“General of the Army Douglas MacArthur and Lieutenant General Jonathan Wainwright greet each other at the New Grand Hotel, Yokohama, Japan, August 31, 1945, in their first meeting since they parted on Corregidor more that three years before.”

Series: Photographs of American Military Activities, ca. 1918 - ca. 1981
Record Group 111: Records of the Office of the Chief Signal Officer, 1860 - 1985

you know what’s so ridiculous about this whole thing????? miley saying “the press manipulates things, y’know???”

the new york times has an established reputation of journalistic excellence and integrity. i highly doubt they give enough of a fuck about smelly cyrus to put effort into “manipulating” what she said. it’s ok if now she realizes what she said was ignorant as fuck and now she wants to take it back and apologize, but blaming “the media” for your literal quoted statement is ridiculous and smelly owes the NYT a big apology for trying to throw them under the bus to make herself look like an innocent lamb who did nothing wrong “ooh nicki is just irrationally angry!!!!!!!11!!1!!!1 i accept no responsibility for anything!!!!!!1 it’s the press, silly nicki!!!!111″

im not going to see about ray, as a trans boy, and im unfollowing you if you try to guilt me into it. i gave it a chance, its gross– ask tobyscinnamonroll how bad i wanted it to be good. nothing pisses me off more than “boy born in a girls body”

“its not transphobic, its accurate!!111!1″ stop. its cissexist, implying that i am a boy but my body doesnt match me. im a boy, and its my body, and i can love my body without thinking of it as a girls body because its mine and im not a girl. its cissexist, its transphobic, its ignorant, stop explaining it that way. there are much better was to explain it.

you were born with female biology, in your boy body. or you were born with female parts, in your boy body. or you were born female and grew up a boy. its not difficult.

im not something wild and special, im not confusing, im not an oddity, im not going to be your quirky trans sidekick. im a boy and i love myself and i love my body, and thats so hard to do sometimes– especially when my body is seen as that of a girl’s.


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if u are DOWN write some henmia about flowers

“Henry, where are we going?” Sumia asks, gingerly stepping over some tangled tree roots. 

Henry looks at her and offers a big smile, holding her hand and helping her step so she doesn’t trip. He’s pretty excited about this one- she’s gonna love this! He already knows it’s a good plan, because when he asked Stahl about it, he said it was a good idea, and if Stahl says it’s good, then it probably won’t get Henry into trouble. 

“You’ll see!” He says excitedly as he walks. “It’s a surprise. A good one! I promise.”

She smiles, and a rush of warmth goes through his chest. He always gets all sorts of funny feelings when Sumia smiles, but he likes it. It’s a good kind of funny, like when you poke a bruise and it gives that sort of good-bad feeling. Except it’s much better than poking bruises, Henry decides. Sumia’s better than a lot of things.

They pick their way through the woods for a while, Henry holding her hand the whole time so she doesn’t fall, and moving at a steady pace. He doesn’t mind that she’s not walking fast. He likes holding her hand. 

He’s really excited to show her this- he’s been working on it all week, and he just knows she’s gonna love it. 

Finally, they pick their way towards the clearing Henry wants to be in, and he steps in front of Sumia, smiling.

“Close your eyes,” he says. 


She closes her eyes, and he gently brings her forward, stepping onto the soft grass of the clearing. He’s practically bouncing with excitement, a little ball of nerves in his stomach. 

“Okay, guys- just like we practiced, okay!” He turns to Sumia, bouncing on the balls of his feet. “Open your eyes,” he whispers.

As soon as she opens her eyes, every single flower in the clearing (which is a lot of them- Henry made sure of it) bends towards her, opening their petals to full bloom. There’s all kinds, in a variety of colors and shapes, and they all look perfect. Sumia’s hand flies to her mouth, her eyes wide, and she looks at Henry, speechless.

“You…. you d-did this for me?” She asks.

He nods. “I found them the other day when I was chasing Party Hat, and so we talked for a while! I told them all about you, and I wanted to do something nice for you, cause Frederick told me husbands are supposed to do nice stuff sometimes, so we decided to do this!” He giggles, clapping his hands delightedly. “They say you’re much prettier in person.”


She’s hugging him, and… crying? He pats her hair, a little confused.

“Why are you crying? Did I do something wrong?”

She shakes her head, laughing. “No, silly. It’s perfect. You’re perfect. Thank you. I love you so much.”

Well, that’s good enough for him. He smiles. Turns out this was a good idea, after all.

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In episode 111, Monday Couple belongs to one group and in one of the games, they practiced doing telepathy. Monday couple said the same number and when they noticed that they actually did, both of them said something about the not forgetting the past. Do you know what were they talking about?

They meant not to forget that they were once a couple. It wasn’t too long before this that Ji Hyo publicly announced her real relationship so Monday Couple naturally “broke up”. However, whenever they were teamed up, Gary didn’t hesitate to ask Ji Hyo to start over or make reference to the love they had.

Hope that helps/makes sense.


Question corner from ch.118 to ch.138 (Red Hawk Scans)

Q 106: How can I become a strong pig like Hawk?
I think becoming a pig is going to be the hard part here.  

Q 107: How fast does Hawk run after seeing leftlovers far away?
He runs faster than any of the sins. 

Q 108: When did Hendrickson learn to use the power “acid”?
When he lived with the druids while he was a boy.  

Q 109: Can lord Dreyfus handle all the house chores? Can he cook?
After his wife passed away, his younger sister helped with the house chores and looking after Griamore.  

Q 110: What’s Hawk-chan’s dream?
To become an invincible pig. 

Q 111: What human appearance does Hawk think looks cool?
He thinks King’s old man appearance isn’t too bad.

Q 112: Does Hendrickson like older women? Younger women? What kind of women does he prefer?
He isn’t sure himself. He’s never been in a relationship with a woman. 

Q 113: Do Ban and Elizabeth get along? They don’t seem to interact with each other very much.
They don’t spend much time together and don’t speak to each other very much. Elizabeth is a bit intimidated by Ban.  

Q 114: Does old man King have chest hair?
He has a ton of thick chest hair.  

Q 115: Will King and Oslow’s meeting be ever drawn?
Maybe. Depending on the demand. (laughs)  

Q 116: Suzuki Nakaba Sensei, what kind of pens do you use to draw your fine, pristine backgrounds?
I just use normal g-pens or mapping pens.  

Q 117: What recent books have you read?
Dan Brown’s “Inferno” and James P. Hogan’s “Inherit the stars”. 

Q 118: What do the advisers to the Fairy King generally do?
They advise the king, among other things. They basically exist as wise counselors.  

Q 119: Are all druids born with white hair?
Not all of them, but many of them have white or silver hair. 

Q 120: What is the scariest game you’ve ever played?
Silent Hill. Maaan, I thought I was going to pee my pants.

Q 121: Which of the wanted posters is your favorite, Nakaba-sensei?
Diane’s. She looks really evil.

Q 122: Is the lifespan of the Fairy King longer than the rest of the fairies?
It might be the longest out of all the different species.

Q 123: Baccho-sensei, what’s your alcohol tolerance level?
If my wife is a 5, then I’m about 4350.

Q 124: Who gave Ban his name? Did someone give him that name, or did he name himself that?
His parents gave him the name, more or less.

Q 125: How bif is the planet that Meliodas and the others live on?
Oh, it’s just Earth! And to add to that, Britannia is modern-day England.

Q 126: Is the spear form of Chastiefol one of the ten forms?
The spear form is form number one.

Q 127: Does Gowther take baths?
Gowther’s body basically never gets dirty.

Q 128: How did you decide the birthdays of the characters that you included in the “disassembly sin book”?
That’s what the characters say to me! “Mine’s February 8th, don’t forget… eheheh!” just like that. (laughs)

It’s absolutely fantastic how people be invading the Anti Freeze tag with posts saying “YOUR OBVIOBSY HAV NO LIF FOR NOT LICKING FR@ZEN11!!!11″….yet you have every Fr@zen merchandise that Disney spits out of the Sorceror’s hat.

It’s absolutely wonderful how people be invading the Anti Freeze tag with “IT”S JUS A KIDZ MOVIE, GODZ!111!!”…but you be dissecting every frame in the movie so you can write that 500,000 words  Dark Els@anna fic though.

It’s absolutely groundbreaking of all the lengths people will go to explain in the Anti-Freeze tag that Fr@zen is very progressive….yet wasn’t Kristoff’s character origanlly a POC in the original source material? And didn’t Lilo and Stitch already cover the topic of familial love? And Mulan? And The Lion King? And Pinocchio? Wasn’t the concept of no love interest for the female character covered as early as Alice In Wonderland?

Isn’t the best how they will always come up with the excuse that “FR@ZEN MAD SO MUC MONAYYYY!”? Big Hero 6 and Inside Out made a lot of money as well. Where’s their crapton of merchandise?

Doesn’t it just amaze you how people will babble on and on about feminism yet will put down the Original Three Princesses to prop up Elsa, who actually did nothing except freeze stuff up? (And this is coming from an Elsa fangirl)

Isn’t it just splendid how the most racist, elitist, incest enabling, and sexist fanbase in the Disney fandom like to paint themselves as innocent lambs all the time?

Touch her dream Variation1 da Adrien Sifre
Tramite Flickr:
www.fotografik33.com L'Oceanogràfic est un complexe d'environ 100 000 m2 situé à Valence en Espagne où sont représentés les différents habitats marins.Il compte environ 500 espèces de poissons différentes. Il a été inauguré le 12 décembre 2002. Œuvre de l'architecte Félix Candela en forme de nénuphar, c'est l'aquarium le plus grand d'Europe avec 42 millions de litres d'eau. L'Oceanogràfic is a marine park situated in the east of the city of Valencia, Spain, where different marine habitats are represented. It was designed by the architect Félix Candela and the structural engineers Alberto Domingo and Carlos Lázaro. It is integrated inside the cultural complex known as the Ciutat de les Arts i de les Ciències (City of Arts and Sciences). The Oceanographic is the largest complex of its type in Europe with a surface of 111,000 square metres (1,190,000 sq ft) and a water capacity of 42,000,000 litres (11,000,000 US gal). It has 45,000 animals of 500 different species including fish, mammals, birds, reptiles and invertebrates — amongst these are sharks, penguins, dolphins, sea lions, walruses, beluga whales, and more — all inhabiting nine underwater towers. Each tower is structured in two levels and represent the major ecosystems of the planet. L'Oceanogràfic (en castellano, El Oceanográfico) es un complejo obra del arquitecto Félix Candela y los ingenieros Alberto Domingo y Carlos Lázaro, donde se representa los diferentes hábitats marinos (mares y océanos de aproximadamente unos 100.000 m²). Fue inaugurado el 12 de diciembre de 2002 y se encuentra situado en la zona este de la ciudad de Valencia (España), integrado dentro del complejo conocido como Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències de València. En él podemos encontrar desde cangrejos araña, hasta pingüinos, pasando por delfines, leones marinos, morsas o belugas. En el subterráneo, están los más grandes acuarios de toda Europa, en los que podemos encontrar más de 40.000 animales de 500 especies diferentes, incluyendo peces, mamíferos, aves, reptiles e invertebrados. El agua salada es bombeada desde la albondiga la Malvarrosa habiendo pasado todos los requisitos necesarios de calidad. Es el acuario más grande de la Unión Europea. Su arquitectura es obra del equipo de Félix Candela y los ingenieros Alberto Domingo y Fernando Sánchez, autores estos últimos del diseño estructural de las cubiertas del L'Oceanografic. Se trata del oceanográfico más grande de Europa con 110.000 metros cuadrados y 42 millones de litros de agua.

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Hi Hisazuki, is the chapter 111 published in Japan today? On the other hand, in the spoiler of chapter 111 seems Hak is not wearing Yona's present. Thank you very much for the translations, you're very very nice. Kind regards from Spain.

Yes, it was “today” when you posted this ask ^^ (on the 20th). You’re right, Hak isn’t wearing the necklace in this chapter. Maybe he’s being shy around the others, or he’s afraid he’ll lose it! (or Kusanagi simply forgot to draw it…)

işid erdoğanı mürted ilan edip ölüm fetvası vermiş //

benim diktatörüme benden başka kimse dokunmaz!!111!! 

keçi siken arap artıklarına bak yaa :@@