One Direction - Girl Almighty, Sydney 07.02

What do you remember from the last show in Argentina?
  • Alex Turner:I had rain on my guitar. We are not scared, just. There was a lot of adrenaline and a lot of people enjoying it. And we very excited about this thunderstorm. The truth is I have not been to many shows like that. From outside warned us to get out because it was getting ...
  • Matt Helders:Dangerous.
  • Turner:Yes, we could electrocute. Then we realized that we were funny, and it ended up being a great show.

wait. wait. i knew nothing about big hero 6. is the main character half-asian

the main character is half-asian

send me a rockstar!!!

john lennon-i think ur hot
paul mccartney-i think ur hot
george harrison- i think ur hot
ringo starr-i think ur hot
robert plant-i think ur hot
jimmy page-i think ur hot
john paul jones-i think ur hot
john bonham-i think ur hot
pete townshend-i think ur hot
john entwistle-i think ur hot
keith moon-i think ur hot
roger waters-i think ur hot
jim morrison-i think ur hot


swaggy banner am i right

sO ive had tumblr for quite some time but more recently a kpop specific blog (like a year i think) and i’ve gained a lot of followers (currently 700+) and mutuals so im like chill imma do a follower thing and here we r



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