The gate… I opened it. I’m the monster.


Actually in love with @greatcheesecakepersona ‘s horizon (like honestly you;re amazing) !! This is a side-hood that I’d like to build some stuff in, this is Maple Lake and once I get a billion buildings in it I might do something with it one day! 

(I’m really amazed at some of the developments in ts2 cc this year! The horizons, the animated sky, I’m actually stunned)

i think at some point if you’re gonna do Dark Brooding Media and have a lead character who is really a fuckup, and reaps consequences in their personal life from being a fuckup - losing friends, getting arrested, not being trusted or taken seriously - at some point, you have to throw them something. something in their life has to look up. maybe they finally beat some demon that they’ve been struggling with for a long time, or maybe they finally figure out how to have a healthy personal relationship. maybe they get revenge on something from their tragic past, and it actually makes them feel better, instead of just empty and gross. maybe they apologize and reconcile with someone. but it has to be something.

‘cause the whole “everything is terrible and also i’m drunk and it’s raining” is cute for a while, but eventually a couple of things happen when it hits critical mass: a.] the writer gets into a game of chicken where they feel required to out-grimdark themselves, and b.] it gets so relentless that people don’t want to see it anymore. even for people who are really into pessimistic or cynical media, there comes an event horizon where it just becomes a slog, and you start to feel like the character’s never going to develop by fixing themselves. there really needs to be balance, otherwise it just feels like there’s no point.

Don’t riff on people who ship their oc’s with canon characters.
Don’t riff on people who write chapter upon chapter about their oc in a fandom universe.
Don’t riff on people who create an oc that shares traits they themselves have.
Don’t riff on people with oc’s.

People make oc’s to be a part of a fictional world they love. People make oc’s to escape their world. 
Don’t fucking riff on people with oc’s.

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I'm a medium and I can assure you that saying that demon's name (wont mention it so people aren't uncomf) will not summon it or do anything besides bring very slight negative energy. Honestly I think that entire belief just came from a rumor. There ARE demons and entities which will manifest in a way from saying its name, but this particular demon is very low-bar so there's not much need to worry. I'm glad people are actually being careful, though,

if anyone needs more reassurance^

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Hiya! I really love your art, and I was wondering if I could make a request? Could you please draw leafy wearing a pair of fake reindeer antlers, like the kind that people wear around Christmastime? Since Christmas is coming lol :'D thank you so much!! :D

Ho ho motherfuckers!


5 4 3 2 1 Thunderbirds are Go!

No one knows who they are or where they come from, but come they do and help they bring.  Reposting as a set now that they’re all done.

Hold On

Summary: You’re stressed over everything you have to get done in the last week of school, but Shawn manages to calm you down, even from the other side of the country.



Everything at your university is getting kind of crazy right now. It’s getting close to Christmas, but yet you’re so stressed about your final exams, presentations, and papers that you don’t even want to think about Christmas. You’re excited to go home in a little over a week, but for some reason, you’re feeling really overwhelmed tonight. There is this uneasy and anxious feeling in your chest, and you can’t describe why.

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how the signs will die
  • aries: explosions
  • taurus: stabbed
  • gemini: only like half dies tbh
  • cancer: lava.
  • leo: clowns
  • virgo: vampirism
  • libra: dying like 2 hours after stabbing yourself somehow? you like manage to write down a lot of shit and then finally die like wow nice job
  • scorpio: a very mad robot/a very mad sister take your pick
  • sagittarius: also clowns
  • capricorn: ?????? do you even die ????????
  • aquarius: cut in half