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Nine years of painting in a sketchbook

As a freshman in art school I cringed when I was told that students were required to keep a sketchbook. I never draw preparatory sketches because I like to work a painting out as I go, not in advance. When shown a finished artwork and its original sketch, I usually find the first draft to be more spontaneous, energetic, fresh and beautiful. But I was an obedient student so I forced my hand and began drawing in a Moleskine journal.

Drawing in public places always led to striking up conversations with strangers and helped me to make friends outside of school. I began drawing and experimenting on a daily basis. I bought acrylic ink for a school assignment and poured some into my sketchbook using an eye dropper. I liked how the ink bled onto other pages, adding color and texture. I fell in love with the medium and started drawing with ink using a dip pen and brush.

It’s difficult to use dip pens, brushes and ink jars while sitting in a cafe, so I began painting in my room. The privacy loosened me up and my themes became more personal. For years I was in the habit of punctuating paintings with song lyrics, but I finally started using my own poetry. After a while, I grew so invested in the sketchbooks that I began referring to them as “books of paintings” to imply they were complete, indivisible artworks.

I used to surf the internet to find images to draw, but that became boring because I kept googling the same things: antelope, construction cranes and light houses were among my usual search terms. In 2011 I got into photography and started using my own photos for reference. Now I exclusively paint scenes from memory or personal photographs.

Change is so gradual it’s hard to tell if I’m improving at all, so occasionally I flip through my collection of Moleskines. I think the most important creative change was the decision to stop copying images from the internet and other people’s poetry. This really opened me up creatively and I’ve become more observant of my surroundings– time spent outside of studio feels creative and productive because I always have an eye out for material.

Pll final theory - Wren and Jenna

all the crow/pie references in the last ep got me thinking
There’s an old English nursery rhyme about crows being baked into a pie called sing a song of sixpence
Looked up and lyrics and one line says ‘a blackbird pecked off her nose’ this could relate to a physical or mentally injury??
It also says ‘they sent for the kings doctor’ what English doctors do we know?👀

And finally at the end of the poem it says 'little JENNY WREN flew down to the garden and put it back again’ !!!! Jenny = Jenna Wren = WREN

I’m sure somebody else can add to this and make it better/ more comprehensive but it’s just a thought I had

Cred to abi and Ellie they’re clever gals
Lust for life

I finally feel able to articulate what it is that bothers me so much about the Lust for Life-era. It’s that Lana is much too smart to be making this kind of music, like she’s not living up to her potential. After having written songs such as “Body Electric”, “Carmen”, “Sad Girl”, “Old Money”, “God Knows I Tried” and “Terrence Loves you” it’s strange getting a track like “Lust for life”. There was so much thought, word play, references etc in her previous works. Everything was so cleverly written. 

I love Lana. When “Best American Record” came out I got so hopeful. I mean, she’s worked with people like Stevie Nicks and Sean Lennon, so I hope that means there will be more depth to the rest of her record. 


“Let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on
You got the healing that I want
Just like they say it in the song
Until the dawn, let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on” (x)

suddenly feels like drawing otps kissing at the prom while slowly listening and dancing to the song <3

super-goomba  asked:

So according to the AKA Facebook page, a number of the characters received their names from bands and/or songs! Kevin, Jimmy, Nazz, and Eddy are confirmed so far. Thoughts?

Ooh, I missed that, thanks for alerting me!

Nazz - I’m glad we finally got confirmation that Nazz was a reference to the band! Although, what I really want is an in-show explanation for why someone’s parents named her after an obscure 60s band.

Eddy - Very fitting of his character.  Kind of hauntingly sounds like Eddy’s voice is in there too…

Jimmy - Pretty damn appropriate, even though Jimmy really doesn’t mention his mom much, I think he’s only said “my parents” and “my father”

Kevin - Noooo don’t put the idea in my head that Kevin and Eddy could be cousins!!!  But yes this is a very good song for Kevin.

Mona Is A.D

I have re watched season 6B and my growing suspicions of Mona after the Summer finale have got me focused on these episodes:

611 Of Late I Think Of Rosewood

We never see Mona leave Charlotte’s funeral. A.D is looking out a window of a car watching the liars talk to Lorenzo. Walking After Midnight is playing

“I walk for miles along the highway

Well, that’s just my way

Of sayin’ I love you

I’m always walkin’ after midnight, searchin’ for you”

The second verse of Patsy Cline’s song could be in reference to Mona. A flashback previously revealed Alison walking along a road after CeCe tried to kill her thinking she was Bethany Young. Mona picked her up and manipulated her into leaving town.

613 The Gloves Are On

We see The Alison Mask in a box, the one that Mona wore in The Dollhouse. We see a red, black and white clown (see picture 3) that was in Mona’s lair. We then see a box that was tied and looked like it was put away, now reopened. It has black hoodies inside and gloves. A.D puts them into a bin and goes online and searches “uniforms”

Who would have black hoodies and gloves tucked away? 

The Original A herself Mona Vanderwaal.

615 Do Not Disturb

The episode ends with A.D looking at the hard drive on their computer, thinking it will be the footage they wanted. Instead, Caleb appears on the screen and says “I don’t know who you are or what kind of game you think you’re playing, but guess what if you can change the rules, so can we” and a virus is detected on their computer. They slam their computer screen upon reading that the file directory is corrupted and unreadable.

Who can hack into things like Caleb and would be super pissed if he beat them and put a virus on their laptop? 


Also Mona and Spencer have a scene

Spencer back at the restaurant where she saw Yvonne regarding Yvonne’s phone which she stole and tells the hostess that she found a phone outside and was wondering if there was a Lost and Found. A voice from behind Spencer says “Thank goodness, I’ve been looking for that everywhere”; Spencer turns to see Mona smiling at her. As they walk outside, Mona tells Spencer that she’ll leave her out of it because she wouldn’t want people to think Spencer stole someone’s phone. Spencer asks if Mona set this up, thinking it would cause a fight between Yvonne and Spencer over Toby. Mona just says that this isn’t explosive candidate cannon fodder, nor is it a race for senior class President then adds “We don’t do those kinds of things anymore, do we Spencer?” before walking away.

616 Where Somebody Waits For Me

The episode ends with A.D wearing a beige jacket and blue gloves cleaning up an electric switchboard in The Radley secret basement listening to “Whistle While You Work” from Snow White. 

In this episode Spencer and Mona have a again scene relating to the previous episode about Yvonne’s phone. Mona tell’s Spencer her mother is sick and Spencer hadn’t known. Spencer says to Caleb after that she doesn’t think anyone knows why Mona does anything, Mona included.

618 Burn This

“You didn’t take me seriously,
so I thought I’d light a 🔥
under your ass.”

Hanna’s bridal shower is about to take place. Ashley encourages her to invite Mona. At the shower Mona offers Hanna a present. A wedding dream book that they made the summer of eighth grade. Hanna then checks her tablet and wonders what’s wrong with it when it won’t respond to her touch. The alarm, the same one that was at The Dollhouse, blares and loud rock music plays her tablet malfunctioned and she doesn’t know how to stop it..The air conditioner blows everything around one of the present bags falls over and something glass breaks. Aria walks over to pick the bag up but, as she does so, the fireplace lights up and knocks her over. Resulting in 2nd degree burns.

Mona’s reaction to all this seemed sketchy to me and what is interesting is the only people who knew what the dollhouse alarm sounded like were the liars, Sara Harvey (Noel because we now know he helped CeCe in there) and Mona

The Liars were too horrified to have played with an electric switchboard in the previous episode..

Sara Harvey couldn’t even write her own name.

Noel wasn’t in 6B im going to leave him out because at that stage we didn’t have that information and i don’t believe he was responsible.

and that leaves Mona.

Earlier Emily goes to an auto-shop looking to find out about the grey SUV that tried to roll over her. She asks a man named Patty and he says that they can’t help her. Emily goes snooping around and lifts up a tarp covering a car; she sees paint and takes a picture of it. Patty comes back and demands to know what she’s doing; Emily tells him that that was the car she was talking about and asks if he knows who drove it last night. He says “Maybe I lent it to a friend. I can’t remember” before looking at the car. Emily holds up a picture of Melissa and asks if she was his friend. Patty says that it wasn’t her.

The episode ends with Patty wiping the paint off the car, before reaching into the car and finding an enveloping containing several hundred (if not over a thousand) dollars and smiling.

Forward to 704 (Hit and Run, Run, Run)

for a second. Mona was also found to be tracking Elliott’s car the night he was killed.

But why you ask?

Because she’s A.D that’s why!
She later took Hanna’s car before she and Aria had the chance to burn it, and had the windshield and car remodeled.

What if she took it to Patty, her friend?

She also hadn’t appeared since 701. The girls never received an A.D message in that episode and the previous one.


Because Mona was too busy tracking Rollins car and dealing with the cover up.

Now Back to:

619 Did You Miss Me?

What a famous sentence for PLL

Mona confesses to Emily that she called Charlotte the night she was killed because she wanted to meet with her at The Two Crows diner.  Mona says that Charlotte knew everything about each of them: every mistake, every lie, every crime she then adds that Charlotte didn’t implicate them the five years she was locked up. Emily asks Mona what she would have done, had Charlotte shown up and Mona replies that she’d ask what Charlotte would do with her new freedom. Mona says that it doesn’t matter what she was thinking because Charlotte never showed up, then asked what Emily would have done if she had called Charlotte. The next day Emily with Aria and Spencer at Spencer’s house. Based on Emily’s conversation with Mona, Aria says that Mona basically said she was ready to kill Charlotte. Emily agrees, but says that she didn’t because Charlotte never showed up. Spencer questions if Mona isn’t guilty just because Charlotte didn’t show.

Mona wanted Revenge for Charlotte stealing her game at Radley when Mona was on meds Charlotte took advantage. Mona wanted to kill her but i believe she didn’t as someone beat her to it (Jenna)

Later a card with drawings of the girls is sent to Alison and Alison, Aria and Emily’s are crossed out. Hanna reads it

Alison fell down a stairs which was no accident thanks to A.D

Emily’s eggs were stolen by A.D and she was nearly run over.

Aria got burned literally by A.D at Hanna’s shower.

That leaves Hanna and Spencer

well i wonder what will happen them?

A.D don’t lie.

I could go on and on but Mona is always there when something big is happening don’t tell me that’s not on purpose!! I have always believed Wren was A but i just don’t think it could be possible anymore .

Mona is finishing the game she started.

She is endgame.

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Pining-Neighbor Luke

You had lived in the same house in the same small town for the last eighteen years. This is the place where your father met your mother and where your grandfather met your grandmother. Needless to say, nobody ever got out of this town. It’s not like it was anything close to a ghost town where everybody knew everybody’s business, it’s just that nobody ever really left. When you thought deeper about it, you weren’t really even sure that you wanted to leave either. This was the only home you’ve ever known and you could barely wrap your head around ever living anywhere else. It’s not like you even particularly enjoyed living here, it’s just the idea of change frightened you and you didn’t want to risk venturing into the unknown only for something terrible to happen. Some may call you crazy, but that’s just the way you were.

Fortunately, there was one good thing about living in this town. Luke Hemmings had been your neighbor for as long as you could remember and boy was he something else. You had gone through school together since the early years but you doubted he even knew your name. Every now and again you would see him taking out the trash, or helping his mom in the garden, but other than that, the relationship you two shared was strictly…well, nonexistent. So instead you pined for him from afar, hoping that maybe one day the boy with the lip ring would notice you.

It was a day like any other when you heard it. The sun was finally out, and after a long winter, you were excited to hang out outside for the day. Sunglasses on, you sat down on your porch and pulled out a copy of your favorite book and began to read. But your story was soon interrupted with the muted sound of loud instruments being played next door. Your eyes widened. That’s Luke’s house you thought to yourself. You knew he played guitar, but you could hear the sound of drums and a bass accompanying him. You had no idea he played in a band! And by the sound of it, they were actually pretty good. Letting curiosity get the best of you, you left your book and your sunglasses on the porch and walked closer to the border between yours and Luke’s house. It sounded like it was coming from the garage so you creeped closer until you were at the very edge of his lawn. Taking a deep breath, you stepped over the edge of his grass and continued on towards the source of the music. The garage door was closed, but it had a window that you could peer through in order to see inside. Looking in, what you saw mesmerized you. Luke was playing lead guitar and singing his heart out-looking sexy as hell if you might add- accompanied by your classmate Calum Hood on the bass, Michael Clifford playing guitar as well, and your former classmate Ashton Irwin on drums. The song was amazing and you closed your eyes as you listened.

“What was I thinking? Everyone sees it. It’s not a secret that I’m just a Reject. Sick of the system don’t wanna hear it, it’s not a secret that I’m just a reject.” Luke sang, and damn could that boy sing. He played his guitar with ease, the high end riffs sounding like a dream. Michael chimed in next singing,

“My teacher said I was mentally disable so unstable! So I’ll stay in bed all day. Save your breath, you can talk at me but I’m not listening. If this is a test then I’m probably failing.”

Luke finished out the song with the same chorus and you sat listening. Just as he sang his last note, he looked over in your direction and caught your eye, giving you a little wink and a smirk signaling that he knew you were watching him. Your cheeks were on fire and you spun away from the door and ran as fast as you could back to the safety of your house praying that somehow he hadn’t known it was you.

This was a disaster. You finally had the courage to go over there, and now he thought you were some stalker chick, just great. His whole band was probably laughing and joking about you right this very moment and the entire school would know by the end of the week. You fought back tears as you thought about the humiliation you would feel every time you laid eyes on your next door neighbor, which was a lot.

As you continued to sulk, there was suddenly a knock on your bedroom door.

“Come in.” You mumbled. Your mom walked in the door, dressed nicer than she usually did.

“I’m leaving to go out with some girlfriends tonight and won’t be back until late. I was just going to ask you to take out the trash for me while I was gone.” She instructed.

“Yeah I’ll do it.” You mumbled, still embarrassed from earlier. Your mom, sensing your bad mood tried to cheer you up with what usually worked.

“I saw Luke Hemmings walking home from school today.” Ugh, even the sound of his name made your heart race.

“That’s nice mom.” You mumbled, causing her to frown.

“Did something happen today honey?”

“Oh just the usual humiliation and angst that accompanies being a misunderstood teen.” You chuckled and she laughed at your response.

“Well, I suppose I’ll leave you to clean up the aftermath then. If you need any advice, or a hitman, I’m just a phone call away!” She shouted as she walked out of your room. You loved your mom, truly but you weren’t going to tell her about your little crush. Too risky, she might let something slip around someone important.

Hearing the front door slam shut, you groaned and got up to go and throw the trash out, which you knew was overflowing. Trudging down the stairs, you grabbed the trash bag and went out the side door that led to the outdoor garbage can, which just so happened to be about five feet away from Luke’s house.

Slowly, you opened the door dragging the heavy bag of trash behind you. You struggled to lift the lid of the bin and heaved the bag inside. Muttering to yourself, you turned around only to bump straight into a black tee shirt clad chest making you squeal.

“Oh, sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.” Standing before you was none other than your neighbor, Luke Hemmings himself with a smirk plastered on his face as he looked down at you.

“Uh, it’s okay I just, uh, didn’t know anyone else was here.” You stuttered, avoiding his steely gaze.

“I would suppose so. When you do something private it’s usually assumed no one else is watching.”

You could feel your cheeks heating up, knowing he was referring to the earlier incident.

“I, uh, sorry about earlier it’s just I heard a band playing and I was trying to figure out where it was coming from and then you guys played such a good song I got a little caught up in it.” You admitted, suddenly finding the cement very interesting.

“Hey it’s fine. It’s nice to know at least someone appreciates our music.” He chuckled. Finally, you built up the courage to look him in the eye. Oh, his eyes were the color of the ocean on a sunny day and they left you breathless.

“I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes your music.” You reassured. “It’s great stuff and I’m sure everyone else likes it too.” Luke let out a laugh, tilting his head back.

“You’re actually the only one who’s ever heard us play, so I guess we’ll never know.”

“That’s crazy! You’ve gotta let people hear that stuff. Who are your influences? Blink? Green Day? If you worked at it you could be like them someday, I’m sure.”

Luke was silent for a moment, looking at you with wide eyes before speaking back. “ You really think so?”

“Of course! You guys have the talent, the sound, the look. You could make it one day Luke.”

He looked at you with a puzzled expression before lighting up again. “You’re a pretty cool girl you know that Y/N?”

“Wait, you know my name?” You gasped making him laugh.

“Of course I do, we’ve been neighbors for years Y/N.”

“Right, of course, it’s just you’ve never really talked to me before so I assumed you had no idea who I was.” You confessed, tucking a stray piece of hair behind your ear.

“Trust me I know who you are. God, I mean everyone knows who you are you’re beautiful.” He let slip, his eyes widening as he realized what he had just said to you but you were already blushing.

“You think I’m beautiful?”

Now it was Luke’s turn to stutter, his face now a deep shade of crimson that yours was mere hours before.

“Well yeah, uh, I mean you always have been I guess, I just uh, didn’t think you’d wanna be with a messed up guy like me you know?” He scratched the back of his neck.

“Because you’re just a reject right.” You teased him to lighten the mood.

“So you did hear the song.” He smiled. “Maybe you’d wanna come over sometime and listen to more?” He offered.

“I’m not doing anything right now.” You hinted.

‘But won’t your mom be wondering where you are?”

“Nah, she’s out until late tonight so I’ll be taking care of myself.”

“Okay, well did you maybe wanna come inside now then?” He asked, gesturing to his house.

“I’d love you.” Luke beamed at your response and surprised you by taking your hand in his and pulling you inside.

“Well, this is my house, average I guess. My room’s where most of the magic happens. The guys and I always meet here to write songs and just mess around.” He led you upstairs to his room and you both plopped down on the bed. He reached over a grabbed his guitar.

“You know I don’t think I’ve ever been to open to letting anyone listen to me play before.” He hummed, plucking at the strings.

“Well then I’m honored to be the first.” You smiled.

He began to strum a tune and after a while began singing softly too.

“You got me where you want me, I’m hanging on your every move.
It’s such a twisted story, how you got me, oh you got me oh.
So let me give you what you need.
It’s taking me over, I don’t wanna play this game no more. 
All you gotta do is tell me right now you want me right now, oh.
Give me the green light we could have all night, if you just say the word.
Tell me it’s alright, give me the green light.

He finished the small excerpt and then looked up at you for approval, but you had closed your eyes in bliss as you listened to the words and melody. Fluttering your eyes open, you saw that he had finished and was now much closer to you than he had been before. His nose merely an inch from yours, the guitar now forgotten on the floor.

“Tell me you want me.” He whispered onto your lips in a raspy voice that left a lump in your throat. You had dreamed of this moment and now it was happening right before your eyes.

“I-I want you Luke.” You breathed, anxious as to what he was going to do next.

In a flash his hand found the back of your head as he pulled you in so he could place his lips softly onto yours. The kiss wasn’t rough like you thought it might be, but instead soft and sweet like he was afraid he would break you or that you were going to push him away. His other arm snaked around your waist, pulling you closer to him.

“Luke.” You breathed into his mouth, desperate just to let his name leave your lips. This encouraged him and he pushed back on your shoulders slightly, making you fall back onto the duvet as he climbed on top of you. His hands wandered up your sides, under your shirt and almost reached the underwire of your bra before you were both interrupted by the ringing of a phone. Scowling, Luke removed one hand from you and reached into his back pocket to answer his phone.

“What is it Mike.” He growled into the phone. There was silence and you began to lose the prior heat that you had begun to felt moments before. “Now? You can’t be serious?” Luke continued talking on the phone with one hand still up your shirt, making you raise an eyebrow at him. “I’ll be there later Mike, tell the other guys I’m in the middle of something and will meet up soon.” He hung up the phone, and upon seeing your reaction to his phone call removed his hand from your body. “I fucked that up didn’t I?” He looked at you with a guilty expression.

“Well, kind of…maybe I should go.” You said awkwardly, getting up from his bed.

Luke dropped his head in his hands.

“God, of course this would happen. I finally get a chance with the girl I’ve been in love with since grade school and I answer a phone call while we’re making out. You must hate me right now.” He hung his head, but you only heard one part of his sentence.

“You’ve been in love with me since grade school?” You whispered. Luke sheepishly turned his head to meet yours.

“Damn I just said that didn’t I? Well, it’s out now I guess, but yeah I have. And I know it’s dumb because we’ve never really talked or hung out but you’ve always just been there and I guess it’s just always been you for me. The girl next door how cliche.” He sighed.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me before?” You asked, walking over to sit next to him on the bed.

“I didn’t think you’d ever be interested I guess.”

“But Luke…I’ve always been interested. I’ve been pining for you for years!” You exclaimed, now that all of his feelings were out in the open it was time you shared too. His blue eyes lit up at your confession.

“Wait really?”

“Yes you dork! And I thought the same thing, that I wasn’t good enough for you.” You whispered. Luke’s face became serious at that.

“Don’t you ever say you’re not good enough Y/N, because you are a queen and I intend to treat you like one. That is if you’ll let me. I guess what I’m trying to ask, is if maybe you’ll go out with me sometime and we can start this over and I promise I’ll turn my phone all the way off.”

“I’d like that a lot Luke.” You smiled at the blonde boy you had liked for so long and he smiled back at you, eyes shimmering.

Before you knew it, it was already ten at night and your mom would be back at home any moment, so it was time to part ways with Luke. He said he would walk you home, as far as it was, so here the both of you were standing on your front porch, his face illuminated by your porch light.

“Thank you for giving me another chance Y/N. I really like you and I know we would be so great together. You’re just so amazing and…well, can I kiss you?” He breathed.

You nodded, whispering a small yes to his sweet request. He began to lean in and you did the same. His lips brushed yours, soft and as supple as earlier. He was a dream, like kissing a cloud and you hoped you would never have to give it up because you could kiss him forever. Your arms were around his neck and his hands found the small of your back as you embraced each other. Finally, he broke the kiss and rested his forehead on yours.

“I’ll see you soon neighbor. If you need anything I’m just a pebble throw away.” He winked, and kissed your cheek before he turned on his heels and scampered back over to his house leaving you breathless in his wake. You watched him go all the way inside before entering your own home and closing the door. With your back against the frame, you slid down the door and smiled to yourself. Luke Hemmings had feelings for you, he had kissed you and asked you out and you could barely believe it.

Who knows what other surprises the boy next door had in store.




“Valar Morghulis”

Game of Thrones/Avatar mashup! How would it look if GoT’s story happened in an ATLA/LoK universe? This is Arya Stark rockin’ some Earth Kingdom garb. I couldn’t help but design Arya as an Earthbender. Her personality, build and even *spoilers* her final scene of season 5 remind me way too much of our favorite Earthbending master, Toph. Arya even wears green for multiple seasons. I referred heavily to Avatar art books for style. 


sometimes when good things end, we can’t help but cry about them. we cry about what we miss, we cry about feeling alone, we cry about having to move on, and we cry about losing someone important to us. 

at first, losing the one we love is the worst possible thing. we may be angry and heart broken for many reasons and we tend to hold this anger inside us towards the other person because our emotions get the best of us. we find ourselves closed off and crying our heartbreak away piece by piece.

but then something starts to change: you realize that all the anger you felt is gone and all the crying you’ve done has washed away any bit of sadness you once felt. now, it is no longer a loss, but rather something you hold close in your memory. 

thats what river of tears is about. its about loss in love, but finally realizing (after you’ve cried your heart out) that you’ll be perfectly fine. 


-this song has so many references to water and we made it around the time i got my sailboat tattoo. the theme of sailing and water has been a recurring thing in my life, especially around that time.

-the version you hear is the demo version we initially recorded 

^ here is a picture of me recording it at reefa’s studio in NJ

Good Day for K-pop

So BoA released “Camo.”

I was expecting amazing - I wasn’t expecting this to be her best music video ever. And I’m claiming this as a BoA fan that has been there since her debut back in August 2000! Goddamn at 30 years old she just shit on everyone’s careers with this song and video.

Stellar…”Archangels of Sephiroth”? Something something Sephiroth. Final Fantasy 7 references aside this is a completely different concept for Stellar. “Crying” was an okay song but typical. Now I know I talk shit about kpop girl groups and their high waist shorts all the time but Stellar can always get away with it because their they can pull off sexy concepts and they have one thing that most kpop girl groups don’t - I can tell the difference between all the members. The way they look and their voices.

They got a new member and they already sacrificing her.

All the girls are beautiful but Minhee looks especially gorgeous. They were supposedly going to debut in Japan - I don’t know if they are (or they already have?) They could probably make it but the only problem they really have is that their Japanese…is quite bad.

And Taemin with “Flame of Love”. This is a Japanese single that’s going to be released next month. It’s kind of like a “Sayonara Hitori” part 2 which isn’t a bad thing at all. Love it. Everyone always talks about the next BoA which has never happened - the only person I can think of that has potential is Taemin.

You know the worst part about being a K-pop fan so long is that I remember the bad times when they tried to have cross over Korean groups. S.E.S’s “T.O.P” music video still gives me nightmares.

Okay I know I’m a jerk and picked their worst Japanese video. Their debut Japanese single was good.



okok im gonna try and calm down and tell you what i just discovered that literally gAVE ME A HEARTATTACK

I was re-watching Misery Loves Company (s03e16, you know the episode when Toby tries to sneak into Spencers house to get the key and he gets busted (and bitch slapped) Remember the ending? When Mona is just sitting there enjoying the lasagna Spencer cooked and sipping red wine there is classical music playing in the background. 

Now I thought it sounded good, the classical music, so I decided to Shazam it. (Shazam is an app where you let the app identify a piece of music you don’t recognize, it’ll give you the artist and the name of the song) 

The first few tries it didn’t catch anything, and then I raised the volume and got the song on the second picture. Of course I just sat there with my phone and just starred at like god was talking to me through it, but then I tried again, and got the song on the third picture.

They were playing a song called Aria, or Arias Finale, during the time when Mona was sitting there in that room looking all smug and bad-ass. And this isn’t the first Aria reference she’s given; remember the episode with her and Toby in the A-van, and she says “Fear cuts deeper than a sword”? (Really sorry for not remembering who discovered this, but credits to whoever posted it first) That quote it from ARYA Stark from Game Of Thrones!!!

Could it be a hint to maybe it ending there for Aria? Hence “Arias Finale”? Or maybe she had planned for that to happen, and it finally did, her finale. I don’t know what to believe, but she’s the shadiest character on the show. Even more than Wilden was, at least we knew he was up to something. 

So, good-luck to anyone who still believes Aria is innocent, because this just killed me and that lady has a finger in all of this. Or an entire hand.

More Aria clues i got when i got this:




Sleeping At Last

The final lyric: down my arms, a thousand satellites suddenly discover signs of life. Those words are answered prayer.

The character in this song began to feel again. Not too long ago, I began to feel again. This lyric means a lot to me because it is also a subtle reference to one of my favorite feelings in the universe: The shivers, the chills (or a more terrible word, goosebumps) - the feeling of experiencing something non-physical in a physical way. That’s actually what got me hooked into writing songs. As a kid, I was so confused and fascinated that a song could move me and actually make my skin react. So I set out with that as my songwriting rule. With every song I write, I must experience the shivers/the chills at some point in the writing process. For over 15 years I’ve stuck to my guns on that rule. I have to deeply feel every song I write and this rule helps make certain that no unfelt song gets through the cracks!

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with all of the river references, I finally understand what the other fans were complaining about when rose was brought up in the past. I'm sorry to all of those fans for not understanding.. i get it now

Husbands of River Song was supposed to be the end of River’s story.

At least we’ve only got half a season left with Moffat so they’ll probably end soon.

The Story of Radio Abel

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the entirety of Season 3 Radio Mode!

Procrastinating from writing this blogpost, I decided to do a bit of digging through old files to try to find the very first bit of Radio Abel I wrote (scroll to the end of this post). It’s dated to exactly three years ago (coincidentally, to my 26th birthday), and contains this apology in the margin: “a first stab, a bit too sentimental maybe, but you get a bit of a sense of the banter / tension between them”. I guess that just about sums up this post as well: “a bit too sentimental, maybe, but you get a sense of the banter: The Story of Radio Abel”.

If you’re reading this, you’ve heard the final parts of this season’s radio mode, and you’ll know that this is goodbye. After three years, I’ve decided to give Jack and Eugene the happy ending I’ve been longing to since their first transmission and let someone else take over the airwaves around Abel Township. I’m a fanboy at heart, and I could no longer resist the temptation to send them into the West. The boys and I are off the air for good.

It has been a real privilege to write these characters for the past three seasons, and to work with such an incredibly talented group of actors in bringing them to life. Amy, Felix, Nathan and Rhys are the reason that radio mode ever made you laugh, if it did, cry, god forbid, or feel anything else at all under the sun. Working with them has been a joy since the beginning and I can’t ever thank them enough for everything.

Whatever else I thought when we started working on the radio stuff, I’d never imagined how warmly it would be received, and whatever else has happened in the past three years, the community’s reaction has been a constant source of light in my life. Thanks to everyone who’s listened to our dumb radio show, whether you liked it or not, and whether you’ve told us about it or not. Without an audience, we’d be nothing other than five people in a soundproof booth talking to ourselves.

Alright, enough with the soppy stuff. As this is the last you’ll see of them, here is a list of things you probably don’t know about Jack and Eugene:

  • Eugene came first, and was originally on his own. This was short-lived as writing nothing but monologue was driving me crazy.
  • His name, embarrassingly, comes from my favourite episode of “Band of Brothers”: “Bastogne” - the main character in that episode being Eugene Roe, and the whole thing taking place in the Woods.
  • Once it became clear that having a solo radio host wouldn’t work, I did the laziest thing possible to make the earliest scenes into dialogue: I took all of ‘Gene’s self-corrections and interruptions and put them under a new voice: Jack Holden. Eugene’s habit for self-correction is, unfortunately, something we share in buckets.
  • Jack got his first name because it played nicely with “Gene”, and the “Holden” came from the only British player at that year’s World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table.
  • Jack’s location on day zero is just a big love-in for this song.
  • Eugene’s old career is pretty much just stolen right from Nathan’s life. If you haven’t seen any of his food and drink reviews, go now! Any time there’s a foodie reference in radio mode, I’ll write something as a placeholder and then wait for Nathan to give me something better during the recording.
  • The season two radio clip “Smiling Too” is an original song that Rhys brought in with him one day, having written it on the way to the studio and asking if he could include it in the game.

And finally, before I hand over to Naomi to explain a little bit about how season four radio’s going to work, here are some of my favourite moments from the last three years of recording. Let me know what yours are!

  • Amy barely being able to contain her laughter while recording “The Ablers”.
  • Felix dancing while he rapped during “MC Cheeseman”
  • Richard Bell’s amazing sound design on the first three clips of season two radio.
  • Rhys and Nathan doing impressions of each other in season one (this bit was entirely improvised between takes - just the boys messing around with each other).
  • Everyone singing “Running Down To Cuba”.
  • Nathan’s insanely heart-breaking delivery of the line “They never brought him home”.
  • Hearing all the community call-in clips and having loads of fun writing responses.
  • Felix’s face when I played him the clip of a fan proposing to Phil (he had no idea what was coming).
  • Rhys recording the “Eugene is sick” clips. We had to record this stuff at 5.30am as Rhys was heading off on a tour that day, so it was a very bleary-eyed session, which added to the atmosphere.
  • All the stupid sound effects in “Runner Zero”, as well as that theme tune! We spent quite a bit of time on these sections, but mostly because we couldn’t avoid corpsing. One of the best things about recording the radio content has been how consistently we struggle to get through takes without laughing.

So, that’s it from me. It’s been an absolute pleasure to bring you Radio Abel for three years. Stay safe out there — Matt Wieteska (@gamecat).

And a word from Naomi:

Well. I’ve teared up, and I’m sure you have too. When Matt first told me he wanted to stop writing Radio Abel of course I did what any good Lead Writer would do and imprisoned him in my basement, got out my lump hammer and mentioned that ‘the operation was called hobbling’. But even in the face of my uncannily accurate impression of Kathy Bates, he remained adamant. And, after some treatment in a state correctional facility, I’ve come to accept his choice.

Over the years I’ve seen enough writers try to take over other writers’ beloved characters to know that it just doesn’t work. The fans can tell. It always feels ‘off’. So Matt’s retirement means Jack and Eugene’s retirement too. The ending he’s given them is beautiful and right: it feels like where those characters were always heading, where they were always supposed to be.

It would be wrong, I think, to try to replace Jack and Eugene outright. So there will be radio mode in Season 4, but we’re going to be mixing things up, trying out some new ideas and new characters, keeping radio mode as a lighthearted counterpoint to the Oh God It’s So Dark And Why Am I Crying of our missions. I’ve got some fabulous writers lined up to write radio in Season 4, and those of you who know how much I love the salty tears of the players will be glad to know that I’m not planning to be one of them!

And a little sliver of comfort for you: though Matt created Jack and Eugene, Phil and Zoe were created by Rebecca Levene, so you might just hear a little something from them every now and then.

Jack and Eugene have been part of what’s made Zombies, Run! great, and I’m sad beyond words to see them go. But Matt Wieteska, with everything from his patient, thoughtful, clever and insightful direction to his skills at game design, to his letting us *use his bedroom* to record Season 1, has been a much bigger contributor to all the success we’ve had, and to the million+ players we’ve helped get fitter. So though I’m sad to see Jack and Eugene go, I’m so grateful that we still have Matt on our team. Thank you, Matt.

Ache (Josh DunxReader)

For the hundredth time, a heavy sigh had fled from my lungs. Eyes aimlessly roaming around the room, finding myself completely bored with this drunken conversation happening between two of my friends. They sat on separate couches, but leaned in so closely that they were practically hanging over the edge to bicker over the music. I had lost track of the topic so long ago that I hadn’t bothered to speak up. Not that they would give me a straight answer anyway. Their minds were completely hazed over by the mass consumption of alcohol. I doubted even they knew what they were arguing over anymore, but refused to give in regardless. Intoxication may hinder a lot of senses and simple acts that should come naturally, but the need to be right never faded. If these idiots weren’t wearing the goofiest smiles in existence, I’d be willing to bet there would be a physical fight from how desperate that need was. Not that we would let them do any serious damage.

My wandering gaze eventually landed on the solo cup in my firm grasp, its contents slowly vanishing and warming this body with every sip. I swirled the piss colored drink, frowning as I spotted something foreign at the bottom dance with the movement. Now, if I had slammed another two of these prior, I wouldn’t have paid much attention to the black speck. But I was barely even tipsy and now completely put off. I couldn’t help but smile as I handed the drink off to my closest companion, who took it without hesitation.

I did this all of the time. It took awhile for anyone to notice it. Tyler was the first. I remember we were sitting in his living room, he was in the process of writing a new song at his piano while I was abusing his game collection. He saw me stare at my drink for a split second before making a disgusted face and setting it down on the table, ignoring it completely. I looked over to him as he let out a snort before crying out, “It’s got his amoebas in it!” “Wha-” “There’s a hair in it! It’s contaminated!” I finally got his reference to the movie; Signs, laughing with him as I went back to the game, stating that I was preparing for an alien invasion and that one day, he’d thank me.

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SFCon Mark Pellegrino and Sebastian Roche Panel Highlights

Most of this panel was visual and completely non-question related. I could describe this entire panel in explicit detail and still not be able to convey how this panel really was. I’ll do my best though.

- Sebastian’s first thought was that he wished he’d been able to pinch Osrics boobies.

- The band started playing and Sebastian improvised a song where most of these lyrics were “dirty boy”, which he ran through the audience singing.

- The song Get Lucky began playing on the sound system, so Mark and Sebastian both started singing and dancing. This time they got the whole audience on their feet and danced out through the entire crowd and finished off the song.

- They then started on Mark Sheppard impressions, stemming from his sweaty “cardio” Instagram photos. Going through a large number of extremely accurate impressions of Mark in everything from photo ops to panels.

- Finally got to questions. Sebastian’s most ridiculous role was playing a thief that dresses as a woman. It was a BBC children’s show from years ago called Runaway Babe. Mark’s was much tamer, he had to sing a song as a stalker, which just made no sense.

- Adorably, Sebastian refers to Mark/Lucifer as Lulu

- When asked who tortured Sam in the pit the most, Mark said “I did.” Sebastian concurred. Mark asked “When Sam came back, was he walking differently?” Allowing for the implications that came from that. They both agreed that Lucifer is still in the pit banging Michael.

- If Sebastian got called to be Doctor Who, he couldn’t came up with a good catch phrase. Mark provided “I’m goin’ in.”, which Sebastian loved.

- Asked why Sebastian wears such low cut shirts, Mark jumped in that it’s so you can see his man tits because he’s “sessy”. He told Sebastian to give his actual answer, Sebastian said “No, that’s it.”

- After answering a question about embarrassing moments on set, they both agreed that nothing is funnier than a fart. Except maybe a queef. At which point Mike (from Louden Swain) came up with a musical cue to signify a queef.

- Mark’s favorite moment for Lucifer was killing all the other gods. Because they never saw it coming.

- They both decided they would be sorted into Slytherin. Though, if there was a house called “Gropin’”, that would be Sebastian’s.

What it’s Like Dating Steve Rogers


  • You’d meet him when you run into him at the S.H.I.E.L.D base, he’d have just returned from a mission and he bumped into you
  • you apologized profusely, and he thought it was adorable
  • “i mean since it’s technically my fault for bumping into you, how about i take you out as my way of apologizing?”
  • being the traditional man he is, he’d pick you up from your house, showing up 5 minutes early with a bouquet of flowers in hand
  • Steve would take you to a nice restaurant downtown and he’d be such a sweetie the whole night
  • he’d give you his jacket before walking you back to your house at the end of the date, where he’d ask you on another date (and then another and another until he finally asks you to be his girlfriend)
  • continuously referring to you as “my girl,” making you melt each time
  • he’d bring you to training one time and while sparring he’d stop and kiss you before pinning you and saying “i got you there”
  • he’d make it a point to open every single door for you no matter where you’re going because he’s not-so-secretly such a dork 
  • you calling him steven grant rogers when he places things in the extremely high cupboards only he can reach
  • you coming home to him cooking you dinner every night
  • hearing him hum the “captain america” theme song in the shower, you’d burst in and sing along, making him super embarrassed 
  • “babe, just ‘cause i’m almost 100 doesn’t mean i can’t like modern music”
  • “yeah but taylor swift, steve? really?”
  • “what??? she has catchy songs!” 
  • you’d wake up before him and try and sneak out of bed to make breakfast, but he’d tighten his grip around your waist to keep you near him
  • you calling him “captain rogers” when at the S.H.I.E.L.D base, even though everyone knows you two are a thing (and everyone thinks it’s adorable, too)
  • “i’m sorry”
  • you sitting steve down one weekend and just watching all the lord of the rings movies in one sitting
  • steve visits you occasionally and everyone working around you just stops and stares at him bc THE captain america is standing like 5 feet away from their desk
  • he would bring you to all of tony’s lavish parties and you’d bond really well with clint and wanda because they too don’t understand what exactly they’re doing there
  • steve teaching you how to play billiards and you won’t dare tell him, but you already know
  • steve realizing you already knew how to play when you beat him in front of sam and clint 
  • 3 times in a row
  • he’d drag you to drive-in movies bc they always show the classics
  • steve bringing you coffee when you’re reading and filing mission reports at 1am, hugging you from behind telling you to come to bed bc he’s lonely
  • sometimes he’ll feel super out-of-place and sad, and when that happens you know to make him some warm soup and cuddle with him on the couch and just talk about whatever 
  • and then he’d fall asleep listening to you talk with his arms wrapped around you, smiling
  • he’ll ask you “oh gosh, how did i get so lucky” when you wake up, insisting that’s when you’re prettiest
  • damn he’d just be the most cuddly person in the world give me a steve rogers pls

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"(..) It's time for One Direction fans to investigate. Did harry really get half a heart tattooed on his chest? And if so, who has the other half? (Louis, if you happen to read this, send some pics of your chest(...)" OMG read CelebMix's last article



my favorite part:

A fandom favourite: The swallows on Harry’s chest. And we gotta be honest here, these tattoos do leave us with some unanswered questions. Why did Harry decide to cover up the love banner tattoo underneath the left swallow? Why is one bird bigger than the other? And wait, do birds even have eyebrows?


Now that the mystery of the toe tattoo is resolved and we even found out what Harry’s mysterious thigh tattoo is, it’s time for One Direction fans to investigate this one. Did Harry really get half a heart tattooed on his chest? And if so, who has the other half? (Louis, if you happen to read this, send some pics of your chest our way please and thank you)


The fandom-accepted explanation for this tattoo seems almost too good to be true. Could it really be that Harry got the first word Louis ever said to him tattooed in Louis’ handwriting? Another mystery we’d like to see solved.


Harry does seem to have a thing for nautical tattoos, doesn’t he? The fascinating thing about this tattoo is that a certain someone got a compass tattooed in the exact same style, within 24 hours of Hazza getting this one. Interesting, isn’t it?


Buckle up, ’cause here comes another story concerning Harry and Louis. It is widely believed that this tattoo refers to Rise Against’s ‘Make It Stop’, a song that Harry and Louis saw performed live at Leeds Festival 2011. Both lads wore their Leeds wristbands for months afterwards and when Harry’s finally fell off, he replaced it with this tattoo.


Another nautical tattoo and unarguably our favourite. Covering up his ‘I Can’t Change’ tattoo, Harry got the anchor in January 2014. It’s rather strange though that Harry’s anchor is lacking a rope… but maybe he found another way to take care of that. We think he did.