. One adult, a woman named Barbara Battmer, said that she got a clear view of two of these ‘bunnies’ hopping through the woods, but she knew they weren’t bunnies, they were kangaroos. As is usual in such cases, a search was made but no trace of the kangaroos could be found. There were also the usual inquiries to nearby zoos to see if any of their kangaroos were missing. All zoo kangaroos were present and accounted for.

    “Probably the most astonishing of all of the phantom-kangaroo stories of recent years was the one that came out of Chicago in 1974. According to the newspapers, early in the morning of October 18, the police on the northwest side of the city received a call from a man who said that there was a kangaroo jumping around on his front porch. While the police didn’t take the call too seriously, a couple of patrolmen were nevertheless sent out to investigate.

    “Much to their surprise, they found the kangaroo and chased it, finally cornering the beast in a dark dead-end alley. The kangaroo didn’t like being chased, and apparently didn’t want to be captured either, so it began kicking with its big powerful hind legs as kangaroos do when they are on the defensive. The police, who were more puzzled than anything else, didn’t want to shoot, so they backed off. Then the kangaroo hopped over a fence and disappeared down the street.

    “During the next few days, a lot of people on the northwest side of Chicago reported that they had seen a kangaroo in the neighborhood. A newsboy selling papers on the street corner turned around and saw the kangaroo standing just a few feet away from him. ‘He looked at me, I looked at him, and then away he hopped,’ the boy said.

    “The Chicago police got a lot of calls form people who insisted that there was a kangaroo in their backyards rummaging through their garbage cans. Most of the calls were probably the result of mistaken identity–people heard something in the back yard, probably a dog or a cat or a raccoon knocking over the garbage can–but with all the kangaroo excitement, they assumed, or perhaps hoped, that it was the phantom kangaroo they heard. There were undoubtedly a fair number of out-and-out kangaroo hoaxes as well. The newspapers had a lot of fun with such headlines as: KANGAROO STAYS A JUMP AHEAD OF THE POLICE.

    “Kangaroo sightings then began to spread to towns to the west of Chicago. On November 2, just outside of the town of Plano, Illinois, about fifty miles from Chicago, three young men were driving along when:

    “’We almost ran over it. It jumped onto the road about twenty feet ahead of us… it landed on the road near the intersection with the main road, and there was no traffic. It sat up on its haunches… and then jumped over a fence about five feet high and disappeared into the woods.

    “Ten days later in Resselaer, Indiana, it hopped out of a cornfield and up to a drugstore. It was early in the morning and the only observer around was an employee opening up the drugstore:

    “’I hope some farmer or somebody else sees it or everybody’ll think I’m a nut. But it was the kangaroo…. I know it was.’ No one else saw it that morning. The mystery beast just hopped down the street and vanished into another cornfield. But other people did report seeing it around the same area later.

    “By the end of November 1974 the Great Midwestern Kangaroo Flap had died down, but there was another rash of sightings in Illinois the following year and again in 1976. Other waves of phantom-kangaroo sightings have broken out in Wisconsin, Colorado, and Ohio.

    “When the kangaroo was sighted in Ohio in 1967, reporters talked to the director of the Cincinnati Zoo. He said, ‘We had a kangaroo story about two years ago. I doubt if there’s a kangaroo around here on the loose. We never found one. Down the years we’ve chased after reported black leopards, panthers, and even a polar bear. Anyone seeing the kangaroo, which I doubt exists, should try to keep it in sight and call a zoo.


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There was this one time i was minding my own business walking down the street. Then all of a sudden a gun literally jumped into my hands and literally forced me to shoot and kill a little boys parents in an alleyway..... Guns Kill 111!!!

J…Joker? Is that you?

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