im so fucking annoyed some dickhead lost his ring in the river so i was like hey i’ll get it. so i did, and i got attacked by a bunch of frogs and it almost fucking killed me, we barely got out alive. so i say ‘heres your ring, how about a reward’ and he was like ‘what the fuck. fuck you. how dare you ask me for a reward’ LIKE. COME ON. I ALMOST DIED TO FROGS FOR YOUR RING


this is the precursor to tim & eric. the precursor to surrealist internet humor and what would later be popularized on platforms like adult swim. this broadcasted in 1997. know your (BLACKITY BLACK) history.

we need a body of work appreciating black artists like Reverend X, Lil B, Cupcakke, IceJJFish, etc. black people who were at the helm of playing in the unconventional with sincerity before the likes of this corny adult swim type humor which is a cheap knockoff of it. “postmodernist/poststructuralist” doesn’t fit. where are the black people who study philosophy for a living? This is ripe and I know it