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Could you draw a step by step thing to show how to draw Maccready?

No but I can show you how I draw MacCready

Big head, skinny neck, normal width shoulders (^drew them narrow here lol) but overall skinny figure. Has a pretty good jawline too that I didn’t mention.

9A (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: There’s something romantic about passing notes on a plane.

Word Count: 1,450

Warnings: Alcohol mention

A/N: I’m gonna be on various flights all week and what better way to pass the time than daydream up various situations like this? Told in Lin’s perspective! Ignore the fact that the flight attendants were assisting guests from back to front.

Lin was convinced he had forgotten the entire English language with how difficult it was proving to be to write something as simple as an email. It wasn’t even an email about anything substantial, Disney was just wanting him to plan his next meeting before the wheels of his plane were even off the ground, as per usual. He normally would have no problem scheduling it but they needed him to head this next one so the animators could get down first draft sketches for his song, a song he had yet to finish, and they needed a proposal by tomorrow morning.

‘Boarding Priority Access and Families’ the sign blinked and Lin gave up, shoving his phone into his pocket. It was the first time he had looked up from his phone since he had passed through security forty minutes ago when he met your eyes, he blinked in shock. The colors in your eyes danced in the sunlight as you offered him a soft smile before your eyes flitted onto the next thing that was lucky enough to capture your attention.

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Day Five: Emptiness / Late Night Talks

For @bsd-rarepairweek !!!! Sadly I didn’t have time before the week to get ready for various reasons so this is the only day im doin,,,, im sorry;; /);O;/) ;;

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TOP! 5!! WAIFUS!!!

1. Holo

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2. Azusa

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3. Noel

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4. Kagami 

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 5. Kaiki

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>Ahhh.. you hear that?… thats the sound of muns screaming…ahhh..

Cuphead Now in Technicolor! :D

i’m actuall y speechless?/? omlfg, this blog is no longer a bendy ask blog, it’s a god damn cuphead x flower boss blog -mod straw

some gay poetry
dis is just to see if people like my stuff to be read out loud


hey guys, spoken word is a thing im trying!! this is of this poem i did!!

and reblogging would be appreciated and feedback if you want more and what youd like would be lovely


Photos by Glen Keller

Behind the scenes of today’s March 23, 2017 shoot for Episode 4.20, which took place at Pribyls Beach, Glen Cove, Long Island.

(I know someone is going to ask so NO I don’t think the mustang has anything to do with Tom based on other info I have that is the subject of a separate post I am working on…..) but the car is part of the shoot.


I love leaked call sheets.  They are such a gold mine of information.  More spoilers for today’s Episode 4.20 shoot.  I know these are hard to read, but I’ve gone over them a few times and gotten what I could.  First, the title:  “The Debt Collector.”  I can’t read the number but it looks like it starts with either a 4 or a 6.  Maybe 44?  If that one is not taken already?

Second, some cast info.  The white lines seem to indicate cast on location today based on Megan’s post that confirms she and Mozhan were there.  The grey, cast in the episode but not on location today.  So Megan and Mozhan were clearly at the location today.  Diego was not, Harry was not, but they are listed for the episode along with James, Hisham, Mr. Kaplan(!) the new guy Enrique Murciano and others.  I don’t see Amir.  I’m not sure if it means he’s not in the ep at all.  It definitely means he wasn’t filming today.  I don’t see Tom either.  

From what I can tell from the scenes….which don’t film in order….

INT Edgar Grant’s House

[something about Samar]

EXT Long Beach Pier

Samar and Liz find D—-’s body

EXT Under a Pier

—- watches as Tyler’s screams are ——-

EXT Beach 

We meet the Debt Collector

INT 50 Gallon Drum

Tyler finds himself trapped inside the drum.

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Please wear an accessoire of your choice

Ties are pretty dapper, don’t you think?