We are here for one thing, if nothing else: we are here to love. Built for it, made to do so, perfectly ungraceful in our stumbling and fumbling toward it. This is the reason for all this, this is the source of it all, this is the answer to the biggest question. We are here to love and to never stop giving it away. There is never such a thing as too much. Too much was invented by those who have never had enough.

  • me:that's it. i can't watch this show anymore. it's too emotionally draining. i just can't. that's it. how could they do that? do they not care about their audience at all? do they not think of all the people that sit and cry after each episode? so very rude. i cannot even-
  • also me:*waits all week for the latest episode and constantly annoys everyone to watch it too*

Do not walk around with your head down.
Do not act as if you’ve been defeated.
We already have victory because of the Cross.
We should walk as if we have already won the war, because we have.
God has saved us. Healed us. Redeemed us.
Sin has no power over us.
WE ARE FREE! Let us live in such a way that reflects the freedom and hope that we have!