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the one ; tom holland / I

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→ word count: 692

→ warnings: none 

→ paring: secretary!reader & ceo!tom holland


→ part: 1/?

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God has faith in him, in all of us. Even in our darkest moments. Oh, you really believe that.

Dear Snow Flower Scans,

I do not have a tumblr and I feel as though I didn’t sincerely said what I feel in the email or it was lacking.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and even being so kind again to give us a second chance..!
It must has been really infuriating this whole time for all of you.

All of you are really amazing people, and every time I read your T/N or something similar, I would always end up laughing w w w w

We really appreciate what you all have done, Thank you so much!

It’s nothing much but I drew something specifically just for SFS to cheer you all up!

I hope things do get better soon!