!!!!!!!!!!!!! miracles happen

why is giving birth considered a miracle it literally happens anywhere everyday. waking up shooting laser from your eyes would be a miracle. Pew pew

Faded Memory - 12x12 Coda Ficlet

“That’s the man who is going to teach you how to love, Castiel.”

Hushed words were spoken close to the angel’s ear as he neared the end of his journey. He could see the ragged figure close now, covered in chains and blood and filth. Hidden within the depths of the darkest expanse of space. Fire blazed around the angel, in defiance of his actions, scalding his true form to it’s core. He could feel himself starting to burn up, to fade, to die. It wouldn’t be long now before he was just another puff of smoke in the cascades of darkness. But the mission - his one true purpose - pushed him forward, closer, closer, until his hand rested on a shoulder. Solidly grabbing as his touch seared into flesh, marking the man down to his soul.

Dean Winchester has been saved.

Nearly nine years later the miracle happened in a barn - as miracles are wont to do. He’d laugh at the irony if he wasn’t so busy dying. He could feel himself fading, his grace burning out like coals. Only small sparks remained, contained under bleeding and cracking olive skin.

He stared at the man before him, speaking in low tones with his mother and brother. A man who’s panic he could feel through the chill of the midnight air. Dean’s hands flexed at his sides as he spoke. He was going to miss those hands.

And suddenly Castiel remembered that small moment of Dean’s rescue. Or perhaps, he’d never forgotten but had let the memory fade softly as something of little consequence. Either way, it was a memory he’d not revisited in years. But he held onto it now like a precious jewel, examining it in his mind’s eye anew. Who had spoken those words? Was it his brethren?

Was it his father?

…did it really matter?

Because as he watched Dean nervously glance his way, lips pulled tight, back stock straight - he knew. Unequivocally. Undeniably.

It was true.

And he was suddenly overcome with the emotion it - the sheer beauty of the path he’d been sent on. He’d watched millenniums worth of human lives transverse like he’d experienced in his short time with the Winchesters - one mistake and fortunate happenstance after another, all blending together to push a person to their best potential. To teach them to be their best selves. And he’d envied their progression, how they could change and love and hurt and grow. Evolve.

But now here he was. A completely different angel, a completely changed man, from the one who dove into hell head first simply because he was commanded.

All because of knowing Dean.

Castiel hardly recognized himself and yet, he felt more himself than he’d ever been. Some might call him an abomination.

But in truth he was proud of the man he’d become - a man who knew what true love really is.

So he didn’t mince words, he didn’t stop them from flowing once they’d started. He told Dean he loved him with the conviction that moment demanded. With the sincerity that the righteous man deserved.

He wasn’t stupid - he could see the pain and the hesitation across Dean’s face when he spoke them. Knowing that they were as rare to Dean as anything in this world. Knowing he’ll toss this moment around his mind like a hot potato for a long time to come.

But mostly knowing that he will leave this world having given Dean the second greatest gift he could - the knowledge that he was undeniably, unconditionally loved.

Second only to the gift that Castiel was capable of it.

The signs as mistakes
  • Aries: Hoping for a miracle to happen.
  • Taurus: try to get everyone to like you.
  • Gemini: Doing drugs.
  • Cancer: Telling secrets and regretting it afterwards.
  • Leo: Being on your phone too much and waking into a tree.
  • Virgo: Trying to appear strong although you aren't.
  • Libra: Eliminating your feelings.
  • Scorpio: Trusting wrong people.
  • Sagittarius: Forgetting about time and missing an important appointment.
  • Capricorn: Taking things too seriously and forgetting to take a break.
  • Aquarius: chasing after wrong person.
  • Pisces: Not being able to make up your mind and decide what you want.

‘Cause I still believe in miracles; I swear I’ve seen a few

And the time will surely come when you can see my point of view

I believe in second chances

And that’s why





I am itching to post fan art of Strange the Dreamer, because a miracle happened and I got an ARC! But I’m sort of holding back, cause I feel like it will be too spoilery, until the rest of you have read it.

BUT if I get enough demands for it, if you lot want to see it sooner, let me know and I will post some!

For now, Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor.

things i expect sm to do this year for red velvet:
  • make sure that red velvet’s 2017 comeback is a FULL ALBUM and not just that but! they better give them double title tracks like ICC had: a ‘red’ song and a ‘velvet’ song
  • the velvet song to be in the style of automatic/cool hot sweet love, because while i liked ootn too, it just did not work that well, sadly
  • they’ve been around since 2014 for god’s sake and in their comeback stages on music shows, they too deserve to perform a FULL second song, not just one minute and a half like we had with automatic, huff ‘n puff, cool hot sweet love and lucky girl so far
  • ‘some love’ is probably one of the best red velvet songs so far and i totally recommend sm to experiment more with tropical pop sounds for the girls’ music!
  • wendy deserves more solo OSTs and more solo SM station songs. make. that. happen. LET. MY GIRL. SING.
  • a reality show??? like please??? we want to see just red velvet, like red velvet showtime or something, ANYTHING
  • my baby seulgi has been delivering iconic dance breaks during shows and such for a while now, so she’s gotta join hit the stage and kill everyone. like right now
  • GIVE. IRENE. A. DRAMA. imo she’d be amazing and drop dead gorgeous in a historical drama where she’d play a serious character or maybe a horror/supernatural movie where she’d be a mysterious feminine presence. don’t lie, she’d be perfect for that
  • AND WE STILL ON THE IRENE TOPIC. hello sm??? did you forget that bae is also a dancer? she’s not just a shy, silent pretty figure. let the girl dance!!!
  • better… stylists… please… it’s not that hard to pick prettier clothes… please… p-please like hire me too sm, even i’d pick better clothing for red velvet 
  • more CFs??? THEY HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO BE EVEN MORE POPULAR THAN THEY ARE NOW. i understand they’re not the most valuable moneymakers at the moment for the company, but just give them a chance. i hate seeing them thrown under the bus like this
  • i believe that if this year goes well for them, it’s definitely not too early for them to get their first solo concert. they have good songs, plenty of releases and why not? A WHOLE RED VELVET CONCERT? that would be a true blessing

2016 was not that bad for red velvet, but it could have been better, not to say the short promotions and such left a really bitter taste in my mouth and waw, this list sure got long, but they’re so amazing, talented, sweet and everything good in this world, i just want to see them succeed and make a stable name for themselves, because the industry is so over-satured with groups coming out each months, it’s so easy now to slip into irrelevancy sadly. i wish SM would stop screwing around, they have red velvet and they better treat them right.


If volleyball was a one-on-one sport, we wouldn’t be able to win against Shiratorizawa. We’re smaller, and our individual attack strength falls short in comparison. But there are six of us on the court. If we win, it’s not because a miracle happened. Our concept won’t change until the very end! We’re going to punch our way through!  — Sawamura Daichi, Haikyuu!! S3 #09


“If volleyball was a one-on-one sport, we wouldn’t be able to win against Shiratorizawa. We’re smaller, and our individual attack strength falls short in comparison. But there are six of us on the court. If we win, it’s not because a miracle happened. Our concept won’t change til the very end! We’re going to punch our way through!”

quotes of bigbang from weekly idol
  • GD: Even if you'd done your best you should know how to let go of things that cant be helped. There's nothing more regretful in this world than regret itself.
  • Seungri: Not giving up with a determination of not being afraid of death, in the end my dreams wont be able to look away from me.
  • TOP: Facing your fear in order (to fulfill) your desperate hope is what's called 'courage'
  • Daesung: 'The moment you embrace hope that is when miracle happens'. Positive energy is both the compass and driving force of my life.
  • Taeyang: Dream of something possible as high and as big as you can, because dreams are chances that's given out to everyone fairly.
  • translated by jezwon
  • Lawless: Why do you always keep your door shut? What are you hiding??
  • Sleepy Ash: I've been listening to the same song for 8 hours I was trying to be considerate

There, finished it…after struggling with it for about 4 centuries

hmm…this may or may not be a follow up to this only in a messier place and less clothing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i needed nsfw mikayuu alright

You can also find a lil’ wip thing here if you’re into that

Please do not share/repost my art anywhere without my permission. Thanks!


alright, so for those of you who don’t have me on peach, tonight has been a very big emotional roller-coaster. as y’all know, i’ve been hunting for a shiny wimpod in pokemon moon since november 29th! that’s been… 42 days.

i got my shiny wimpod in pokemon moon! then… i accidentally reset over it…  12,573 resets later. each reset takes at LEAST around 22-23 seconds, so the very least amount of time it would’ve taken to do this hunt was around 76.835~ hours.

right. that’s around AT LEAST 76.835~ hours of resetting gone to waste. we all know it took longer than that, though.

SO. kinda a mini crisis later, and what do you know, at 12,603 resets, i somehow managed to reclaim the wimpod. considering both games were at full odds and getting one so quickly after the other, it was kinda a miracle.

in short: wimpod sucks, full odds hunting is suffering, miracles exist, and i named him after what i wanted to drink after i reset over my first one