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just in case you haven’t heard, today two attacks have happened against Muslims outside of mosques. One in London, England where a white man drove over people walking out of the mosque chanting “kill all Muslims” and killed a man and injured at least 10. The other in Virginia, USA where a 17 year-old Muslim girl was assaulted with a baseball bat along with her friends before she was kidnapped and later found slain and dumped in a pond.

so at my Muslim friends, please stay safe. and at my non-Muslim friends, spread the word and get informed of the stuff that doesn’t immediately spread in your media and doesn’t get called hate crimes/terror attacks when they are.

Anime nerds: Starfire/Quiet/Momo Yaoyorozu /etc. need exposed skin in order to use their powers!!!

Me: Yeah but there are lots of ways you can give a female character a design with bare skin that doesn’t sexualize her, especially if she’s underage, such as giving them bare arms, or modest shorts, or

Anime nerds:


Wouldn’t you trade it all to have Thomas Hamilton back again?