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They really did a good job with the original ending.

While it’s interesting to see the gamble between Sayaka and Yumeko, I don’t think it’s appropriate as a final episode considering there’s no certainty that we’ll get a second season. The way they ended it still leaves a possibility for another season.

And man, I love what they did with Suzui here.
Bless MAPPA.

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Characters needing to point out that someone is into someone else is a sign of doing a bad job in conveying that through just having it happen organically. It means they did a bad job in SHOWING that Jon is into her, so they had to resort to TELLING it. Show don't tell. It's filmmaking 101. It could be Kit or the writing or the director, or all of them at fault.

I’m just going to go ahead and assume you’re an anti. I swear you guys need to pick a issue and stick with it instead of contradicting yourselves. Half of you yell this ‘show not tell’ stuff complaining about how there’s no chemistry and it comes out of nowhere while the rest complain about being beaten over the head with these two and how that puts you off.

Not sure if you’ve seen anything I’ve previously commented on, but I’m a fan of show, not tell and have previously said so. I think the show did a good job of that considering the legions of Jonerys fans it has despite the fact that these two have literally never spoken any words of actual love to one another. In fact, on paper, their dialogue could be interpreted as platonic. It’s all been in their body language, eye contact and facial expressions i.e. acting. Literally the only times these two have mentioned anything to do with romance was to dispute it. Even their final love scene, confirmation of their feelings, was a wordless affair beyond Bran’s explanation of Jon’s parentage and supposed right to the iron throne. But it was juxtaposed with Jon and Dany looking at one another in awe and clearly in love. 

Show, not tell doesn’t mean NO ONE MUST UTTER ANYTHING AT ALL. It refers to using body language, cinematography, direction etc. to tell the story as well. And we certainly have plenty of that.

There were only 2 other times where their attraction to one another was mentioned (from memory) and both times were by their closest advisors. It’s hardly the gossip of Westeros. It would be entirely ridiculous for these two to fall in love in the public eye (seriously these two stare at each other in open war council) and for no one to mention it at all. They are both monarchs and it makes sense for their council to observe this. The characters do not exist in a bubble. However on both occasions, it’s a small feature of the conversation. With Davos, it’s simply dismissed with a “there’s no time for that” and the conversation with Tyrion is filled with more content than just merely their relationship. That conversation, to me, was foreshadowing her own heroism in rushing off to “do stupid things” and save them. It also segued into a conversation regarding succession which I’ve been waiting to hear for years. 

This also doesn’t take into account how Jorah, the man who’s been in love with Dany for centuries it seems, has responded to their budding feelings. Not once has he spoken a word of their love but his actions have spoken volumes. He is immediately able to read her distress when Jon decides to leave on the suicide mission, he chooses not to give a big goodbye speech and instead steps aside as he sees Jon approach because he knows Jon has started winning her heart, and in their final council scene you can see how concerned he is that she is taking Jon’s advice over his at the risk of her own safety. Yet none of this is spoken. So there are also examples of SHOW that you forgot to include anon. 

I might also point out, that the GA might be a good indicator of how well something is being portrayed as they’re not the ones trawling the internet for hidden subtext etc. I know that my entire GoT viewing party picked up the chemistry between Jon and Daenerys after 7x03 where they met and began backing them then. There were no words of love between them and no characters pointed out an attraction between them. 

At the end of the day, everyone has their own opinion on the show and its direction. But there’s no need to blame Kit. His acting was on point and subtle enough. I don’t understand why everyone seems to expect these two people who are both King and Queen of their people to just constantly be dry humping to prove their feelings when they both have separate wars on their minds and an upcoming Winter to deal with.

Another reason why I think they’ve done well to show their connection is through the 6 years of parallels that we’ve been watching which have culminated in their “convergence”. And now it’s canon, and I’ll take that over salty haters any day.

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okay i was on ethan’s stream waiting for jack to upload his 2nd video and when i got to youtube, i freaked out because i saw his thumbnail as pennywise and it was an ‘it’ vr game. i looooved ‘it’ and already watched for the 2nd time and thinking about watching it for the 3rd time. and yes, bill skarsgård did a good job as pennywise and the acting is very good. also, jack impersonating pennywise’s voice is spot on it made me giddy! AHHHH, i love that video and movie too much. 

Teen Wolf 6x20 Review

The Good

  • I really liked Nolan’s redemption arc I think they did a good job of playing him up to be this scared kid that is trying to make things right in the end.
  • I really enjoyed the relationship between Scott and Derek I think their relationship has come so far and they’ve learned so much from each other.
  • The Anuk-Ite becoming all of the friends Scott thinks he has failed and all of the battles he’s faced to show Scott’s biggest fear is failing his friends and not being able to save them.
  • Small return of Nogitsune Stiles yeah!  Stiles was not overused in this episode and I’m glad for that because 6A was tiring for me.
  • Gerard being fucking mauled by Kate was the most fitting end.  Kate just wanted her dad, but he saw her as a monster, so that is what she became.
  • The return of Jennifer!!!  It’s nice to see her again because she was one of the best villains.  I wish she was there for real.
  • The way Theo was handled was good.  He’s slowly learning to be a better person (as we saw by taking Gabe’s pain) but not worthy of being in the pack!
  • Some cute Jydia moments!  Great to see Lydia in general back to having good characterization.  Hated her in 6A when she was a plot doormat.  She kicked some ass and looked good doing it.
  • Mason and Corey told each other ‘I love you’ and honestly what an iconic ship I’m in heaven for them.  They had some very cute moments.  And it looks like they might be the next Emissary?  Interesting.
  • All the normal guys got something to do tonight!  Sheriff and Coach kicked some ass, Mason got to beat dudes up, and Melissa got to shine tonight as well.
  • The ending I think was really fitting!  Got to show while not everything is fixed, the pack are all still there and Scott is being a real true alpha helping all the wolves he can and protecting them.

The Bad

  • Chris and Melissa being together.  Honestly makes me want to vomit because Chris literally tried killing her son on multiple occasions.
  • I wish we could have seen more of the team’s fears besides Derek.  I wanted to see maybe Malia afraid of killing her dead sister again, etc.
  • While I love Scalia right now that ‘kiss him to make him heal’ scene was so cliche.  Or at least, she should have just done it without Lydia saying anything.
  • Monroe escaping and being able to form a huge hunting group as a novice that was only a guidance counselor three weeks ago lmao.
  • Really sucked that they never asked Braeden or Kira back for the finale.  Braeden’s mercenary skills would have really come in handy this season.  And Kira’s been sidelined ever since the end of season 4 yikes.

The Neutral

  • While I don’t hate Peter, I still think he didn’t really deserve to be considered a good guy I’m on the fence about that.  Also wish we could have seen more of Malia’s Tate dad.
  • Lmao Stiles and Lydia barely looked at each other or touched in this episode.  They kissed in 6A and it’s almost like it never happened.  I never saw the chemistry there anyway.  I choose to believe that Stiles realized how in love with both Scott and Malia he was and they started an ot3.

“That’s what we’ll put on the sign for the detective agency! “Cases Solved With Arguable Efficiency.” Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency! | (insp)

You can count on me like 1, 2, 3
  I’ll be there
And I know when I need it
  I can count on you like 4, 3, 2
You’ll be there
  ‘Cause that’s what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah oh oh
You can count on me ‘cause I can count on you

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Why Cars 3 is Good

- Lightning being an old man
- Lightning being a father figure
- Lightning having racing friends
- Animation
- Cruz Ramirez is great and she’s so cute I love her
- I cried
- Shit ton of flashbacks
- Shit ton of Lightning McQueen fans, they’re all great
- Natalie Certain is gay for Cruz
- Cruz Ramirez
- C. Ramirez
- Did I mention Ms Ramirez?

"The Types Based on my Experience" - an ENFP

- Has too many extra curricular
- Low- key brags about achievements
- Will and won’t hesitate to roast someone.
- They type of person to read during lunch
- Books.
- Just a little bit clingy, but in the best way
- “Let me sleep— I only slept an hour last night.”

- Talks to them-self sometimes
- Likes to make random google searchers
- Master at BSing
- Why do they know so much about obscure concepts and theories?
- My random facts buddy
- “Have you heard of cerebropathy?”

- Tries to control me (for the greater good I guess)
- Great at logic puzzles
- If there was an apocalypse— I would want to paired with them.
- Seems like they got their life together
- A bit of a neat freak
- Will not deal with your shit, but will still help you?
- “I need more coffee to deal with all of you people.”

- Is super intimidating at first glance
- Secretly a softy
- will not hesitate to start a debate
- loves politics
- If you tell them a fact they ask where you got it
- Likes to read Edgar Allen Poe and romance novels
- “ Are you sure? Where did you read that?”

- Nice friend
- Poker face
- Everyone thinks that they have chill
- has no chill
- Loves cats and babies
- Great listener
- Has too many feelings and bottles them up

- Easily flustered
- Will hate you and you will never know
- Once you know them— they’ll argue with you about their opinions.
- Anime nerd
- Wears over-sized glasses
- Gestures a lot when talking
- Roasts me about everything
- Has an unhealthy obsession for cats
- Self deprecation 101
- “ I don’t know what your tal- *gestures and hits someone with arm*- OMG!!! I am so sorry.”

- Identity crisis all day everyday
- Likes to do power poses
- Will do random acts of kindness
- Knits
- Soft
- Really imaginative
- Will do stupid stuff to make a sad friend happy again
- You can’t not like them
- “A toast to spongebob and Bob Marley.”

ENFP (not me— another ENFP)
- Loves to art
- Procrastinates kinda(?). It just takes them a long time to do their work
- Is very smol
- Low-key manipulative
- Great at fake accents
- Has the voice of an angel
- Awesome dancer
- “ Oh look, it’s a birb. *makes chicken noises*”

- Is in all my advanced classes
- Gets annoyed with me really easily
- Likes to bake
- Has ten sources to back up one fact
- Will binge watch Crash Course
- Secretly loves bird memes
- Determined
- “Baking is a science. It isn’t just measuring and mixing— it’s watching the chemical re- *rants about for ten minutes*”

- Literally a cinnamon roll
- Are too caring
- Seriously they are going to get hurt one day
- Mom friend
- When they get mad everyone freaks out
- Will fight you if you hurt their loved one
- “Are you okay? Do you need a band- aid? I have a first aid kit in my backpack.”

- Law and order
- Is practically the teacher
- Strong moral base
- Does not tolerate lying
- Can see your soul
- Loves dark chocolate and hot chocolate
- Eats the same thing for lunch everyday
- Will lay down the law
- “I just told them to kindly leave me alone because their fake personalities were annoying me.”

- Will appear out of no-where
- Social Butterfly
- EVERYONE knows them
- Loves to sing, but is sadly tone deaf
- Can do really intricate pranks and succeed
- Teachers pet, but not nerdy in any way
- “Hi! My name’s ESTJ. What’s your weight— I mean, name?”

- Loves workshop
- Is great at video games
- Everyone thinks they listen to punk rock, but they actually listen to Country music
- Can be bossy
- Likes to wear flannel
- Is really chill
- “I had one job, to finish my homework. Did I do it? Nope.”

- Can’t art
- Can write like there is not tomorrow
- Can also play piano really well, but they never took lessons
- Have eyes filled with wonder
- Great at makeup
- Has good fashion sense
- Thinks shoes are a social construct.
- They have a bucket list written
- Has great stories
- “I once went to an upscale hotel and hijacked the penthouse level with my friends.”

- Loves to play pranks and do stupid stuff
- Is flexible af
- Laughs weirdly
- Has the best ideas
- Smart, but really lazy
- p r o c r a s t i n a t i o n
- “Move I’m gay.”

- Acts like they had five cups of coffee
- Really likes unicorns
- Is a theatre kid
- Wait for it…. they never stop quoting Hamilton
- Great at lying
- Really, really funny
- Loves everything smol
- Everyone loves them
- “Bill Nye the science guy– history has its eyeesss ON YOOOOUUUUUU.”


Hello! This is aphidiot, and this is my submission to the @bnhasummerexchange for @jingle-yells ! I had a lot of fun drawing these - I really liked my prompts!

To @jingle-yells : I tried to put in as many animals as I could !, but I’m not very good at them; I at least you like these! ^^ Overall, I just hope you like the drawings! I tried to go for the summer theme and put as many of your favorites as I could! :D

Thank you to @bnhasummerexchange for organizing this; you did a great job! :D


BATIM~Comic Dub~Even Demon Feel (Featuring Skitzy!)


Bendy: Skitzy @idofunnyvoices

Alice Angel: Me!

Boris: Alex (no Youtube channel/Tumblr page to tag)

Art: @doodledrawsthings

Death Note and Perspective

When I first watched Death Note as a teenager, I thought Light Yagami was this untouchable, incredibly mature character.

Re-watching the series now, all I can think is “Yup, definitely a teenager”.

And THAT is the mark of a good writer! Ohba did a great job with Light and here’s why. To teenagers, Light seems extremely mature (which, to that age group, he is) but to older people the immaturity (Particularly his views on justice and how it should be handled) is on full display. Light is a three-dimensional, complex character who presents himself differently depending on the perspective of the audience with both interpretations being equally valid to that audience.


Theo Raeken is one of the best characters on Teen Wolf.

Cody puts so much effort into playing him and he tried so many times to explain Theo, but people are like “he killed Scott” “he destroyed sciles” “he hit Lydia” and I want to say that just because you dislike the character’s personality, it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad one.

Cody Christian did a great job representing Theo and he received hate, because some people don’t get the difference between the character and the actor himself.

Look, I get why some people hate him, and I’m not saying it’s wrong. I’m not saying what he has done was good, because it wasn’t. But you should understand that Theo as a character is so well thought, has an awesome storyline and the actor played the role in a stunning way and it felt realistic. He brought the character to life and we can see his development, I think it’s one of the best developments ever.

So, please, instead of spread hate and talk shit about the character, try to think about it. Cody expressed in an incredible way what Theo felt. His lust for power, his hate, his desire for revenge. And finally his fear, his regret, his loneliness. How much he changed and how much he wants to help the pack, how much he wants redemption.

I feel like Theo Raeken is the best character on the show. But, you know, that’s just my opinion.