i want to draw clementine but i already have a list of stuff i need to draw tonight!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!11!!!!


*Sasuke destroys the things that hurt Sakura and hovers over her protectively"

ASS: HE WANTS TO KILL HER!!!11!!11111!!!!!!!!!

*Sakura smiles and looks at Sasuke lovingly"

ASS: SHES SAD!!!1!111!!!!!!

when you cry in front of your manager one week and your boss the next hahahaha i love my life and my job!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!!!11!!!!

bEATWIN IS ALIVE??? whats with the eyes

also rip that picture of wonwoo being emo was actually pretty relatable

and it reminds me of seonghwan

wonwoos so… emo

seonghwans so… active on social media and a pro gamer at league!!!1!!11111!11 jk he plays wow