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I finally returned to wifi and civilization so here's the new MTL dangerous list: #1 Seokjin (if irl Jin is a princess then ur american reality one is the queen), #2 Taehyung (I feel like he's really chaotic neutral tho??), #3 Jungkook damn, #4 Hoseok ofc, #5 Yoongi (now that I think about it, he's kind of a chaotic neutral too??) #6 Namjoon (my boy made it!!!!), #7 oh Jimin. also, idk why but I feel like Tae and Hoseok have a conflict looming to determine who's the best rival to Jin bc wow yes

I AM SO GLAD YOU’RE ALIVE!!! WELCOME BACK!! :’) i missed ur ranks fam. also i know how painful life is without wifi, but u made it!! 

LOL @ JIN ALWAYS BEIN #1. but damn, u rite fam, hoseoks been taking a back seat and needs to have a comeback. also tae is def chaotic netural lmao 

and yoongi literally just whispers death threats at his members so i agree he’s #5. BUT NAMJOON > JIMIN LMAO omg poor jimin. his thumb comment didnt even count. Jimin the bottom, forever.  my poor jiminnie. maybe he’ll make a comeback but he’s so pure, such a smol pure cinnamon roll can he even handle being savage

i love you all so much thanks for following me i think you are all cute an beautofful and i wish for you 2 have a good day tomorrow mmmmmwah i love u

                                     ❝  ah, here she is. my beautiful wife - to - be.  ❞  saccharine twist of lips, iced fingers gently grab her hand.  the lightest of kisses  (  demons can pretend  ;  even be soft as a wonderfully crafted mask  )  :  barely a graze of her skin in sweet greeting.  ❝  supper will be served soon, my lady.  ❞  white canines are barely concealed, dripping with the promise of darkness yet not lacking courtesy.  ❝  —  allow me to escort you?  ❞   (  @ofsteelskin !  )