!!! little baby


Showing my siblings how to draw some stuff ^^
(Step by step process for drawing hairstyles:
1.You draw Slenderman`s head.
2.You give him a little hat for swimming lmao.
3.You decide on which haircut you’d like to draw.
4.Make some hairs.)

Kellis Berghaus~ Athletics Department

•She loves volleyball and has been playing since she was a kid
•She has green eyes with twin beauty marks underneath her right eye, unruly, curly honey hair that just barely brushes her shoulders, and light brown skin
•She’s bisexual and has the flag sewn into the jacket of her uniform
•She’s loud, probably rivals her BFF Raquel in that department. She’s forever cracking jokes but knows when a situation is serious
•She’s 5'3
•Kellis and Alistair get on really well! She even helps him practice sometimes!
•Kellis is going after Tadashi ;) (boy is he in for a ride)
•Her facial expressions are gold.
•You can’t escape the memes when Kellis is around. Run.
•Much to everyone’s surprise, she’s an avid reader. When she’s not practicing or making sure Raquel doesn’t hurt herself, she likes to curl up with a book.
•"I recognize the council has made a decision, but given that it’s a stupid decision, I have elected to ignore it.“

•Her outfits range from ‘Friday Night Out’ to ‘No one I knew saw me where this shirt so therefore it is clean’