!!! im so happy lil babe !!!

Jongtae/Jinki; 25 Day Spring Challenge Masterpost; PG

spring is over so have a masterpost of the aro babes uwu
fics with jinki are in italics but hes mentioned in a lot more of them





also also i updated the schedule again
also also also have u looked at this blog for unwhitewashed jong ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Day 1: Shameless Flirting (Flower Crowns) (aka taem is never dropping the aesthetic) (+anas draws)

Day 2: Equal Work (Gardening) (aka taems workin hard he swears)

Day 3: Refill (Pollen) (aka sometimes taem stares death in the face nd groans dramatically)

Day 4: Procrastination (Spring Cleaning) (aka jong shouldve expected this tbh)

Day 5: Egg (Egg) (aka egg)

Day 6: Decorating (Baking) (aka cookies idk)

Day 7: Another (Earth Day) (aka taem plants a new tree every year)

Day 8: Research (Nature Artwork) (aka jinki is totes a babe)

Day 9: Camouflage (Tye-Dye Shirts) (aka jong cant find taem)

Day 10: Recon (Blossoming Romance) (aka kibum comes in to ask them about their hot boss)

Day 11: Sneak Attack (Spring Weddings) (aka sometimes jongs ro feels punch him in the face)

Day 12: Advice (Inspiration) (aka love belt is the most essential song)

Day 13: A Weak Spot (Rained On) (aka taem is less coherent than usual)

Day 14: Perfect (Hammocks) (aka taems havin a rly nice day)

Day 15: Weeb Festival (Cherry Blossoms) (aka jong used to be a weeb)

Day 16: Kitty Kitty (Baby Animals) (aka jong finds some kittens uwu)

Day 17: fuck (Park Strolls) (aka theres lots of pollen out there)

Day 18: Strawberry Love (Music Festivals) (aka taems a lil tipsy)

Day 19: uwu (Streams) (aka usually jongs ro feels just give him a sweet lil cheek pap)

Day 20: New Plans (Unexpected Rain) (aka jong fricked up)

Day 21: Nothing New (Rainbows) (aka taem isnt rly interested)

Day 22: Unlucky (Four-Leaf Clovers) (aka taem misunderstood)

Day 23: Resourceful (In Season Food) (aka jong goes on a not-so-voluntary baking kick)

Day 24: Splash (Puddle Splashing) (aka they are mature nd srs adults)

Day 25: Masterpiece (Art Festivals) (aka jinkis the cute face painter)