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  • me: *drawing a ship that isn't iwa//dai*
  • my brain: psst you should finish that iwa//dai nsfw
  • me: not now dude im trying to love my other ships rn
  • me: *continues drawing other ship*
  • me: hmm this doesn't look right...im kind of not really feeling it??
  • my brain: ooh you should totally draw some iwa//dai mafia au or actually anything iwa//dai would be good
  • me: but-
  • my brain: you should draw what you're in the mood for. it'll make you happy
  • me: ......alright
How LGBT in Russia are treated

In Russia, there are groups that purposely find “outed” LGBT people and groom them, make them think that they are more people who accept and love them.

They are not.

These people track down the person they have targeted and beat them.

They attack and brutally savage these people.

LGBT are often beaten to death during this. Some are shot execution-style.

Nobody stands up. Not even authority. The groups that do this get away with it. Barely ever are they charged.

These people commit MURDER and get away with it.

The POLICE are involved in these groups. People who are there to protect you and help you are threatening you with injury and death.

I unfortunately know of these fucking hateful and disgusting acts because my brother was murdered by one of these bastards.

Beaten to death and left in public, in a humiliating pose which makes me sick to this day.

I was five when I heard he died. Imagine that, you’re told your sibling is dead, and you’ll never see them again. At five.

Imagine your brother being the only support you had, because you also liked boys, and didnt understand it. And hes gone. You also have to worry about that happening to you.

Imagine thinking nobody in your country likes you, they want you to die.

Yeah, thats LGBT Russians.

Vladimir Putin, you horrible, bastard of a man. Get your country together and solve this bullshit.


Wouldn’t you trade it all to have Thomas Hamilton back again?