!!! i finally got the song reference

I just had a thought.

Imagine this: Taylor decides she no longer wants the spotlight, but continues to write songs for other artists.

One day, years later, one of our kids, or grandkids depending on our age, comes home with a new favorite song and it’s got that same familiar feeling, and references to 2am, and a bridge that’s out of this world, and immediately we just know.

Finally, it is shared that Taylor wrote the song. We sit down with our kid, or grandkid, and reminisce about our love for this amazing woman. We share old stories about concerts, and about being so connected to other Swifties around the world. We pull out old memorabilia, concert tickets, tour books, etc., and when they point to the pictures, we tell them her name. We tell them how the crowds went wild, and we tell them how this amazing woman with a heart of gold, hopes they shine.

And just like that, her legacy continues.

Mona Is A.D

I have re watched season 6B and my growing suspicions of Mona after the Summer finale have got me focused on these episodes:

611 Of Late I Think Of Rosewood

We never see Mona leave Charlotte’s funeral. A.D is looking out a window of a car watching the liars talk to Lorenzo. Walking After Midnight is playing

“I walk for miles along the highway

Well, that’s just my way

Of sayin’ I love you

I’m always walkin’ after midnight, searchin’ for you”

The second verse of Patsy Cline’s song could be in reference to Mona. A flashback previously revealed Alison walking along a road after CeCe tried to kill her thinking she was Bethany Young. Mona picked her up and manipulated her into leaving town.

613 The Gloves Are On

We see The Alison Mask in a box, the one that Mona wore in The Dollhouse. We see a red, black and white clown (see picture 3) that was in Mona’s lair. We then see a box that was tied and looked like it was put away, now reopened. It has black hoodies inside and gloves. A.D puts them into a bin and goes online and searches “uniforms”

Who would have black hoodies and gloves tucked away? 

The Original A herself Mona Vanderwaal.

615 Do Not Disturb

The episode ends with A.D looking at the hard drive on their computer, thinking it will be the footage they wanted. Instead, Caleb appears on the screen and says “I don’t know who you are or what kind of game you think you’re playing, but guess what if you can change the rules, so can we” and a virus is detected on their computer. They slam their computer screen upon reading that the file directory is corrupted and unreadable.

Who can hack into things like Caleb and would be super pissed if he beat them and put a virus on their laptop? 


Also Mona and Spencer have a scene

Spencer back at the restaurant where she saw Yvonne regarding Yvonne’s phone which she stole and tells the hostess that she found a phone outside and was wondering if there was a Lost and Found. A voice from behind Spencer says “Thank goodness, I’ve been looking for that everywhere”; Spencer turns to see Mona smiling at her. As they walk outside, Mona tells Spencer that she’ll leave her out of it because she wouldn’t want people to think Spencer stole someone’s phone. Spencer asks if Mona set this up, thinking it would cause a fight between Yvonne and Spencer over Toby. Mona just says that this isn’t explosive candidate cannon fodder, nor is it a race for senior class President then adds “We don’t do those kinds of things anymore, do we Spencer?” before walking away.

616 Where Somebody Waits For Me

The episode ends with A.D wearing a beige jacket and blue gloves cleaning up an electric switchboard in The Radley secret basement listening to “Whistle While You Work” from Snow White. 

In this episode Spencer and Mona have a again scene relating to the previous episode about Yvonne’s phone. Mona tell’s Spencer her mother is sick and Spencer hadn’t known. Spencer says to Caleb after that she doesn’t think anyone knows why Mona does anything, Mona included.

618 Burn This

“You didn’t take me seriously,
so I thought I’d light a 🔥
under your ass.”

Hanna’s bridal shower is about to take place. Ashley encourages her to invite Mona. At the shower Mona offers Hanna a present. A wedding dream book that they made the summer of eighth grade. Hanna then checks her tablet and wonders what’s wrong with it when it won’t respond to her touch. The alarm, the same one that was at The Dollhouse, blares and loud rock music plays her tablet malfunctioned and she doesn’t know how to stop it..The air conditioner blows everything around one of the present bags falls over and something glass breaks. Aria walks over to pick the bag up but, as she does so, the fireplace lights up and knocks her over. Resulting in 2nd degree burns.

Mona’s reaction to all this seemed sketchy to me and what is interesting is the only people who knew what the dollhouse alarm sounded like were the liars, Sara Harvey (Noel because we now know he helped CeCe in there) and Mona

The Liars were too horrified to have played with an electric switchboard in the previous episode..

Sara Harvey couldn’t even write her own name.

Noel wasn’t in 6B im going to leave him out because at that stage we didn’t have that information and i don’t believe he was responsible.

and that leaves Mona.

Earlier Emily goes to an auto-shop looking to find out about the grey SUV that tried to roll over her. She asks a man named Patty and he says that they can’t help her. Emily goes snooping around and lifts up a tarp covering a car; she sees paint and takes a picture of it. Patty comes back and demands to know what she’s doing; Emily tells him that that was the car she was talking about and asks if he knows who drove it last night. He says “Maybe I lent it to a friend. I can’t remember” before looking at the car. Emily holds up a picture of Melissa and asks if she was his friend. Patty says that it wasn’t her.

The episode ends with Patty wiping the paint off the car, before reaching into the car and finding an enveloping containing several hundred (if not over a thousand) dollars and smiling.

Forward to 704 (Hit and Run, Run, Run)

for a second. Mona was also found to be tracking Elliott’s car the night he was killed.

But why you ask?

Because she’s A.D that’s why!
She later took Hanna’s car before she and Aria had the chance to burn it, and had the windshield and car remodeled.

What if she took it to Patty, her friend?

She also hadn’t appeared since 701. The girls never received an A.D message in that episode and the previous one.


Because Mona was too busy tracking Rollins car and dealing with the cover up.

Now Back to:

619 Did You Miss Me?

What a famous sentence for PLL

Mona confesses to Emily that she called Charlotte the night she was killed because she wanted to meet with her at The Two Crows diner.  Mona says that Charlotte knew everything about each of them: every mistake, every lie, every crime she then adds that Charlotte didn’t implicate them the five years she was locked up. Emily asks Mona what she would have done, had Charlotte shown up and Mona replies that she’d ask what Charlotte would do with her new freedom. Mona says that it doesn’t matter what she was thinking because Charlotte never showed up, then asked what Emily would have done if she had called Charlotte. The next day Emily with Aria and Spencer at Spencer’s house. Based on Emily’s conversation with Mona, Aria says that Mona basically said she was ready to kill Charlotte. Emily agrees, but says that she didn’t because Charlotte never showed up. Spencer questions if Mona isn’t guilty just because Charlotte didn’t show.

Mona wanted Revenge for Charlotte stealing her game at Radley when Mona was on meds Charlotte took advantage. Mona wanted to kill her but i believe she didn’t as someone beat her to it (Jenna)

Later a card with drawings of the girls is sent to Alison and Alison, Aria and Emily’s are crossed out. Hanna reads it

Alison fell down a stairs which was no accident thanks to A.D

Emily’s eggs were stolen by A.D and she was nearly run over.

Aria got burned literally by A.D at Hanna’s shower.

That leaves Hanna and Spencer

well i wonder what will happen them?

A.D don’t lie.

I could go on and on but Mona is always there when something big is happening don’t tell me that’s not on purpose!! I have always believed Wren was A but i just don’t think it could be possible anymore .

Mona is finishing the game she started.

She is endgame.

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[ADMIN] 4 Mini Album ‘WITHOUT U’ Review

The first thing I hear when discussing Romeo’s new album with people is either “I liked each and every song” or “Romeo has finally found its sound” (usually both though). I won’t rush with conclusions, let’s see where this review leads me.

When the highlight medley came out, I got particularly interested in 3 songs, ‘Without U’, ‘Focus On Me’ and ‘Nice Car, Nice House’. Actually, all the songs sounded so impressive that I did my best to not let high expectations flood my mind and end up disappointing me.

The new idea implemented in the album is a more aggressive sound filled with a lot of rapping. In the articles they refer to this being the first time they tried masculinity, which is debatable. Romeo tried masculinity with ‘MIRO’ and succeeded in that respect. Wasn’t the MV masculine? Pretty much. Wasn’t the song and the pitch masculine? Absolutely. However, in my humble opinion, it wasn’t that natural to Romeo and led them in kind of a wrong direction, farther from their natural sound. Therefore, the milestone of reaching masculinity has already been passed, that’s not what makes the new album stand out.

All in all, the agency and the producers opted for a more hip-hoppish, powerful style, thus having to resort to several measures. First, they had to place Seunghwan as one of the leading figures in the album. Unlike all the other members who are far from hip-hop and look a bit awkward when trying to copy those gestures, it comes natural to Seunghwan. I mentioned earlier that his pitch seemed to me quite high for a rapper, still, his rapping made me tremble. Now his skills, paired with absolutely astonishing dancing talent (I’ll look into it in ‘Without U’ MV review later), has taken the new album to another level and helped implement the original concept in full.

Second, the producers had to cut down Yunsung’s high-pitched parties. His voice is incredible, but this concept required a lower, ‘cold’ voice… which is Kyle’s. Together with Hyunkyung’s velvet voice, Kyle’s vocals make a perfect match, so yes, this decision was gold.

That’s what I was going to say about the concept of the new album. Now a few words on each track. I won’t spread much on ‘Without U’, but I must mention that New Jack Swing framed with scratchy mash ups, disco sound and rapping parts make a unique fusion and, more importantly, give the song that catchy vibe Romeo needed so badly this comeback.

Let’s move on now to ‘Like I Do’. In the highlight medley it seemed a bit weak to me, but when I heard the enchanting verses and Minsung’s and Milo’s pre-choruses I got hooked. The melody didn’t seem plain anymore, it’s absolutely beautiful, and the repetitive English phrases granted this song a solid place in my playlist for sure.

‘Nice Car, Nice House’ wasn’t what I expected at all, neither in the music aspect, nor in the lyrics. From the highlight medley I got an expectation for a peaceful sensitive track (that’s what happens when you don’t know the language), not a make-money-money-money harsh rapping track with Seunghwan as a merciless rapgod. I can hear it required a lot of effort as he’s not used to such a style, but my respect again and again to people who turned a rapping track into a decent listening material for us who aren’t into rap. Although the lyrics were written by other people, they seem really close to Seunghwan?

‘Focus On Me’ has become a revelation for me, from the ‘R.O.M.E.O baby’ line to the astonishing chorus. The track is like a wave, first quiet and innocent, then growing and growing during the verses and then hitting you in the chorus, completely knocking you off your feet. What I also like is that the delicate music lets Romeo’s pure voices show their natural beauty, and you can distinguish them easily which adds to your excitement. No more words, just A++ to this track.

How can Romeo live without heart breaking sad songs, right? ‘BLUE’ is a perfect example, tearing our fans’ souls with its lyrics again, making us wonder: “How can you guys sing so well about the things which can’t have happened in your life?” Like, who would leave these wonderful creatures and rip their hearts, right? You try to convince yourself that none of it could have happened, it’s just these guys who are very sympathetic and sensitive. When you finally get over this struggle, you hear that the song is actually full of a light, heartwarming sadness. A moving, pure, tingling melody that leaves a good feeling, that’s what ‘BLUE’ is. In no time you spot yourself smiling to this beautiful song.

What can I say in conclusion? I side with people who say this album is exceptionally good, and I see that Romeo have grown not in the terms of masculinity or something, but in terms of professionalism in the first place. I can see clearly how much effort it took them to fit into that powerful gangster-like style, but… it’s so relevant, and they seem much closer to finding the answer who they actually are. I can’t say the new album comes that natural to them after so many cute concepts, but it’s so addictive, so catchy, so full of emotions that I hope Romeo will take it as their distinctive sound and shine with all their colours.

Sleeping At Last

The final lyric: down my arms, a thousand satellites suddenly discover signs of life. Those words are answered prayer.

The character in this song began to feel again. Not too long ago, I began to feel again. This lyric means a lot to me because it is also a subtle reference to one of my favorite feelings in the universe: The shivers, the chills (or a more terrible word, goosebumps) - the feeling of experiencing something non-physical in a physical way. That’s actually what got me hooked into writing songs. As a kid, I was so confused and fascinated that a song could move me and actually make my skin react. So I set out with that as my songwriting rule. With every song I write, I must experience the shivers/the chills at some point in the writing process. For over 15 years I’ve stuck to my guns on that rule. I have to deeply feel every song I write and this rule helps make certain that no unfelt song gets through the cracks!

Don’t Stop Me Now ||Pam&Shane


To say the day was long and obnoxiously stressful was the easiest way to explain the shit day Pam was having. First, she spilled her coffee all over herself as she left the house that morning for work. Then, she ripped her pants as she sat down during a meeting. She finally got time to relax and the wonderful anonymous asshats of Oceanview clearly wanted her to have anything but a relaxing night. She didn’t let it bother her too much. What some stupid asshole thought didn’t change the fact that she got some and they probably didn’t. 

As Pam sat in bed, she shook the thoughts from her head and walked the halls to Shane’s room. When she reached the door, she walked in, not wasting a second to knock. After all, if he was naked, it wasn’t someone she hadn’t seen before. “Hey..” She spoke softly, not really paying attention, as her eyes were on her chest, her thoughts going back to the anon that clearly upset her to some extent. 


STORY TIME: A few months ago, way before GOT7 had their FLY comeback, I told my sisters “If I were to ever go to a GOT7 concert, I would customize my OWN GOT7 baseball jersey”. I started sketching up ideas of how I wanted it and finally figured out how to design it. Fast forward a few months later and they released “Home Run” and it just so happens… it was a baseball themed song. I LOST MY SHIT. I mean what are the the damn odds that I said I wanted to make this baseball jersey THEN they release a song that has baseball references.. I mean, coincidence? I THINK NOT!!! Then I found out they were having a concert in Los Angeles, I flipped out to the max. So I started actually making my jersey and this was the outcome!! :) BEYOND happy with the outcome! And so damn ready for this concert!!!!! Btw, my sisters made their own too so we’re all wearing customized jerseys for the concert HAHA :)

@whyoungjae @huggableyoungjae @02211994 @strxctlygotseven Finally showing you lovelies :)

I’m back in Connecticut and I am starting to settle down from this entire experience. I’m still so young, but I know for a fact that in my music driven world, this was the most historical weekend that I will ever be a part of. I’m organizing the near eight hundred photos and videos on my phone that I took during the duration of this adventure and it’s soaking in. What I have experienced was truly priceless…I’ll have to refer back to this post once I get my monthly bank statement.

Being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is the greatest honor that Green Day could receive in their career. I’ve never seen them (especially Tré) so emotional with an acceptance speech. Everything about these past four days was extraordinary. From something as immense as seeing the original handwritten lyrics to the first Green Day song I ever heard, to running around downtown Cleveland in the heavy-duty wind with my best friends. I finally got to meet friends face-to-face that I have known for years. It’s unfortunate that there simply wasn’t enough time to see everyone and do everything. There wasn’t a dull moment the entire time I was in the wonderful city of Cleveland.

I never really open up about what Green Day is to me. I get highly overwhelmed when it comes to talking about their music. When people ask me why I’m so consumed by them, I am unable to say anything of significance with just a short moment to gather my thoughts.

I feel as if now is a proper time to attempt to scratch the surface. Friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers who know of me are aware that I am a diehard Green Day girl. The night before the induction ceremony, I was lying in my hotel bed and reflecting on these past ten years that Green Day has been a part of my life. (Billie Joe somewhat went in the same direction with this on Instagram.) I realized that I am not a Green Day fan. I am a fan of cats and the color pink. To say I am a fan of Green Day doesn’t suffice. That is because I am everything that Green Day embodies.

When you discover, connect, and follow something so immensely starting at the impressionable age of nine, it changes the entire direction of your life. Green Day has made more of an impact on the young woman I turned out to be than anyone or anything else. I am honestly scared of who I would be if I had not discovered Green Day and punk rock.

For the past ten years, Billie Joe in specific has been a perfect balance of my life coach and therapist.

A few main concepts he has instilled in me:

• Don’t allow anyone to validate what you think and how you feel. There is no such thing as feeling too much, even if you’re almost at the point of psychosis. There is nothing wrong with your emotional intensity, as long as you channel it in a healthy manner. There is also nothing wrong with occasionally loosing your mind.
• It’s okay to march to the beat of your own drum. In fact, it’s encouraged.
• Always question what you’re being told in school, by your parents, by the media, by the police. If there is even the slightest doubt in your heart that something is ethically wrong, it probably is.
• Don’t be blind to everything that’s going on in this world, no matter how stomach-churning it may be.
• You have the power to commence change. Don’t believe that you’re too young and irrelevant to begin some type of revolution. Make your voice heard, even if you have to scream at the top of your lungs.
• If you have to sever ties you never thought you would in order to grow, do it. Trust your gut, follow your heart and do what’s best for your future.

Nearly everything about me is traced back to this band. They are the foundation of what makes me, Bethany. From my political views, to how I choose to conduct myself, to the people I surround myself with.

Green Day’s ground breaking success, musical greatness and influence on upcoming musical generations is what got them rightfully inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The drastic impact they have made on people’s lives is what I believe makes them most deserving of this honorable induction.

I am currently full of nothing but life, love, and gratitude.

“Better thank your lucky stars.”