Today I was able to visit a Japanese player and got some nice items. In Japan people are currently able to visit a 7-11 store irl and invite this special van to their campground. Besides some of the old set, you can now get new items in here like a sushi bench and a donut cushion. I also recieved the white festive tree from my hostess. For those of you wondering how this item is obtained; It is currently only available for Japanese players who recieved the item in a letter from Nintendo, given by mailman Pete on december 1st. It is not known when the item will show up in other regions.

We are at the point now where most of our students were born after 9/11/01. They have no sense of what it was like to live through that time. This book does an excellent job bringing the feelings of that event to the surface.

Halfway through reading I started thinking about my experience. I was a freshman in college and I didn’t hear about it until I got back from my morning class. I woke up my roommate and did my best to get ahold of my family. Even in Virginia that was difficult. The only person I could get a hold of was my grandmother and I remember being so relieved just to hear her voice.

The pentagon is what affected my life the most considering I knew people who worked there and it was relatively close to where I grew up. Over the next few days I found out everyone was ok, but I still felt like the world was off balance.

This is such recent history, but so far from our students’ thoughts. This would be a great book to be able to share with them and one in which they can easily connect with the characters.